How to narrow down your social circle?

If you want to narrow your social circle and stop communicating with some of your friends and acquaintances, then I understand you well. Many of us have too large social circles. But with some people it is difficult for us to communicate and find a common language. Communicating with a large number of people can drain us both emotionally and physically. While we need to devote more time to our own lives.

I’m not saying now that you need to turn into an overly selfish person. But each of us needs to be careful about the choice of people whom we let into our lives. And always remember the rule of treating other people the way you wanted them to treat you.

1. Assess your social circle

The first thing to start with is to understand which people you need to break off relations with, or keep communication to a minimum. Take a notebook and write down all your friends, colleagues, acquaintances and relatives. Write down how often you interact with them and how you feel after interacting with them. You can just put a plus or minus in front of the person’s name, in the event that it is pleasant for you to communicate with him and spend time, or, on the contrary, it is not pleasant.

Then list these people in two columns. In one, write down those with whom you want to continue communicating, and in the other those who are not pleasant to you. If it turns out that after this task the number of people in the second column will be significantly less than in the first – do not worry. It’s even good if fewer acquaintances or friends remain in your environment, but they will be real and devoted. I recommend doing this exercise at least once every two years. And if you see people in your environment who “pull you down” – move away from them. Otherwise, they will drag you even deeper.

If you want to move forward, develop and achieve success in life, then you must definitely get rid of unnecessary connections.

2. Reduce the number of friends on social networks

Start by reducing your number of social media friends. Also delete unnecessary contacts of people from your phone. First of all, start filtering out people with whom you communicate very little, or those with whom you have a bad relationship. This one action will make you feel better. It’s like cleaning a room. You need to put things in order in your life in order to reduce the social pressure that the environment puts on you.

3. Start minimizing your interactions with them

The easiest way to narrow your social circle is to start reducing your interactions with people you don’t like. You don’t have to completely break off your relationship with them. Just start spending less time talking to them. You can explain that you are too busy right now, but maybe you will chat next time.

If you are invited to an event, apologize and refuse. There is nothing wrong. After all, you owe nothing to anyone. And if you have no desire to communicate or meet some people, then just don’t do it. To avoid negative attitudes from them, you can be honest and explain that you have to work on your own life right now, and you are too busy to have fun and rest. And when you figure out all the problems, then resume communication.

4. Try to ignore them

Now, regarding the actual reduction in the number of unnecessary links. I am actually for honesty and sincerity. But passivity in our situation will benefit and help narrow the circle of communication. For example, if the person you want to get rid of regularly calls just to chat about nothing, then he wastes your precious time. In this situation, you can stop receiving his calls. Or say that you are very busy right now.

Many people already at this stage will guess that they are trying to ignore them, and they will stop bothering you. If he asks why you didn’t call back or pick up the phone, then be honest with him and tell him what it is. But try to be polite and not offend the person. As a result, he will appreciate your sincerity. And in the end he will find it less rude if he really understands you.

5. Change the environment around you

If you want to narrow your social circle, then you need to change the environment around you. Start doing what you haven’t done before. Find new hobbies and interests. Spend more time on yourself and on your own development. As a result, those people you don’t need will start leaving naturally. You will not have common topics for communication, other interests will be created, and they will leave you. And there will be people next to you who resonate with you the most.

6. Start focusing on the people who are important to you.

Think about how any romantic relationship begins. When a man and a woman fall madly in love with each other. They do not see anyone around, except for their loved one. You can do the same if you want to narrow your social circle. Start paying more attention to the people you love and value. Spend more time with them, chat, have fun and just relax. As a result, you will not have time for people you are not interested in. You will stop noticing them, and they will leave your life.

7. Listen to yourself more

When you start changing your environment, it is important for you to remain human and be yourself. Live according to your principles and values. Whatever you are told, do as your soul and heart desires. This is your life, and only you have the right to decide how to dispose of it, who to let into it, and who has no place in it.

Remember that if you start “burning bridges,” you are unlikely to be able to get everything back. Therefore, carefully approach the selection of your environment. So that as a result you do not lose all your friends and remain completely alone. Also remember that honesty is good in many cases. But you don’t have to be honest with all people and explain why you don’t want to communicate with them. Don’t make unnecessary dramas. Be polite and respectful with people, but at the same time be specific and objective. When you want to change your environment, not everyone will understand you, but this is for the best. As we said earlier, unnecessary people can leave you on their own, and only loyal and true friends will remain by your side.