How to organize a children’s birthday at home?

One day the moment comes when the child announces that he no longer intends to celebrate his birthday with his beloved relatives. The child requires the obligatory presence of friends and girlfriends at his holiday and, preferably, in large numbers. How to organize a children’s birthday at home? What is needed for this? And is the game worth the candle? Is it possible to do this, avoiding unnecessary spending of money and nerves? Let’s try to figure it out. We approach the organization of the birthday correctly. You need to start preparing for a children’s birthday at home in advance. We also advise you to apply for a Tesla show for a children’s birthday, you can find out more by clicking on the link. First, make a guest list with your child. Neither the number of guests nor their names should come as a surprise to you. Secondly, make it together with the birthday person, or fill out ready-made invitations for a children’s birthday. Be sure to include your address and your phone number in the invitation card. You will know in advance who will accept your invitation and who will decline it. Such a clarification of the list compiled earlier should be done no later than two weeks before the planned celebration. Third, check with your child in what kind of relationship the invited guests are.

You must think in advance how you can captivate the conflicting and how to seat them at the table. Good holiday rules. To organize a birthday at home that will be remembered by children for a long time, a holiday scenario, a treat and home decoration are required. Home decoration and holiday scenario depends on your child’s preferences. For example, if the son is fond of the pirate theme, then it is necessary to decorate the room where the celebration will take place in this vein. Here you need to give free rein to your imagination.

Pirate flags and skulls may not seem entirely festive to you, but your son may have a different opinion. Children can be thrown a treasure map, according to which they will, completing various tasks, look for treasure throughout the house. The girl can be given a letter from Cinderella, who asks to find the shoe that she lost while hurrying to the birthday girl for her birthday. Home decoration should be in the style of a little princess, respectively: balloons, flowers, ribbons … It should be noted that decorating the house with balloons is appropriate for any theme of the holiday. You can put notes with funny tasks in the balls. This will give you the opportunity to organize a salute in honor of the birthday man at a birthday party, and then hold a comic children’s concert, where everyone will perform the task that he got.

You don’t have to write a complicated birthday script, but in any case, you better think about what to do with the children. Be sure to learn a few games that you can quickly organize without tools at hand. You need to start with outdoor games. For example, the well-known game “who did not get a chair”, when children run around chairs, which are one less than the players, always goes with a bang! Gradually move on to less active games (the sea is worried, time!), And then to calm ones, such as lotto. And take care of small prizes. Children love and appreciate it very much.

The treat should be, first of all, unusual. You can figurefully cut an orange in half, pull out the pulp, and put whipped cream or fruit salad in the resulting plates. Inverted ice cream cones can be turned into funny caped gnomes. Arrange the sandwiches in the form of boats, and put a funny face out of sausage and tomatoes on the pizza.

If you turn on the imagination, then the birthday candles can be stuck, say, into a watermelon. In hot summer, such a treat will be more desirable than a traditional cake. Results. Remember that you cannot think of everything in advance. Especially if it’s a children’s birthday. Something is bound to go wrong the way you wanted to organize. However, remember that if the birthday man was happy, and the guests do not go to leave, the holiday in your house was a success.