How to part at a distance without a personal meeting?

Breaking up with your girlfriend or boyfriend from a distance is not easy. This is a difficult decision that can “break her / his heart to pieces.” But you can reduce the pain by being honest and honest about your feelings. In this article I will tell you how to break up with a boyfriend or girlfriend at a distance, and how to make this break correctly so as not to cause them severe emotional pain.

1. Voice your problems and try to find a solution

It is unfair of you if you break up with your partner without raising concerns about your relationship. Let your girlfriend or boyfriend know what is bothering you. Also, consider together if there is a solution to these problems. Perhaps you can still fix it and you can feel love again and be together.

For example, if you think your boyfriend no longer loves you, then tell me how you feel. Wait a few days or even weeks for him to express himself. For the sake of your relationship, you must give your partner the opportunity to make amends.

2. Find the right time to end the relationship

It will not be very nice of you to part at a distance without waiting for the right moment. For example, you can ruin your holiday if you break up during Christmas week or before another significant event. Wait a week or two if you think this is not the time to break someone’s heart with bad news. This is the least you can do out of respect for all the wonderful memories of your relationship.

3. Communicate that you need to talk

You shouldn’t make an accidental call or write an unexpected breakup message. Let your partner know that you want to talk about something important. Choose a time slot when both of you will be free from work or school. Communicating in advance that you need to talk seriously will mitigate the shock factor in your decision.

4. Never part with a text message

The next tip on how to break up at a distance is to use telephone and video communications. Since you cannot meet in person, you must break up by phone or video chat. But not through text messages. Keep your conversation private and frank. Severing a long-distance relationship with texting is the most heartless thing you can do. The best option is video chat via Skype or other apps where you both can see each other while talking.

5. State the specific reason for the breakup

Parting with your girlfriend or boyfriend over a long distance for no particular reason will be wrong and heartbreaking. This is why we talked about how you first need to talk about your relationship problems before expressing your decision to break up. Here is an example of how you can verbally confirm your decision: “Do you remember how I told you that I no longer feel that you love me? I waited several weeks to see the change, but nothing happened and I can’t take it anymore. That’s why I want to break up with you. ”

If you are specific and discuss the reason for the breakup, it will be much easier for you to break up. It will also help you avoid feeling guilty. Because you have already told your partner about the problems you are facing. And you’ve given him or her enough time to try and find a solution.

6. Make it clear that you have no one else now

The fact that you are not dating anyone else or in love with another boyfriend or girlfriend is one of the most important things you should mention when breaking up a long-distance relationship. If you don’t do this clarification, you will leave your grief-stricken partner stuck in the frustration of many painful thoughts. He / she will think that you have changed and led a double life all this time. Therefore, tell your girlfriend or boyfriend in clear words that there is no one else in your heart. If it’s really true.

7. Write a long emotional letter as a follow-up to your call

The next step to breaking up at a distance is to pour out your feelings and emotions after the conversation, and explain why you took this step. Here are a few things to keep in mind when writing your letter.

  • Explain that both of you were unable to find answers to the problems in your relationship.
  • Write that you really cared about it;
  • Explain that this was one of the most difficult decisions of your life;
  • Tell your partner that you will always cherish the memories of your relationship;
  • Be straightforward and choose your words carefully. Keep your sentences short to avoid confusion. Complete the letter by clearly stating that your decision to terminate is final.
    end a relationship at a distance

8. Don’t give false hopes of return.

Using excuses and promises is a common mistake many make when ending a relationship. This can potentially lead a person to believe that there is a chance to get everything back. Moreover, if you do not live so far from each other. These false hopes can cause people to make ill-considered decisions. And you might be surprised to find your ex on your doorstep. Because he or she believed that if there was no distance, then you would have no problem continuing the relationship.

To avoid creating such false hopes, make it clear that no matter the distance, your relationship has become obsolete. Be honest about your intentions and state it clearly and out loud. Say that your decision will not change even if you both live in the same city.

Cut off all contact with your ex.

9. Start to gradually cut all contacts

If you want to break up at a distance, then you will need to cut off all contact with your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend. After all, keeping in touch after a breakup can be emotionally volatile, especially in terms of long-distance broken relationships. This can lead to many difficult situations, including:

You run the risk of feeling the urge to rebuild the relationship if you feel too lonely;
He / she may take this as a sign that you are very bored and want to be together again;
Keeping in touch can make you question your decision;
It can give both of you false hope.

Avoid all this mess, and stop all contacts after breaking. Don’t do it overnight, but gradually narrow down your writing, emails, and other interactions.

10. Don’t chat on the Internet

Breaking this relationship does not end simply with the end of phone calls, text messages, and emails. You should also take care to stop communicating with your ex on Facebook, Vkontakte, and other social networks. Remove him / her from friends, and clean up joint photos. Even a small mistake can give your ex a mixed signal. For example, you see a cute love quote in your Facebook feed and immediately click “Like” without even realizing that your ex was actually posted. This can be a catastrophic mistake. Because it will make him / her think that you have changed your mind. Therefore, be sure to cut off all contacts. Including on social networks.