How to please a girl?

Girls often take offense at their boyfriends and get upset about their behavior. Therefore, it will be useful for you to find out several ways to please a girl, and what qualities women value most in men. Because they are looking for a reliable and attentive partner with whom they can build a successful relationship and family life. So your job is to convince the girl that you are the right fit for this.

Below are 10 ways you can convince her of your true value. Just don’t follow this list blindly. It is important that you are honest, that you do not try to cheat or manipulate her in any way. Because women have “built-in lie detectors” and feel good about masculine insincerity.

1. Cook her favorite food

Girls appreciate guys who know how not only to cook, but also do it, even if the beloved does not ask him. So think about what your woman loves to eat the most? Cook her favorite food and set the table. To make your dinner more romantic, you can add additional elements such as background music, lighting, flowers and candles. If you do not know how to cook and do not want to study, then order food at a restaurant. Also buy a bottle of her favorite wine. And I am sure that your girlfriend will be incredibly happy with such a surprise.

2. Become her “best friend” at times

We all know how women love to chat and gossip with their girlfriends. Therefore, if you want to please a girl, start a conversation with her about her friends, about work, or what the girl likes to talk about the most. Ask her more questions about this topic, and listen to her carefully. Talk about her clothes, her hair, and how good she looks. Just don’t overdo it with compliments. Otherwise, she will understand that you are doing it on purpose. And although this method may not be easy for a man, it will help to better understand your woman, her desires and preferences.

3. Shopping trips

Give the girl a day of shopping. In this case, you will of course have to spend a little. But, if you really want to please the girl, then this is one of the best ways. Plus, doing this will show how much you love her. Also keep in mind that this will mean bypassing shops and department stores. In the event that your lady asks to evaluate her purchases, show loyalty and be restrained. You probably won’t like a lot. But in this case, an honest answer can ruin her mood, and all your efforts will be in vain.

4. Romantic weekend

Have a romantic weekend. Organize a picnic in nature, or watch the sunset by the sea. Choose a cozy and quiet restaurant in a tranquil location. Order her favorites. Then book a hotel room. Just make sure you already know each other well before inviting her into your room. Don’t make such a romantic weekend on your first date. Because the girl will assume that you only want one thing from her.

5. Gifts and surprises

One of the most famous ways to please a girl is to surprise her. But, unfortunately, guys often forget about it. Why not unexpectedly come to her with flowers, or buy a ticket to a concert of her favorite band? You can organize a trip to the most beautiful places in your city, or just drop everything and go to another city. Buy her a long-awaited gift. For example, a dress that she has long wanted, or a pet. In some cases, elegant lingerie can also pleasantly surprise a girl. And for you it can be a bonus that she will try it on and then show how it looks on her. But, if you do not know her well enough yet, then it is better to avoid gifts that are overly explicit.

6. Show your love and feelings for her more often.

If you really love her, you should say this as often as possible. It is important to understand that women love it very much when men show them love, attention and care. They want to hear the words “I love you” every day. If you don’t express yourself in a relationship, it won’t last long. Try to demonstrate the depth of your love by reminding her why you love her. For example, for her sweet smile, attractiveness, sociability and good sense of humor. Say that you are grateful to fate for the fact that it has appeared in your life. And you will do your best to keep your relationship happy.

7. Laughter and good mood

Women like men who make them laugh. They also admire guys who don’t take themselves too seriously. Who can joke and laugh at themselves. You don’t need to be too serious and important with her. Be a more positive person, but avoid jokes that make her look stupid. Especially in front of her friends or family.

8. Buy her favorite candy

A box of her favorite chocolates is another easy way to make a girl happy. Even if your lady is watching her figure and trying to minimize the consumption of sweets. But such a gift will definitely delight her, and show that you always remember about her, and try to find ways to surprise her.

9. Arrange a photo session

Many girls love to take beautiful photos, and then post them on Instagram so that everyone is envious. You can do the same for her. Find a good photographer and some beautiful places and spend the whole day as if you are famous stars and want to be on the cover of a magazine. Let other people see how much you love each other, and don’t be afraid to show it in public. Although, I know that many men do not like to be photographed a lot. But for the sake of your beloved, you can do it. After all, girls really like it when guys do bold things for them. And she will be overly grateful to you.

10. Buy her a subscription to a beauty salon or SPA

Not all girls spend a lot of money on their beauty. If your lady is one of them, then you can please her by purchasing a subscription to a beauty salon or SPA. You can suggest that she herself choose the place she wants to visit. Just tell her that you like it the way it is. And a beauty salon is just needed so that she can be a little distracted from the routine of life and can relax. Otherwise, the woman will think that you do not like her, and then there will be even more problems between you.

I hope that these 10 tips on how to please a girl will help you convince her that you are special, and try to somehow please and surprise her all the time. Just remember to be real while doing this. And not to do it for the sake of profit, or in the future to try to somehow manipulate her. Do everything sincerely and from the heart. And then the girl will love you even more.