How to propose to a girl to marry?

You decided to propose to the girl to get married, but you have no ideas at all, and you do not know how to plan everything correctly? Don’t worry, you are in the right place. We will share a lot of ways to propose to a girl to get married, based on her personality type. We’ll also discuss a few basic concepts so you can increase your chances of getting her consent.

The first thing a man must realize is the meaning of the sentence itself to a woman, which goes beyond words. After all, for a girl this is a very serious moment in life. When she decides for herself, and wants to share her heart, mind, soul and life with this person, or not. It is important for such girls to correctly compose a message based on their character and personality type. Indeed, in this case, the likelihood that you will hear “yes” is significantly increased. Therefore, determine the type of your beloved, and see the corresponding ideas on how to properly offer her a hand and a heart. You can modify these ideas to suit your particular case, or combine several ideas into one for a truly original proposal.

If she’s a sentimental woman

If a woman is sentimental, then she will like a proposal that reflects something special, based on life events. For example, the place you first met, went on a first date, or had some other special occasion in a relationship. Below you can find more ideas on how to ask a woman to be your wife if she is too sentimental.

1. During the concert

Propose at a concert of her favorite band. Before that, you can have a romantic dinner. Consider contacting the organizers of this event. And find out if the members can help you propose to your girlfriend during the break, or just before the concert starts.

2. In the hometown of her childhood

Ask her a few questions before planning this event. Try to learn more about the city where she spent her childhood, and what places she remembers the most. Consider asking a friend of hers, who knows the city well, to help you organize.

3. While cruising on a yacht or ship

A cruise by sea, lake or ocean can be a very good idea for a beautiful marriage proposal. She will especially like it if she loves to travel, or has special memories associated with the sea and the ocean.

4. Take a trip

You can propose to a girl to get married in another city. If you have such a favorite place outside the country that you often like to visit with your girlfriend. Then this will definitely cause her a sea of ​​positive emotions, and she will not hesitate to accept your invitation to become a wife.

5. Do it on the beach

The beach and the sea, with which your friend has wonderful memories, can be the perfect place to make a declaration of love. Take along all the essentials to create a cozy atmosphere. Put on some romantic music, watch the sunset, and of course, don’t forget to give your speech and get on one knee.

6. Helicopter city tour

A sentimental girl will definitely love flying over her hometown and showing you various places from her childhood. Your message can be heard in the air, or after landing. Better yet, if you write the words of recognition on the ground in capital letters. Only so that she could see and read them.

7. Do it for Christmas, New Years, or Valentine’s Day

It can be her birthday, or another holiday that your girlfriend loves very much, and it brings up pleasant memories in her. You can attach a small note to your gift and write that another incredible surprise awaits her today.

How to propose to a girl to marry if she is a nature lover

If she loves nature, then find a beautiful place in your city. Perhaps it will be a park or a nature reserve. Try to find out in advance which places she considers special and where she likes to enjoy nature most of all. If the woman does not give you any clues, then you can propose in the places from the list below.

8. In the city park

Choose a warm and sunny day. Find a beautiful spot in a city park, and if possible, have a small picnic. Put on some nice music, confess your love for your woman, and propose to her.

9. Wildlife reserves

A wildlife sanctuary is another great idea for naturalists. It will be great if one of the animals brings her a ring before you go down on one knee. Talk to the staff of this reserve, they can tell you ways that you did not even think about.

10. Vineyards

If your girlfriend is a wine lover, consider taking her to your country’s vineyards and visiting a wine tasting session. This can be an interesting setting for a proposal. The amazing beauty of the plantations, fresh air and a bottle of wine can play into your hands.

11. Excursion by sea or lake

Take a romantic excursion by the sea and see the beautiful scenery. During the tour, plan so that you can pick up the microphone (if this is a guided tour) and ask the woman to marry you.

12. Offer in the mountains

Plan a hike to a beautiful mountain location. If you don’t want to climb high yourself, find people who can take you to your destination. There are hundreds of beautiful locations with stunning scenery. Just make sure you pick the right time of the year for such an excursion. As mountainous areas can be harsh at certain times of the year. Once there, create a romantic atmosphere and offer your hand and heart to the girl.

13. Botanical gardens

Visit the botanical gardens and find the most beautiful place there in advance. Then, when evening comes and you are alone with your girlfriend, do not hesitate and ask her to marry you.

How to propose to marry a business woman

This type of woman wants to know that the man she is marrying is stable and respects her need for personal feelings. This woman, most likely, would not want an extravagant offer. She wants to hear a sincere message. Therefore, here are some great ideas for men looking to marry a business woman.

14. Quiet and peaceful dinner

A quiet dinner at her favorite restaurant can be a great place to propose to get married. Have the waiter bring out the ring in a small box on a platter, you take it and put it in front of her. Don’t forget to give flowers and get on one knee. And of course, say the words of recognition.

15. In the home of a close family member

If your girlfriend is close to a certain family member or her parents, consider offering in their home. Do it at some family event, and don’t forget to mention that her family is now yours.

16. Offer during sunset

Find a place where you can see the sunset well and have a small dinner there. Invite your girlfriend for a romantic meal and a meaningful conversation about your relationship. When the sun reaches the horizon, get down on one knee and invite her to be your wife.

17. Lunch for two at home

Surprise her with homemade food, romantic music and candles. Prepare a little love note in which you write how you love her. Place the note where she can find it. And when she reads it, then ask for her hand and heart.

18. Create a website with her name

Find someone who specializes in website development. Ask him to post a touching video of your photos on it. Play a touching song and place the text about the marriage proposal on it. Configure everything so that the site opens when you launch your web browser. And when she opens this page, be ready to kneel down and bring her a ring. Just remember to install a webcam to record her reaction.

Proposing to marry a more adventurous woman

For the adventurous woman, there are many great marriage proposals. This type of woman loves adventure, something new and amazing. Here are some places where you can ask for the hand and heart of a girl who loves adventure and adrenaline.

19. Skiing

Skiing or snowboarding in a remote area with stunning views can be a great idea to confess your love to your loved one. Consider if you have an assistant who can come at the right time with flowers, champagne and a ring.

20. Hiking or trekking

For this type of woman, harsh conditions are nothing new. A quiet night by the fire may be the right moment to ask for her hand. Plus, an adventure like this often requires teamwork, and this can be the perfect precursor to her yes.

21. Scuba diving

I think very few people have made such proposals, and it will definitely come as a surprise for your girlfriend. Of course, you need to think carefully about everything and prepare well for everything. Find a scuba diving excursion, an area with warm water and excellent visibility. See the underwater world together, and when you return to the boat, make your proposal.

22. Snowmobiling

Find a company where you can rent snowmobiles and book a tour there. The great thing about a snowmobile is that it can take you to very beautiful and remote places. Where you will be alone with a girl, and the silence and beauty of nature will make your request to get married unforgettable.

23. Skydiving

Does your girlfriend love adrenaline? Then she will definitely like it. Before jumping, find a place where you will descend and write your message in huge letters on the ground. Tell the skydiving instructors about this and they will surely contribute to your idea.

24. Confess your love in a balloon

This is a bit like the previous skydiving idea. Because you also have to write a message on the ground that can be read out of thin air. An in-flight offer will be incredibly romantic. The girl will remember him for the rest of her life.

25. Traveling on bikes or mountain bikes

If a girl loves motorcycles, then why not take them on a trip? Think over your route in advance and take everything you need with you. Drive along it yourself first, and somewhere along the way write words of love and recognition. When she sees this, stop the motorcycle and invite her to become your wife.

How to propose to a girl to marry if she loves a fun life

This type of girls loves the noisy life, parties and fun. They want the whole world to know that they have a man and a future husband. Therefore, a declaration of love for this type of women can be done with a large number of people. Here are some ideas.

26. At a sporting event

Most sporting events have an organizer with whom you can talk about your proposal. Have the camera capture both of you during the confession and broadcast it live.

27. The offer is in the air

Find an advertising company that specializes in this. Perhaps they can help you find a plane to which a banner with your proposal will be attached. Let him make a few circles over the stadium until the woman sees your declaration of love and reciprocates you.

28. Place your request for marriage in a magazine or newspaper

Check with your local newspaper or the magazine your girlfriend reads. And ask them to post your marriage proposal. Add a joint photo there. This is very unexpected, especially if you live in a small town.

29. Propose to a woman with her family and friends

As we already understood, this type of women loves publicity. So it might be a good idea to propose to her family and friends. If she is truly a public person, then you will have a better chance of getting her consent.

How to propose to a woman to marry if she loves animals

For animal lovers, the proposal process can be quite simple. These women will really like it if the pet brings the wedding ring. Besides that, there are many more ideas that will come in handy for you.

30. Animal shelters

These establishments usually have unique animals that your girlfriend will appreciate. Talk to the staff of this establishment, they can give you special access to a certain habitat to make your message more interesting.

31. Wildlife reserves

This is a great place to make a suggestion. It may be a little distant. But if your woman loves to travel, then this will not be a problem for you. Find a way to draw the girl’s attention to this place, and let her ask you to visit it herself.

32. Give her a pet

It can be a puppy, kitty, rabbit and any other animal your girlfriend dreams of. Tie a small note to his neck, in which your words of love and a request to get married will be written.

33. Make an offer at a cafe with animals

If your beloved likes to be surrounded by animals, then find such an institution, and there confess your love to her. Talk to the staff to prepare for you the most beautiful cats and dogs that will be with you and create an incredible atmosphere.

How to propose to a girl to marry if she loves sports

There are excellent sporting activities that can be a great place to offer. Such an event in her life will definitely not be forgotten. And if her favorite team plays, then you definitely have a great chance of success.

34. Offer at a football match

Football is loved not only by guys, but also by girls. And the request to get married during the match of her favorite team will remain in her memory for life. Just choose a match that is of particular interest to her and work out your proposal accordingly.

35. World sports competitions

Various world sporting events can be a great place to offer. Although this can often be associated with an expensive trip to another country. But if you want to make a beautiful and unforgettable proposal to your girlfriend, then it makes sense to spend money.

36. Proposal with her favorite player

If you can meet your girlfriend’s favorite player and ask him to help you, that will be very cool. The girl will definitely appreciate such a step and will not be able to refuse you in the presence of a famous person.

How to propose to a woman to marry if she loves travel

For the woman who loves to travel, there are many places to visit. But it’s best to find a place that suits her personality. There are many beautiful countries and cities. It all depends on what she likes.

37. Do it by the ocean

For ocean lovers, the possibilities are endless. Only everything will depend on your financial capabilities. Scuba diving, beach camping and any other way to enjoy the tropical environment can be great additions to your offer. How do you feel about offering a girl a hand and a heart under water? I think it will be very interesting.

38. In the big city

If your girlfriend is a fan of big and bustling cities filled with beautiful places, consider taking her to one of them. You may have to spend a little, but the girl will definitely appreciate it. As a result, you will have a better chance of accepting it.

39. Historic sites

If your girlfriend loves history, then a trip to Greece, Rome or any other European country may be a really suitable place for a romantic proposal. Find a specific place of great historical importance to make your offer there.

40. Take a cruise

Surprise her with a cruise and plan your trip to make it perfect. Many cruise lines offer certain romantic packages. So it will be much easier for you with the organization.

How to propose to a girl to marry if she is a music lover

There are many great ways to declare your love and propose to a girl through music. All you need is to demonstrate your perseverance and enterprise.

41. Write a song and perform it

This is the perfect way to propose for those with a taste for music. In any case, the girl will appreciate that she will have her own song written by a loved one. You can record it together, and then add your message at the end. Or order a song from a professional musician. Give the performer some ideas about the special aspects of your relationship so that the song is truly tailored to your life and how you feel about your girlfriend.

42. Learn to play a musical instrument

Learn a musical instrument that your girlfriend likes. Imagine her surprise when you play her favorite song on this instrument, and then ask the girl to get married. I think there is no woman in this world who does not have a flutter of heart from such an event.

43. Musical proposal on the beach

Asking to get married on the beach has become a little familiar. But from this she did not lose her strength. Take with you an instrument you can play. Or hire an artist to do it for you. Try to be unexpected and not guess anything until you get down on one knee.

44. At a candlelit dinner

In any institution, you can turn on your girlfriend’s favorite music. You can rent a separate room for this and organize a candlelit dinner. You can invite musicians to make your proposal truly unique.

Understanding the dynamics of proposal acceptance

An engagement is an important event for a couple. It marks the beginning of a deeper commitment to each other. If your relationship is healthy, and you have previously discussed the possibility of marriage, then the event itself will go smoothly. And you are more likely to get a positive result. However, not all offers end well. This can happen for many reasons. Some of them are robust and shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

The girl may not be ready for marriage yet. Or she was previously abused, which made her fear family life with men. In other cases, rejections may be due to incompatibility, lack of love, or an overly controlling and jealous partner. But in any case, you must respect the woman’s decision. And remember, how you react to her refusal will show whether you get another opportunity to propose to this person or not.