How to quickly calm down and put your nerves in order?

When we worry, scream, or get nervous, we often forget that we have the ability to voluntarily reduce our anxiety. Perhaps you just do not know how to calm down or neglect those simple actions that can help you with this. Although these methods will not help you completely get rid of the experience. But they can significantly reduce it, and prevent addiction to neurotic behavior.

Very often, anxiety is passed on to us from our parents. If they are worried about something, often experiencing stress or depression, then these problems will be passed on to their children. To take responsibility for your emotions, you need to learn to be complacent. We can use this tool to stop being nervous and worried about various life problems.

1) Practice mindfulness

You need to learn to accept yourself as you are. Implementing mindfulness in your daily life can not only reduce your anxiety, but also help regulate your emotions. When you feel overwhelmed by your thoughts, emotions, and sensations, sit in a quiet place for a while and pay attention to them. Just don’t rate them as good or bad, just watch yourself and your thoughts.

2) use correct breathing

The second way to calm down and stop worrying is to practice correct breathing. As soon as you feel yourself getting nervous, immediately take a few deep breaths and slow breaths out. Breathing helps relieve tension. It fills our body with oxygen, and as a result we feel much better.

3) put your hand on your heart and say nice words to yourself

Use a firm, calm voice to tell your brain that it can relax. Find a quiet and comfortable place. Tell yourself that the danger has passed, you have overcome it, and now you can calm down. Our nervous system is capable of responding to various types of speech. And the more calmly you speak, the faster you can calm down.

4) create a soothing atmosphere

You may not even be aware that certain objects or where you are is influencing your mood. Your irritability may be due to smell in the room, inadequate lighting, or too much oxygen in the room. You can feel calmer and improve your mood simply by listening to soothing music. Sitting in a visually beautiful room, garden or outdoors. When you activate your senses by receiving positive sensations, your thoughts become more positive.

5) take a walk

If you do not know how to calm down, then a regular walk is one of the easiest solutions. Physical activity has been shown to help relieve stress. You can exercise more intensely if you feel like walking is not enough for you. When you are on the move, you can also practice mindfulness, paying attention to your environment and forgetting about your negative thoughts and concerns.

6) get started with creative activities

There are a lot of useful things in art and creativity. With their help, you can express yourself and your emotional state. This will help you understand your emotions and, if necessary, get rid of them. For example, take a piece of paper and draw your feelings and experiences on it. Try to write a short verse or express yourself with text. You are guaranteed to start feeling more relaxed if you do this. Art gives us the ability to express our emotions and translate them into a physical form.

7) Focus on helping other people

Shifting your focus to other people and offering help can make you feel focused and confident. Also, it will help you to distract from your own problems and worries. Helping someone can make you feel happier and calmer. Life will be richer and you simply won’t have time to remember your experiences.

8) read a book or watch a movie

This is another easy way to calm down. Reading books and watching movies can be enjoyable and uplifting. Because they allow you to enter another world with characters who have their own emotional life. But movies and TV shows can be addictive as people watch them to avoid their own lives and their problems. In the event that you spend too much time watching TV series and neglect your daily activities. Stop thinking of it as a calming activity and find a way to reduce the amount of time you spend doing it. Try to keep everything in balance.

9) take a bath

Warm water relaxes the body and reduces physical symptoms of anxiety such as muscle pain and muscle tension. The physical relaxation you get from a hot bath can reduce your mental anxiety and help you calm down.

10) cook delicious food

Many people tend to over-consume unhealthy foods when they are stressed. This is due to the fact that food gives us a burst of energy and makes us feel happier for a while. However, you shouldn’t do this with junk food. Cooking healthy and delicious food is a great way to calm down. In addition, you will avoid harmful consequences for your body.

11) allow yourself to cry

When our anxiety grows, and we do not understand how to calm down, we can get rid of the worries with the help of crying. We often think we shouldn’t cry and hold back. And this is a natural human reaction to a certain situation, each of us needs it. So you can allow yourself to cry whenever you want and feel free to do so.

12) keep track of your thoughts

Our thoughts are critical. Be kind to yourself if possible. Remember to show empathy when you’re stressed or emotionally upset. Remember that replacing negative thoughts with positive ones improves your well-being. And with the help of positive thoughts, we can quickly calm down. As an empathic person who understands people’s feelings well and is willing to support them emotionally, you will feel love and joy in such actions. Just do not accumulate negative emotions of other people, you should try to be always in a calm state. And using ways that you can calm down will help you do this, and you can create a calm and peaceful life.