How to recognize a fake person?

Unfortunately, many people don’t always show their true intentions. Therefore, any of us can be fooled and deceived by a deceitful person. This means that it is recommended that each of us know the signs of a fake person. So that we can protect ourselves from deception and manipulation. It may not be easy, though, and many people hide their true intentions. But with this knowledge, we will be more careful in choosing the people we let into our lives. And we will learn to understand people much better.

You may not be able to avoid fake people all the time, but you can learn the signs to help you identify these individuals.

1. A person tries to please everyone

You can notice one feature in the behavior of such people – they try to please and please everyone. They can make amazing compliments and speak flattering words. They will ask you many questions, but they will not express their point of view, which may conflict with yours. Fake people want to be everything to everyone, and they want to make others just like them. They will definitely find out your point of view on any situation, and then they will agree with you. But when a person is afraid to stick to his own belief system, then he is insincere with you. And you shouldn’t trust those who waver in their core values.

2. He likes to show off

The signs of a fake person can be determined by observing their conversations. In most cases, he will start talking about himself and his achievements at the first opportunity. He will try in every possible way to impress you. She will talk about her talents and strengths using different stories. Therefore, pay close attention to what the person is saying, and pay attention to whether he or she is too carried away with their own stories.

3. Spreads gossip

This man or woman can point out other people’s personal flaws by spreading gossip, which in most cases is not true. They can actively spread negative information about other people and speak behind your back all the time. Fake people can tell stories in which they act as victims, and everyone else is evil and shameless. But always remember, if someone goesssip about other people with you, they will gossip about you too. And it is quite possible that one day you will become that not a good person in their stories.

4. He exaggerates and lies

You may regularly hear the same stories from this fake person. Eventually, you will start to notice inconsistencies and even outright lies when he tells slightly different versions of the same stories. And, if you then start checking this information, you will most likely find that it is not true.

5. He’s listening to you inattentively.

While sincere people listen carefully to what you are talking about, the fake person may interrupt you during the conversation, and he will not be interested in listening to you. He may give inappropriate and inappropriate answers because he does not pay attention to the topic of the conversation. You will notice that he cannot remember what you said a few minutes ago, and may ask you again on a regular basis. These signs of a fake person are pretty obvious and not hard to spot.

6. Regularly asks for help, but does not reciprocate

Having found good and helpful companions, this person will regularly ask for various help. These requests will be minor at first, but will eventually begin to grow in importance. But when people turn to him for help, this man or woman will find various excuses. They can disappear at the most inopportune moment. Especially when you find yourself in some kind of quandary. For example, you move to another city, your romantic partner leaves you, you break your leg, or you just need psychological support. In this situation, your fake “friend” gets too busy. As a rule, such people appear only in those cases when they need something. And they can disappear for a long time.

7. They are emotionally closed.

Signs of a fake person are manifested through emotional closeness. This person can hide their personal data, will not talk about themselves and their feelings. In most cases, his words and phrases are not sincere, and if you look closely, you will notice that this person is prone to a fake smile, like the rest of his feelings.

8. Their body language speaks volumes.

The fake person can speak beautiful words and phrases in an attempt to please you. But his body language will tell you otherwise. Therefore, when talking to anyone, pay attention to their behavior and their body language. For example, if, when talking to you, his or her body is tilted not towards you, but away from you, then you are not interested in this person. Or, when his / her feet point to an exit, that is the direction in which he / she wants to leave, rather than engage in conversation with you. Most fake people forget to fake this part of their behavior.

9. They don’t respect common people

The signs of a fake person can be determined by his attitude towards ordinary ordinary people. In most cases, the fake person respects and reckons only with rich and successful people. They have too high self-esteem, and do not pay attention to ordinary people.

10. They rarely keep their promises.

Fake people cannot keep their word. They can promise a lot, but in practice they do nothing. Or they do it only if they get some kind of benefit. Such people do everything for their own profit. In many cases, they are overly selfish and love only themselves. Unfortunately, for some people, words mean nothing at all. Yes, and true friendship in our time is quite rare. Therefore, if a person promises to meet with you, or to do something, but as a result cancels or transfers everything, then you are of no value to him. And with such people it is not worth maintaining a relationship.

I believe that each of us should know these signs of a fake person. You also need to be very careful about choosing your environment. You should always remember that there will be people in your life who will try to manipulate you using your weaknesses. The best we can do in this case is to learn to identify the signs of fake people. After all, they can be among our friends, acquaintances, colleagues or romantic partners. By knowing these signs, we can establish and develop healthy relationships. And adjust our expectations and attitudes towards these people.