How to return a husband to the family, advice, methods and possible mistakes?

By creating a family, women want to believe that they will live their whole lives with their loved one. Unfortunately, not every relationship can stand the test of time. The decision of a life partner to leave the family is perceived by a woman very painful even if their relationship was complicated and confusing. It is quite possible to return your husband to the family if you build your behavior in the right way. This article will help you restore harmony in your family life.

Do I need to return my husband to the family?

You are now experiencing a range of emotions, from pain and resentment to rage. Try to calm down and analyze the situation: perhaps this relationship did not really bring you happiness and it would be easier to let it go. Make sure your actions DO NOT MOVE:

  • Unwillingness to destroy the usual everyday life;
  • Fear of living the rest of your life alone;
  • The desire to return the husband to raise children together;
  • Material difficulties;
  • Fear of negative reactions from others;
  • Desire for revenge.

If you are guided by one or more of the above reasons, your future relationship with your husband is unlikely to be harmonious, even if you can get him back. Most likely, the man made such a decision for a reason, and at this stage it is really better for you to live separately. If you love this person and are ready to face old age together, prepare to face the truth. Both partners are equally responsible for the relationship. Chances are, there are certain traits in your character or behavior that have made your life together difficult. Therefore, it is useful to ask the question, why am I waiting for my family to recover?

Mistakes to Avoid During Relationship Recovery

Don’t be overly intrusive. Your husband needs time to cool down and think carefully about the situation. Give him the opportunity to be alone with his thoughts. You should not pester him with angry messages or nightly phone calls. Whatever emotions you feel, try to do everything so that your husband does not know about it. Intense gym exercise can help you release build-up tension and relieve stress.

Do not set up relatives and children against your husband. Perhaps he suffers from parting no less than you, so the support of loved ones will be very important for him. Imagine how psychologically difficult it will be for him to explain the situation to each “advisor”.

Avoid advice from colleagues and girlfriends. All people are different, and they give advice based on their everyday experience. The actions that helped your friend get her life partner back can have the exact opposite effect in your situation. For example, your friend could tell how she started dating a young athlete and specially brought him to the general company. A friend’s husband felt the instinct of ownership, drove this guy away and returned to the family. If your husband is jealous and touchy, in such a situation he may be so disappointed in you that he will try to forget as soon as possible.

If a man is adamant in his decision to leave his family, do not press on pity, do not beg him to stay, and do not make him feel guilty. Such actions can increase a person’s desire to be alone and calm. Behave with restraint and as correct as possible, then you will have a chance to return your husband to the family.

Do not make scandals, tantrums, showdown and debriefing. If your husband leaves for his mistress, such actions will confirm the correctness of his decision. After all, this woman behaves tenderly and affectionately with your husband, and against her background you will seem like an evil shrew. If, during the period of separation, he meets another woman, in comparison with you, she will seem much more attractive to him.

Do not threaten him with courts, troubles, division of property and restriction of meetings with children. Control your speech, do not allow rude phrases and insults. After such a conversation, the husband will feel anger and aggression towards you. Words spoken in hearts can seriously hurt a person and put an end to your relationship.

Particular attention should be paid to esoteric, magical, prayer and other irrational ways of returning a man. You must understand that in the modern world there are a huge number of charlatans who make fortunes out of desperate women. There may be people who do have foresight, but their number is negligible compared to the offers that you see on the Internet. In your situation, the most limited resource is time. Do not waste it on the services of sorcerers to get your husband back. Spend time analyzing the causes of the situation and finding solutions to the problem.

The most effective ways to help bring your husband back to the family

Let’s point out the most common problems in marriage that lead to a break in relations, as well as solutions that will help return the husband to the family.

Reason 1: scandals or major fights

A long-brewing scandal, a major quarrel with mutual insults. Probably, your husband for a long time tried to endure an uncomfortable situation for him, as a result of which the negative was thrown out in this way.

Your actions to get your husband back: in this situation, you can say that you are lucky. If your actions are correct and unobtrusive, the spouse will calm down and want to return to the family. In the future, you will need to treat your husband more attentively and respectfully, try to take care of his needs and turn your home into a kind of “safe haven” where he can recuperate after hard working days.

Reason 2: loss of attraction to wife
Loss of interest in your wife. Analyze your appearance and behavior in the past few months. Perhaps you were so busy with household chores and raising children that you did not pay attention to your appearance. Lack of minimal makeup, a wrinkled home T-shirt and a disgruntled facial expression do not contribute to a romantic mood.

Action to renew your relationship: Take the time to do minimal self-care. It would be strange to imagine a woman standing behind a parlor stove in a playful nurse outfit. It is about a neat and tidy appearance. Remember the period when your relationship began: for sure you could not afford to come on a date with sloppy nails, oily hair or unshaven legs …

Buy a comfortable yet cute home dress. Use your favorite perfume, apply minimal makeup (10 minutes is enough to apply foundation, apply mascara and make your lips shine with gloss). If your figure has lost its former shape, sign up for the gym – your husband will definitely appreciate how you are trying for him. Don’t allow yourself to spend time lying on the couch. Find a hobby, sign up for interesting courses, go to exhibitions and concerts with your friends. Thus, the husband will perceive you as an enthusiastic, active and beautiful woman. Getting your husband back is much easier if he has an attraction for you.

Reason 3: behaviors affecting self-esteem
Inability to feel like the master of the house. Sometimes women are overly involved in household chores and voluntarily take on the bulk of the household chores. Carried away by solving pressing problems, they do not leave the man the opportunity to prove himself as the head of the family. The worst thing is when a woman allows herself to publicly command her husband and criticize him. Such actions have a devastating effect on men’s self-esteem.

Action to take: To preserve your husband’s self-esteem, carefully control what you say and how you behave. There are many ways that you can channel your husband’s behavior in the desired direction. It is not for nothing that it is said that “a man is a head, and a woman is a neck, and where the neck turns, the head will look there”.

Reason 4: lack of close relationships
Lack of warmth, support and understanding in the family.

What to do: When your life partner returns home, put aside all current affairs and give him at least a few minutes. Greet him with hugs and kisses, talk about how you miss him and are glad to see him back. First, feed your husband and let him be alone for a while to rest and recuperate. Only after this should current household and family issues be resolved. So you can get your husband back or not lose him.

Try to maintain tactile contact with hugs and gentle touches. Be considerate of your husband’s needs, prepare his favorite meals, and keep his clothes clean. Take evening walks several times a week to share your heart’s worth.

Reason 5: relationships on the side
Feelings for another woman. This situation is the most difficult. It will take a lot of patience and cunning for your husband to end up giving preference to you.

Steps to follow: Never ask your husband about another woman. On the contrary, in such a situation, you should remain silent, even if the man suspects that you have learned about his mistress. Do your usual household chores, keep order and your appearance. Does not build defiantly to deprive her husband of dinner or to deny him an intimate life. Your task is to look active, cheerful and cheerful with him. Sooner or later, the mistress will make a gross mistake in the relationship, and at this moment the husband should not doubt that you are the most beautiful woman in the world. This is a very difficult period for a woman psychologically, when she knows that her husband’s heart no longer belongs to her alone. If you stand up to this test with dignity, your reward will be the restoration of a good relationship with your husband.

Reason 6: problems in bed
Lack of harmony in intimate life. Daily fatigue, mismatch in biological rhythms and work schedules of spouses significantly affect the quality of intimate life. Add to this taking care of young children, lack of proper personal care and everyday problems, and as a result, you will get a total dissatisfaction in sex. Over time, it leads to the disappearance of the intimate life of the spouses and the search for satisfaction on the side.

What you do: If you want to keep your family together, you should not deny your husband intimacy. A man likes it when a woman shows physical desire and pleasure in bed. Avoid monotony: study sexual positions and massage techniques, buy erotic lingerie and intimate toys. Avoid boredom and routine in intimate relationships, as mutual passion and intense sexual emotions are important factors in strengthening relationships.

We often make mistakes in relationships and don’t notice how upset our loved one is. In most situations, you can structure your behavior in such a way as to earn forgiveness and reunite a broken family. The most important thing is not to give vent to emotions and to remember the peculiarities of the character of the spouse. Using these tips, you can bring your husband back to the family.