How to seduce a shy man?

It’s no secret that shy guys can be very adorable and incredible lovers. Shyness has its positive aspects. Such a person does not sleep with everyone. In a sense, shy men go to girls with a “warranty card,” which is very tempting for women. But the problem is, girls don’t know how to seduce a shy man.

Personally, I love challenges, and I get a special thrill when I get to get such a person. It’s really fun, but not always easy. There are times when a man doesn’t even look in your direction, and I want to give you some tips so that you can seduce him. Only I want you to come back and write if my recommendations helped you or not.

You can charm a shy guy just like any other. You just need to adapt your “technique” to make him feel comfortable with you.

Action and patience

Try to be very tactful and patient. After all, it is you who will have to take the first step, otherwise, he will never come up and speak. Just don’t be too persistent. A woman who projects an overly confident image can scare a timid man. You need to approach him “from afar”, start with a few timid glances, and play the shy girl first.

Once you’ve made eye contact, try to keep it at a distance, just smile. Let him know that you like him and want to talk to him. Such people need confidence and he needs to know that he is not wrong and that you really liked him.


If I was asked to give the most effective advice on how to seduce a shy man, it would be simplicity. Be yourself, you don’t have to portray someone that you are not. Approach him with a sincere smile, a simple greeting, and strike up a conversation. Now is not the best time to show how confident or smart you are. If you go up to him, smile and just say “hello”, then he will reciprocate you and will definitely not run away. In some cases, a person can start a dialogue himself, so do not rush to ask him questions. Wait for a good moment.

Listen to it carefully

Shy guys do not like to talk a lot, as they are afraid to seem uninteresting to others. In addition, they will do it quietly and not confidently, so listen carefully so as not to miss important information. During your conversations, be prepared to ask more questions and “lure information out of him.”

He’s shy, so don’t expect to start talking about his sexual orientation. Some shy guys may be gay but are afraid to admit it. You will need to listen to him and perhaps ask directly to determine if this guy is a real potential partner for you.

Be humble and kind

Even if you are a “tigress” in bed, do not show it on the first date. You need to calm down and remember to be patient. Wait a little, maybe he will take the first step himself. If all goes well, you will have plenty of time to show him your skills later.

If you do have a lot of sexual experience, try not to mention it. You will make him even more timid, and he will be worried that he will not be able to meet your standards. Better to keep this information a secret, at least for the moment. As soon as you manage to take him to bed, the shyness will gradually begin to disappear, and who knows what he will be capable of. Maybe an incredible lover is hiding under his shy cover.

Take the initiative

The next step on how to seduce a shy man is to take your initiative. If you do the first part well, then most guys will know that you like it and find more courage in themselves. When that happens, keep portraying the shy girl, but still show interest in him. If he doesn’t fit himself, you may have to approach him. You can ask him a simple question to start a conversation, or you can mumble a timid “hello” from afar to see if he has the courage to come closer.

Once you’ve made contact, be patient. Have him lead the conversation, ask questions that interest him, and find topics for conversation. If all is well and you have successfully started a dialogue, then find out what kind of cuisine he likes. Say that you like her very much, too, and hint at a dinner together. Now is not the time when girls have to wait for the guy to take the first step.

Suggest a place where there won’t be many people or the two of you so he can feel comfortable. You can ask if he is interested in watching the movie. Perhaps he likes football and you can go to a match together. Most importantly, don’t make him embarrassed. Just hint that you don’t mind spending time with him. And you don’t need to immediately introduce him to your friends, this is guaranteed to scare this guy off.

First date with a shy man

When choosing a place to meet, let him choose where to go. Most likely, he will choose a place where he will feel comfortable. It could be his favorite cafe, restaurant or movie theater, it doesn’t matter. Just let him pick a place he knows and feels confident about. Let him control the situation, and you can continue to play the shy girl.

As you can see, seducing a shy man is not that difficult. The main thing is to adhere to some rules and not behave too defiantly. Give him more opportunities to take the initiative so that he feels comfortable and then he will definitely be yours.