How to solve relationship problems without breaking up?

We all know that giving back from both partners is necessary to create healthy relationships and true love. And when something does not work out for you, and there are difficulties with a partner, then you must understand how to solve problems in a relationship. Love needs to be nourished and sustained on a regular basis, thereby awakening in difficult times. Although, many believe in the idea of ​​a soul mate. When you find a person with whom your love will be easy, and your relationship will be happy and carefree. But, in fact, problems can arise in seemingly ideal relationships. Therefore, no matter what stage you are at, it is important to understand how to find solutions to these problems, while not parting with your loved one.

How you handle relationship problems shapes your love story. When you and your partner are in deep conflict, there are several questions you need to answer. Are you really trying to fix something? What exactly are you doing to solve the problems that arise? Do your methods work? Perhaps you need to find other ways to solve problems? Let’s take a look at several ways to do this.

1. Talk openly with each other

One of the first tools you can use to avoid breaking up is your words. Open communication is the most useful tool for solving relationship problems. You should speak with your partner respectfully and frankly, and listen carefully to their point of view. Sincere conversation will show you how to solve problems. Therefore, do not hesitate to talk about everything that worries you and what you are unhappy with. At the end of the conversation, try to find a compromise, and in no case do not translate your communication into conflict.

Talk better about why you decided to be together. What attracted you to each other at the very beginning of the relationship. Remember the first meetings, and the time when you first met, and how good you were then. Don’t you want to bring back those warm and joyful feelings?

2. Get rid of the routine in the relationship

One of the key factors that negatively affects relationships is routine. Men and women stop making efforts to somehow diversify their relationship, and do not bring new ideas. They live every day as usual and do not change anything in their lives. A man can watch TV every evening after work or sit at a computer. And the wife, in turn, chatting with her girlfriends on the phone, or going to the gym.

Even if the couple does not realize it, doing such routine activities will have negative consequences in the long run. They themselves limit their options and do not contribute to the development of relationships. Because of this, resentments, quarrels and conflicts arise. They take each other for granted. Therefore, before yelling: “I’m tired of this, I’m leaving you!” Try to make changes in your life, and start doing something new together. Start making short weekend trips to places you’ve never been before. Visit a cafe or restaurant that you haven’t been to yet. Take some ballroom dance lessons together. Thus, add a little freshness to the relationship. The point is to see your partner in a new light. In this case, you will not think about how to solve problems in the relationship. You will realize that there are many interesting things around you that can diversify your life.

3. Listen to your partner

You won’t be able to figure out how to deal with relationship problems if you don’t listen to your partner. It’s actually unpleasant to feel that your partner is not paying attention to you. He is showing disrespect by this, and does not give you the opportunity to speak. So when he says something, show that you are really listening to him using the active listening technique. When he has finished speaking, rephrase what he said in your own words. If you disagree with something, do not hide it, and express your opinion. This will help prevent possible misunderstandings and misunderstandings in the future. It will also show your partner that you respect him and that what he says is really important to you.

4. Do not show contempt for your partner.

Of all the negative things you can do or say during a conflict, only contempt can be the worst. It often leads to serious relationship problems. Contemptuous remarks that demean your partner also apply to this. This can include sarcasm, name-calling, or non-verbal behavior. Such as rolling your eyes or grinning. This behavior is highly disrespectful and implies that you have disgust for your partner.

5. Don’t give in to negativity

It can be difficult not to react to a person’s bad behavior. But a condescending attitude towards him will only aggravate the situation, and will not help solve problems in the relationship. After all, when couples show negativity to each other, exchange insults and contemptuous remarks, they only exacerbate the conflict. You need to treat your partner with understanding and try to be more humble in your relationship with him. If you regularly point out his shortcomings, at some point he will break down and end the relationship with you.

6. Take a break from your relationship.

Let’s pretend you have long-standing relationship difficulties. You tried to do something, talked to each other, tried to find ways to solve problems, but you never got the result. In this case, you can just take a break from each other. Many couples who have spent conscious time apart from each other claim that this is the healthiest thing they have ever done to save their relationship. Talk to your partner about this, if you decide that a break would be a good idea, it is important that you negotiate certain rules to follow during this period. They should include:

  • Break end date. This is a specific date when the two of you should evaluate the usefulness of breaking up temporarily and decide if you should stay in the relationship;
  • Do you allow your partner to start a new relationship during this break?
  • What will your communication look like during the break? It may be better not to communicate at all, to make it possible to miss each other.

Use your time away from each other wisely. Meet with your friends or relatives who have not been seen for a long time. Take up a new sport or find a new hobby. Do what you enjoy and enjoy. Be a little selfish, you only need to focus on yourself and your feelings. This break will allow you to become aware of your feelings for your partner when he will not be around for a long time.

Make the relationship work

One of the best tips for dealing with relationship problems is to understand that love is not a fairy tale. And if you want to feel happiness and harmony in a relationship, then you have to do something for this. Various difficulties may arise in your life that will negatively affect the relationship. So it’s okay if there are minor conflicts between you. Only you need to solve them in a friendly atmosphere, without resorting to parting. And only when you used all the methods, and they did not give any result. Only then should you think about breaking up.