How to start a conversation with a guy first?

Today I want to share my knowledge on how to start a conversation with a guy or man you like. After all, very often it happens that you meet a guy with whom you want to get to know better. But you’re either too shy to approach him, or you don’t know what to talk about. In general, you lack the courage to take the first step, and you continually postpone your acquaintance. These tips will give you the confidence you need to finally step up to him and get to know him better. Read them and apply them in your life.

How to start a conversation with a guy

1. Ask him a question

Asking questions is the easiest and most effective way to start a conversation with a guy. Only the questions should be such that you can continue the conversation further. For example, you want to meet a guy who lives near your house and often walks his dog. In this case, you can come up and ask, what breed does his dog have? Tell them that you also have a pet and are very fond of animals. Or you just want to get one and can’t decide on the breed. Ask your guy to help you with the choice. In general, ask more questions that will keep your conversation going.

Just don’t ask questions that a young man can answer in one word. In this case, you have little chance that your conversation will last long enough. The main thing here is to genuinely show interest and show that you are really interested in what you are talking about.

2. Comment more often

It’s not just about Instagram right now, although this is also a pretty good way to start a conversation with a guy by commenting on his photo on social networks. But we are now talking about real life. For example, let’s say you’re standing next to a guy in line. In this case, you can say, “Oh, how long can you wait? I’m so tired and getting hot. ” In most cases, the person standing next to you will support you, and you will begin to communicate with him.

Another example, let’s say you are eating in a minibus, and next to you is a young man with whom you want to have a conversation. You can say the following: “I am very late, when will we arrive?”, Or “Of course I like to ride a minibus, but do we still have to go for a long time?” In many cases, the guy will answer you, and you can strike up a conversation with him by asking additional questions. Only in this situation, you do not need to make too negative comments. Otherwise, your conversation may turn in the wrong direction.

3. Compliment him

Oddly enough, but not only women love compliments, but also men. So this is another effective way to start a conversation with a guy. Just do not underestimate this method, because it is not as simple as the previous ones. Compliments must be done if you want to attract the attention of a person and arouse his sympathy. Compliment his shirt, hair, boots, etc. Even if it looks funny, it’s okay. The guy will understand that you are interested in him and will definitely support you.

4. Use the phrase – “we see each other often, but do not know each other yet”

For example, if you work in the same organization, study together, live side by side, etc. Something already connects and unites you. In this case, starting a conversation with a guy is much easier. You can just walk by to say hello, introduce yourself and say, “that you see each other regularly, but do not know each other yet.” Next, you will again start asking him more questions that will help keep your conversation going. And so word by word, you will get to know the person, and become a little closer to him.

5. Ask for help

The next tip for starting a conversation with a guy is to ask for help. Quite often, a simple request for help can result in a long and fruitful conversation. People love to help. It gives them a sense of importance and a sense that they have done something worthwhile. And if you still praise and sincerely thank, then your admiring reaction will further endear the person to you. After that, it will not be difficult to continue communication. Even if you don’t need help, take a moment to ask for something.

Four stages of conversation

The secret to starting and maintaining a relationship with a guy you like is to understand and notice how natural conversation moves from one level to another. There are four stages that people go through when they start dating and communication.

1. Start a conversation

The first phase is known as initiating a conversation. Casual conversation is often an important aspect of getting to know someone. It can include topics such as weather, hobbies, work, school, or comments about events around you. A casual conversation is ideal for starting a conversation because it doesn’t require extensive knowledge of a particular subject. This is an important part of dating because she takes an interest in the other person. In the event that the guy you are interested in leaves when you ask a question or comment on something. Then he tries to say that he is not interested in you, or at the moment he does not have time to communicate.

As your conversation shifts from the initial greeting and starts to pick up steam, it’s important to ask questions. Most open-ended questions start with what, how, and why. Open-ended questions – those that naturally elicit a more thoughtful and detailed response – are the heart of the conversation. Most people enjoy talking about themselves and not about difficult topics when meeting new people. Because they already have answers to many questions. When you ask a person questions about him, he does not need to remember facts or any little things. He just has to show that he knows himself well and is proud of who he is.

2. Details about yourself

The next step is to exchange facts about each other. When both of you have shown a mutual interest in the conversation, then start sharing details about yourself. Only they shouldn’t be too personal. This communication phase is a good time to ask questions that will help you both establish common interests. For example, you can ask a guy about his profession. Or what he likes to do in his free time. Since each of you will share a little information about yourself, you will definitely find something to talk about in more detail. For example, you might find out that you both love to cook. This will lead to conversation about favorite foods, recipes and places to eat, and so on.

3. Expressing opinions

The third stage of a successful conversation with a guy you like will involve both of you sharing your thoughts and opinions on various issues. You can talk about politics, sports, or show business. You can express your opinion about current events in the world, or express your point of view on a specific problem. Some people tend to be wary of talking about politics with a stranger. And this is the correct position. But if you feel that a person is okay with this topic, then why not? If you don’t like politics, there are many other topics, such as weather, clothing style, animals, cars, etc.

4. Communication on personal topics

If the conversation flows naturally, then you can move on to more personal topics. For example, start talking about your family or your relationship status. Although not every conversation reaches Level 4, you need to strive for it. Do not hesitate, gain experience, and you will definitely succeed.

Now that you know how to start a conversation with a guy and how to maintain it, you will have a better chance of getting him interested. You should also remember that it is easiest to get started with the man you like when you are in a positive mood. If you are confident in yourself and you know what to do, then it will be much easier for you to talk to people without worrying.