How to start a new life and change yourself: advice from psychologists

How often have you wanted to start a new life? Right tomorrow / from next Monday / right after vacation / having passed the winter session / since the New Year … How many times have you made yourself promises that lasted until the morning, and at best until the next evening? You came up with different ways for yourself to start a new life, but did not take any action for this. Or maybe it’s time to give up empty dreams, draw up a clear plan of action, and first read our article about ways to start a new life. Leave excuses in the past – and only forward!

6 reasons to start a new life

The period when you want to radically change your life, one day comes for everyone. You can’t find an easy way to start a new life right away. A person closes in on himself, accumulates discontent, which is about to spill out, multiplies mistakes and considers the situation hopeless. Everyone has their own reasons, but let’s try to highlight the most common ones. So:

  • Unloved work. In your youth, you changed your vocation and graduated from the institute on the advice of your parents, the work has long become hateful, but they keep good wages, a convenient location of the office and an employment schedule.
  • Exhausted relationships. Finding one single one at once and forever is very difficult. Your connection has long reached a dead end, a completely stranger is nearby, but the fear of being alone does not allow you to take a decisive step. You continue the relationship, suffer yourself and make your partner suffer. You are sure that this is fate, and there is simply no way to start a new life.
  • Loneliness and unsettled personal life. You still haven’t met your soul mate, but you really want to start a family and raise children. Or the marriage is cracked, and you are trying to recover from the divorce, hoping for the best.
  • Addictions. At first glance, harmless smoking poses a health hazard, and the consequences of alcohol consumption are simply unpredictable. You understand that change is necessary, but you blame it all on weak willpower, not seeing a way to start a new life.
  • Health problems. Defenselessness in the face of a serious illness, when there is a rethinking of life values. Submission of the habitual way to the need to take medications. Anxiety due to the fact that with your condition you complicate the life of your family and friends.
  • Excess weight. Dissatisfaction with your body and, as a result, dissatisfaction with the position in society. Wounded self-esteem, poor health, and disordered personal

New life at one age or another

Over time, the scale of human life values ​​also changes. What seemed important in youth may be completely depreciated by the middle of life, and vice versa. At what age is it easier to find a way to start a new life?

  • At the age of 20, young people are just entering adulthood, they are not inclined to think a lot, but prefer to act.
  • At the age of 30, confidence comes, the methods used to start a new life are no longer spontaneous, but meaningful. There is a desire to realize their place and purpose in life. It is at this age that they most often change their place of residence and specialty.
  • It is much more difficult to make an attempt to start a new life after 40 years. The habitual way of life, stable work, self-esteem that has taken place do not dispose to cardinal changes. However, grown children allow more time to be devoted to themselves. A reassessment of values ​​takes place, and completely unexpected ways of solving problems come to the fore, and ways to start a new life seem quite feasible.
  • At 50, women realize that they are still young, full of energy, attractive. They have already taken place in life, are firmly on their feet and realize that their future completely depends on themselves. A mature approach and self-confidence push them to make major changes.

10 ways to start a new life

  • You should not tell your family and friends that you have decided to start a new life. This will allow you to avoid their ridicule and skepticism. Perhaps they have already heard your arguments about the upcoming changes, easy ways to start a new life more than once, but the matter did not go further than conversations.
  • Before setting yourself new goals, understand yourself, understand what exactly does not suit you and what you would like to change. Try to make a list of your grievances, where, next to each of them, write several options for solving the problem. Perhaps one of them will become the desired way to start a new life.
  • Don’t postpone the first step. Trust that the changes you need today will definitely become irrelevant tomorrow, next Monday, or after the New Year holidays. Have you decided to run in the morning? Give up late viewing of your favorite TV show tonight, prepare everything you need for a run in the evening, go to bed early. And tomorrow morning you will be able to celebrate a small personal victory! Just stick to your daily routine and be organized – this will be one of the most effective ways to start a new life.
  • Remember the theory “21 days”, which was put forward by plastic surgeon Maxwell Maltz. In the middle of the last century, he noticed that his patients get used to their new appearance only 21 days after the operation. Subsequently, scientists confirmed the fact that if the same action is repeated every day for 21 days, it is fixed in the subconscious, and we begin to do it unconsciously, that is, automatically. Consider the timing factor when choosing a way to start a new life.
  • Know that internal problems cannot be solved overnight by drastically changing your appearance. Of course, your new look will certainly help you a lot, but do not think that a blonde with a short hair will immediately diminish the problems from which a brunette with long hair suffers so much. Ways to start a new life
  • Become free from the dominance of things. Get rid of your old clothes, finally take apart the desk, clean your notebook.
  • The next point can be quite difficult, because you have to understand your surroundings and answer the question of who is your real friend and who is just a friend. There is always a place for old friends in a new life. Those who will never leave in trouble, will not laugh at your dream, will support you in all your endeavors, and then rejoice at the results together with you. A good friend will not only give you the advice you need, he will surely become your faithful ally in the implementation of tasks.
  • Appreciate your time. Learn to end idle conversations, put aside an uninteresting book, and walk away from a boring movie. Stop the exhausting social media correspondence with a person you don’t even know personally. Spend the free time for self-development, read books that will help you choose the right way to start a new life.
  • Stop indulging yourself with groundless dreams or go with the flow. Nothing will happen by itself. Diet and willpower will help in the fight against obesity, to win the vocal competition, you need to seriously engage in singing, relaxedness on the dance floor will come after long training, and it will become easier to meet an interesting young man when you can interest him in something. So leave your fantasies to losers, choose your own way to start a new life and start acting. Your fate is in your hands!
  • Do not be afraid of change, because you yourself wanted it. Remember that there is still a lot of interesting ahead, and behind you is the same gray swamp, from which you finally got out with such difficulty.