How to start thinking positively?

How many times have you heard the expression “need to think positively?” They began to use it so often that for many people it became simply pointless. But there are those who believe that the power of positive thinking really matters. Now many will say that it is easy to do when everything is fine and there are no problems. When did the black streak come in your life? Have you lost your job or separated from your loved one? How to deal with these situations?

I want to say that I have met many people who remain positive in very difficult times. And the power of positive thinking is really important, and can change our lives not in some magical way, but in a real way. The science that studies this area is called neuroplasticity. This means that our thoughts can change the structure and function of our brains.

How to think positively

  1. Understand the source of your fears. This is an important step in overcoming anxiety. The best way to get rid of a negative past is to get rid of the thoughts that trigger it.
  2. Agree that all past failures were not in vain. They gave you the experience and knowledge of how everything works so that in the future you will no longer find yourself in such situations.
  3. All mistakes should be viewed as learning opportunities. And the good news is that you would never have learned these lessons if you hadn’t made mistakes.
  4. Every time you face a problem, you feel stressed. Many consider this to be a bad condition. However, stress can push you to do whatever it takes to deal with the problem and become more effective. The times when you have to struggle are the times when you have the best opportunity for growth.
  5. We cannot do everything right and please every person. The reality is that there will always be people who don’t like us. This is completely normal and should not be worried about.
  6. When things don’t end well, we feel like a failure and think that the power of positive thinking isn’t working. We blame ourselves for not being able to get it right. But every failure opens the door to new beginnings. Stay true to yourself in any situation. Be open to new opportunities, they come when we least expect them.
  7. Staying calm and serene will make it easier for you to think positively. You will see how the world will seem much better than before.
  8. When you are calm, you take deliberate steps that help you see great opportunities.

Control your thoughts

Negative thoughts are like poison. And the constant appeal to them only makes them stronger. Giving power to negative thinking will attract exactly what you fear into your life. The recipe for happiness and success is to think only of positive thoughts. They are so powerful that by gaining control over them, you can control any direction in your life and open up great opportunities for yourself. Train yourself to recognize when your mind is moving towards anxious and depressive thoughts. At this point, try to switch to something else and focus on the positive.

Every time you worry about what you don’t want, or when you don’t trust favorable circumstances in your life, you open doors for what you don’t need.

The power of gratitude

Turning off negative thoughts can really be tricky. When something terrible happens in our life, we perceive it as “the end of the world.” And how can you stay positive in such a situation if you are faced with great difficulties or serious illnesses? One powerful way to get rid of negativity is to fill yourself with gratitude. It is very similar to love. It fills us with positive feelings and helps us switch from negative thoughts to positive ones. The moment we are truly grateful for something, there is simply no room for negativity in our minds. Control yourself and treat yourself with care and patience, especially during tough times.

What can we be grateful for?

Sometimes life is so hard that it’s really hard to find those positive moments to be grateful for. But in reality they are. Just start thinking more about small, everyday things that you never noticed before. There are many things in our life to be grateful for, regardless of our general condition. Think about the things you do all the time, but take it for granted.

After all, you have such a great opportunity to wake up in the morning, get on your feet and breathe a full chest of fresh air. You have a place to live. Perhaps this is your house or apartment, even if it is a small room. You have family, friends, loved ones or acquaintances with whom you can chat on any topic. You can eat well, you have money and essentials. And most importantly, you have a head on your shoulders with which you can do whatever you want.

I often wake up in the morning, and before I get out of bed and start a new day, I decide to list everything I’m grateful for. Still in bed, I mentally list the items in my life. It’s only when I’m feeling better that I get up and start a new day.

The law of attraction for positive thoughts

There are many articles and scientific papers that describe how the power of positive thinking affects a person. And just as positive thoughts attract desirable things into our lives. One of the main beliefs about why this happens is the law of attraction. In a nutshell, it sounds like this: “We attract everything we think about into our life.”

Stop judging yourself

Most of the time we are our own critic and we don’t want to think positively. We clearly see all our shortcomings and weaknesses, often overestimating the abilities of other people, and in this way we make ourselves worse than others. Learning to judge and criticize yourself less is an indispensable path to happiness. Treat yourself with tolerance and understanding. After all, none of us is perfect. We must all make mistakes in order to learn from them and grow stronger. Even if you find yourself making more mistakes than necessary, don’t fall into the trap of feeling weak. Instead of judging yourself, accept your mistakes and use them to improve. Focus on seeing the good in everything you do. To do this, stop looking into the past and thinking about what you did wrong.

Work on self-esteem

Ditch any thoughts that the power of positive thinking isn’t working. That you are unworthy or lacking in some skill. Self-esteem is essential in our lives and should not be underestimated. Even a person who appears to be successful and confident can be wrong and their self-esteem can deteriorate. When faced with a difficult situation, think that others have experienced the same. If they find a way out of it, then you can. When something really bad happens, having a positive attitude and thinking that you are not the only one experiencing frustration and pain will help you move on. In fact, we are very resilient and strong. We are able to overcome difficulties that are even scary to think about. After all, many people have already gone through this. The main thing is to focus on how to calm down and not think about bad things. Be sure to believe in yourself, and the power of positive thinking will help you cope with any difficulties.