How to stop being a failure?

Let’s first define what a loser is, and then we’ll talk about how to stop being a loser. The first thing to say is that a loser is not someone who has no money. Money doesn’t define your personality. However, if you have no money, simply because you are lazy, or spend it on unnecessary things, then you may be a failure.

The basic definition of a loser is someone who does not seek to improve his life. After all, even if you have enough money in the bank to live the rest of your life, but you do not improve it or do something worthwhile, then you are a failure. A person aged 20-30 who continues to lead a club life and does not do anything worthwhile can also be considered a failure. Another definition is one who thinks that he knows everything and does not listen to anyone. I am sure that you have met such people in your life. And I hope you stayed away from them. These types of losers have too much ego and their minds are closed to new information because they think they know everything. But no one can know everything.

1. Stop talking to people who are losers

It is believed that a person earns as much money as the average five people with whom he spends the most time earn. That is, if your five best friends are making $ 100,000 a year, then there is a good chance that you will do the same, or at least try to do it. The same applies to other areas of life. Why does it work like this? The point is, we are social beings. And we try to match our peers. Be it studying, playing a certain sport, the manner of communication, making money, and so on. Therefore, the first step in how to stop being a failure is to change your environment.

2. Change your place of residence

If you live in a poor area or city, it will be difficult for you to achieve any meaningful results in life. So, if possible, try to move to another city or country. Even if it is difficult for you to do this, you should set this goal for yourself and strive for it. Let it take you five or ten years for this. But you will get a chance to change your life and stop being a failure.

The reason why living in a bad environment makes you a failure is because you don’t see another life. As a simple example: if people in your city drive inexpensive domestically produced cars, where would you be motivated to buy another car? However, if all of your neighbors have really nice cars that you cannot afford. But you see them every day, I bet your mind will start thinking about how to start earning more in order to buy yourself another car. So move to another city as soon as possible. This can be much easier than you think. At first, you can live with your friends while you find a robot and rent yourself a house.

3. Change jobs

Many people work only to pay for utilities, loans and provide for their families. However, it is already good if you are able to support yourself and your family, no matter what kind of job you have. But you should always strive for more, gain new knowledge and improve your skills. And if you understand that in this company you have no opportunities for development, then go to another or change your job. Look for new opportunities constantly. You can keep working, but at the same time learn something new. And when you finish your studies, you will get a promotion or move to a higher-paying job. You can be proud of yourself, and no one can call you a failure.

Also, try to work in an environment where everyone has a positive attitude towards themselves and their environment. To work together with colleagues in a team on common goals and achieve high results. It will inspire you every day, and in such a team, you will quickly achieve success.

4. Don’t dress like a loser

Perhaps for some, this step will seem contradictory. Because we have all heard stories of people with millions in the bank dressing like homeless people. But the fact is that these people are the exception to the rule. After all, we are inherently visual beings. And we often form the first opinion about a person by his appearance. And there is no point in arguing about this fact, even if we are really humane and try our best not to judge a person “by the cover”. But from a psychological point of view, we do just that.

Thus, if you dress poorly, you may be perceived as a failure. You say, “Why should I care what others think?” But this is really important, because in life we ​​are given many opportunities depending on our personality. And clothes and appearance play a huge role here. This affects not only work and money, but also relationships with other people, friendship and love. And even something as simple as a smile or good service in a restaurant can improve your mood. When people treat you well, you gain more confidence. You feel motivated and you can do whatever you want. Your life becomes completely different, and even such a trifle as appearance can contribute to this.

Even women don’t wear makeup to attract men. And in order to feel good. The last thing I want to say is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to dress well. It is important to take care of yourself so that your clothes are neat and smell good. And if you want to stop being a failure, then wear clothes in which you will feel comfortable and will not be embarrassed by anything.

5. Monitor your diet

You might be wondering what nutrition has to do with how to stop being a failure. But your physical and mental health depends a lot on your diet. Foods high in sugar, salt, and preservatives are not good foods. Therefore, be careful when choosing your food. If you buy processed food, then learn how to cook. Failure to cook is also a loser’s habit. “Pro tip”: The best way to learn how to cook is to just follow the recipes, which are now quite abundant on the Internet. If you are used to sweet, salty and processed foods. Then you should reduce their use. Smoking and drinking excessive amounts of alcohol are also bad habits of losers. So start getting rid of them if you want a change in your life.

6. Don’t waste time on unnecessary activities

The next step on how to stop being a failure is to manage your time wisely. Because hobbies and various entertainments take up a lot of our time. So consider, do you really want to waste your precious time on activities that are not beneficial? This does not mean that you have to give up your passions and become a hostage to productivity. I want to say that you should devote more time to what brings you benefit and pleasure. I call it a winner’s hobby. This is when you play sports, you can run a marathon, climb a mountain, go skiing and so on. That is, these are the hobbies that develop new skills in you.

And loser hobbies are those that result in you not developing yourself in any way, or becoming a greedy person. Some good examples of a loser hobby include collecting unwanted items, watching TV, watching the news, playing lotteries, gambling, and gossiping with friends. So think about what hobbies you should be pursuing in order to be a winner, not a failure.

7. Stop hoping for a lucky break

Hoping for a lucky break is one of the most common loser habits. They don’t do anything day in and day out. They don’t waste time working on themselves. They have no goals. Instead, they wait for the right opportunity to start doing something. Or, they like to buy lottery tickets and dream of winning several million. But will their lives be better after winning the lottery? I do not think so. Research shows that lottery winners tend to be worse off after a few years than they were before. Why? Because losers don’t know how to handle money. They receive a huge amount of money, and instead of using it wisely, they waste it on meaningless purchases. Therefore, in order to stop being a failure, you have to create your own happy accidents. Instead of waiting for someone else to create opportunities for you.

8. Stop dwelling on the past

Concern for the past is what losers do. You should forget about the past and move on. It doesn’t matter if your past was good or bad. For example, imagine an old man who says, “I used to be a handsome, muscular guy and I had a lot of girls.” But now, I’m getting old and not interesting to anyone. ” What does he do this way? He programs himself and his health for failure. And no matter what he does, with this attitude, he will not be able to improve his life. Although we know many examples when people in their fifty or sixty years old look better than young people.

Or imagine a person who thinks about their past mistakes all the time. Thus, he develops in himself a fear of something new, he is afraid to take new steps. Because the fear of a failure is in it. So please stop thinking about the past.