How to stop being jealous and giving reasons for jealousy?

Today we will talk about how to remove jealousy from a relationship. Because I know that many people become jealous when their loved one meets with friends, colleagues, or he is not around for a long time. But this feeling needs to be learned to control, otherwise it will destroy your relationship and everything will end in a difficult parting.

Jealousy is a feeling that can be difficult to get rid of, but it is quite possible to control it. And, if you are jealous in a relationship with your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or wife, then check out our recommendations on how to deal with her.

How to remove jealousy from a relationship if you are jealous

1. Don’t compare yourself to other people.

Jealousy can be caused by comparing yourself to the people your girlfriend or boyfriend hangs out with. Although, a little jealousy is considered quite normal for a healthy relationship. But constantly comparing yourself to other people can lead to a drop in self-confidence and low self-esteem. Regular comparisons can be frustrating, demeaning, and cause serious relationship problems. It doesn’t matter how much you differ from others, or think that someone is more beautiful than you. Stop comparing yourself to people because your girlfriend or boyfriend loved the real you.

2. Work on self-esteem and self-confidence

Relationship jealousy can be the result of low self-esteem and low levels of self-confidence. And the lower your level of self-esteem, the more jealousy you become in the relationship. Despite the fact that you cannot become a self-confident person overnight. This can be achieved by regular and hard work on yourself. You can take the first step by starting to think positively about yourself. Stop paying attention to people’s ridicule, lack of success, or lack of beauty. Treat each day as the beginning of a new life. And every day, work on those areas of your life in which you feel insecure.

3. Don’t be pessimistic

Stop thinking about your partner cheating on you. Many people become paranoid because they regularly think that their partner might be unfaithful. But with this attitude, it will be very difficult for you to remove jealousy from the relationship. If you really think your partner might be cheating, then find all the signs that indicate this and talk about them.

After you discuss these signs and understand that there is no reason for jealousy – “close this chapter” and do not think about it again. Don’t get caught up in a whirlpool of negative or pessimistic thoughts about what your partner might be cheating on. Start showing trust in your loved one. Be optimistic and think about the positive things in your relationship, not the ones that are just a figment of your imagination.

4. Be busy

Become a busy person. Take up your studies, work, or your hobbies. Because the easiest way to stop thinking about bad things is to keep ourselves busy with what we like. It can be as simple as reading a book, playing a ball, watching TV, or playing video games. Or something as intriguing as working on a big project or getting your job done. Keeping yourself occupied is the best way to keep negative thoughts from entering your mind. And when you realize that you simply have nothing to do, remember those things that you have been constantly putting off. Make a list of tasks and start doing them now.

5. Remind yourself often that jealousy ruins relationships.

Things often happen in life that rarely lead to anything other than disappointment and failure. And jealousy is one of them. It can overwhelm life and drown you in fear, insecurity, and paranoia, leading to anger, anger, and disbelief. If you really want to get rid of jealousy in a relationship, you must learn to control your psyche. To do this, you can remind yourself of the emotional trauma that you can inflict on yourself and your partner whenever you show jealousy in a relationship.

Every time you have an attack of distrust, remind yourself that you are going to provoke quarrels, conflicts, and in the worst case, a break with your loved one. Because there is a very fine line between playful jealousy and separation. And she can seriously damage a relationship. Therefore, you need to get rid of it in all possible ways.

How to remove jealousy from a relationship with a loved one

1. Tell your partner that you are jealous and talk about the solution to this problem

Feel free to discuss jealousy with your partner. Together, it will be much easier for you to find a solution to this problem. Say that you want to get rid of this annoying feeling. But you just don’t know how to do it. If your partner truly loves and respects you, they will help you succeed in this matter. And together it will be much easier for you to get rid of jealousy. Sometimes, all you need to resolve a seemingly difficult situation is a quiet place, dim light, a glass of wine or a cup of hot tea, and a frank conversation.

2. Build trust in the relationship

I don’t think there is a single guide to building a successful relationship without mentioning the word “trust.” Plus, trust is key when we talk about how to remove jealousy from a relationship. Simply because it is the foundation on which all relationships are based. Whether romantic, friendly, or working. When you learn to build trust in a relationship, and become open and sincere with each other, it is likely that your level of jealousy will decrease significantly.

3. Talk to a mutual friend

Do you and your partner have a mutual friend? If so, you can discuss your jealousy together. Just pull yourself together and tell a friend about your distrust, and listen to his opinion. If he knows your loved one well, he will be able to convince you that he / she can be completely trusted. Just make sure it’s a friend you trust as well, not someone who will laugh at you later.

4. Get to know your partner better

Jealousy often arises from the fact that people do not know each other well. They can live together for several years, but do not know much about the partner. Therefore, strive to get to know your partner better. All his desires, values ​​and life priorities. There should be no secrets between you. Stop being selfish in relationships and only caring about yourself. You should be as one whole, and know everything about each other to the smallest detail. This will make it much easier for you to remove jealousy from the relationship and start trusting your loved one.