How to stop missing your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend?

Still can’t forget those wonderful meetings with your loved one, and don’t know how to stop missing him? Perhaps revisiting your photos together and feeling lonely because you have no desire to start a new relationship? Many people find themselves in such situations. Therefore, I have prepared for you effective methods on how to stop missing your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend.

1. Cut all contact with your ex.

Don’t let yourself send text messages to your ex. Let go of the urge to talk to him or her. Ignore calls and text messages from him. If you do not work together, do not study at the same school, university, or are not in a situation requiring formal interactions, then be sure to sever all contacts with him.

2. Give yourself time

It will be very difficult for you to figure out how to stop missing your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend if it’s only a few days after breaking up. It is impossible to forget so easily the person with whom you shared your deepest secrets and intimate moments. Don’t expect to be able to do this right away. After all, everything takes time. Give yourself at least a couple of months to get it out of your head. And try to stay calm during this period.

3. Don’t hold back your emotions.

Crying is a good way to relieve pain. Allow yourself to cry or even cry when you are alone. It will become much easier for you if you free your senses. A breakup cannot happen without tears, so don’t expect the consequences of your breakup to be painless. And don’t hold back your feelings and emotions.

4. Delete all correspondence in social networks and messengers

This is probably the most common piece of advice I give when people ask me how to stop missing your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend. After all, couples always store a lot of text messages sent to each other. They love to reread those cute messages, beautiful words and remember romantic dates. But when a person does this after parting, then in this way only increases his pain. So check your smartphone and computer for all of these messages. Then take the courage and remove them.

5. Avoid meeting with mutual friends

Stay away from people who are friends with you and your ex right after a breakup. Mutual friends will start asking unnecessary questions and discussing points that are not pleasant to you. Perhaps one of them will want to reconcile you, although this is no longer necessary.

6. Delete the songs you listened to together

Music affects our minds, bodies and souls in ways that you cannot even imagine. So if you want to stop missing your ex or your ex, delete all the songs you listened to together. Whatever you have various associations and memories of these relationships.

7. No need to block him on social networks and do not delete your profile

Completely blocking an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend on Instagram, Vkontakte, or other social networks can backfire. Because you will end up showing disrespect. Your goal now is to stop missing and forget your ex. Therefore, you can simply hide his profile and filter new posts and photos. By doing this, you will no longer see its latest updates and it will be easier for you to forget it. And you don’t need to delete your pages on social networks. Self-control is the only way out. Just don’t let yourself follow your ex online. Whenever you find yourself doing this, just turn off the gadget and put it away.

8. Avoid going to restaurants and cafes where you often go together

Visiting places where you often met and dated will bring back all the old memories. And it will be very difficult for you to stop missing your ex-girlfriend. Start dining at a different restaurant, order takeaway, or invite a friend and cook something delicious together. Do your best to avoid reminiscing about the time you spent with your previous partner.

9. Find a friend with whom you can talk for a long time on the phone

One of the main reasons you miss so much may be because you miss those late night texting and long phone calls. Pick up the phone and call a good friend of yours with whom you can do the same to fill this gap in your life. Find someone who will understand and support you. This one could be your best friend, colleague, brother, or sister.

10. Hang out with friends more often

Another good way to stop missing your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend is to spend as much time with your friends as possible. After all, after a difficult breakup, you will not want to leave the house. But remember that every hour you spend alone just adds pain and suffering. You should not use various excuses so as not to be present at your friend’s party or other holiday. Don’t ignore text messages from your friends who want to chat with you. Each of us has a person with whom we can spend time. Just dial it and ask to keep you company.

11. Don’t start a new relationship right away to get revenge.

You will not get anything good if you try to enter into meaningless relationships in order to get revenge or make your ex jealous. Take your time to move on and do not make the mistake of trying to impose yourself on another person. This desire arises from frustration and lack of correct judgment. But this kind of relationship usually leads to the same unfortunate ending that you had before.

I know that a lot of people get incredibly desperate after a while after breaking up. And they are trying in various ways to find a new partner. But before you go on a date with a new person, get to know him better so that you do not get emotional trauma again.

12. Don’t restrain yourself from communicating with other people.

At first, it will be really hard for you and you will not want to see other people. But to completely break out of your old relationship and stop missing your ex-boyfriend, you just need to connect and date people. Go to clubs of your interest and spend more time with positive people who can cheer you up and make you smile.

13. Accept the fact that you will no longer be together.

Many guys and girls hope that their exes will want to return everything back after a while. But it will be very difficult for you to stop missing your loved one with such thoughts. Because you will continue to think about him if you do not accept the fact that he or she will no longer appear in your life. Completely end your relationship by telling yourself that you no longer have a chance to get back that romantic relationship and incredible love. Accepting this will definitely help you figure out how to forget your ex.

14. Get rid of hatred and anger

Don’t keep these negative feelings in you. They will definitely not help you forget your love, but on the contrary, they will preserve the memories of it. Any attempts to take revenge and hurt your partner will only make you worse. Pull yourself together and keep living. Start pursuing your career and life goals. Spend more time on your hobbies and do what gives you happiness and pleasure.