How to stop procrastinating and keep up with everything?

To live fully, it is not enough to be successful only in a career, it is necessary to pay attention to relationships with a loved one and family, health and rest, development and spirituality. How to do everything if there are only 24 hours in a day, and 8 of them need to be spent on sleep?

Why do people fail to keep up

Psychologists name a number of reasons why a person works unproductively:

  • There is no dreaming habit, goal and motivation. The same thing happens every day. Children need to be gathered in a kindergarten, at work one project replaces another. In the evening, a person is so tired that he only has enough strength to turn on the TV.
  • There are no priorities. Since all problems are the same, it is easier to solve the easy ones first.
  • Inability to rest properly. Many people think that breaks are only for those who have already done everything or are falling off their feet.
  • Inability to concentrate on one task. The desire to do a lot at once reduces work efficiency.
  • Non-compliance with the daily routine. It is needed not only for kids and schoolchildren. 22.00 – children’s time, watching TV until midnight for adults is the norm.
  • Reluctance to delegate authority. When you do it yourself, everything turns out to be of much better quality, moreover, it’s free.
  • Distractions. How can you learn to do everything if there are social networks and television in parallel, traffic jams and conversations with colleagues over a cup of coffee?
  • Striving to make everything perfect. However, when a whole lump of unfinished projects accumulates, it becomes very difficult to work.

One of the main reasons is the inability to plan a working day, year and your life, ignorance of the laws of time management.

Organization instructions

Monitor your sleep patterns

Healthy sleep is very important for effective work. It is advisable to sleep at a certain time, for example, from 22.00 to 6.00. The body gets used to such a schedule, and the morning rise ceases to be torture. You need to sleep 7-8 hours. Lying on time will help refusal to work in the evening. Before going to bed, it is better to communicate with your family or do what you love, take a walk and take water procedures.

Don’t think too much

The answer to the question “how to do everything for women” will be: learn to concentrate on one thing. This will help yoga and meditation. The brain, like a computer, starts to work slower from an excess of tasks. It is advisable to turn off the thoughts of outsiders in the office about home, rest, and obligatory things in the evening. A reminder on your phone or an entry in your diary will help you remember about the latter.

Don’t waste your time

Television, social networks, computer games, meaningless conversations, traffic jams – all these are “time eaters”, chronophages. If you look at it, then a significant part of the life of many people is spent in these empty activities. This is not relaxation (proper rest has nothing to do with them), but degradation. From the point of view of time management, a useful activity should bring results or good rest.


Time management professionals know how to plan their day to keep up with everything. Prioritization plays an important role here: these matters are urgent and important, they can wait, some are pleasant, but do not matter much. It is necessary not only to make a list of tasks, but also to arrange the most significant ones first. In the morning it is better to deal with the most important and difficult, by the end of the working day – pleasant or insignificant.

Rest is reasonable

Pointless conversations, sofa and TV have nothing to do with quality relaxation. If the work is sedentary, it is better to walk, play sports, run, if on your feet – try to give them a rest. Useful:

  • meet with friends;
  • visit the sauna, pool, massage;
  • go to a concert, to the theater;
  • take a walk in the park.

Have time to rest before fatigue knocks down. You must have the strength to organize yourself a good rest.