How to support a friend after a breakup?

How can you support your friend after breaking up and help him cope with this difficult period in life? In this case, unreasonable advice, such as entering into a new relationship immediately, is not the best option. In this article, we will talk about exactly what you need to do, how to motivate a friend, how to empathize with him and inspire him to quickly forget his past love.

Some tips to support your friend after a breakup

1. Just sit down and listen to it.

Patience in this case will be your biggest asset if you want to cheer up your loved one. After all, your friend will want to express to you his disappointment, anger and resentment over a bad relationship. So be patient and listen to him calmly every time he wants to talk about it. You just have to listen to it carefully. That being said, don’t be judgmental and don’t try to give too much advice. And, most importantly, don’t interrupt or ask to just forget his past love.

2. Don’t blame him for breaking up

True friends point out each other’s shortcomings and mistakes, but now is not the best time. If he asks, then subtly point out his mistakes, which led to the emergence of problems in the relationship. Discuss these mistakes with him, but do not say anything accusatory or judgmental. Otherwise, you can hurt his feelings even more.

3. Make it clear that you are on his side

There can be no better way to support someone after a breakup than to make it clear that you are on their side. This is necessary because it will give him a sense of confidence and solid emotional support. Breakups get really hard when our mutual friends and acquaintances are involved. In the event that this is the case, then choose a side of him and stay true to your friendship.

4. Invite him more often for coffee and other quiet places.

On the Internet, you can find many tips that say that after a breakup, friends should take their grief-stricken buddies to various parties and discos. You don’t have to believe it. Because the last thing your friend needs right now is chaos and hustle and bustle. Noise, nocturnal festivities, and pointless celebrations will not heal a broken heart.

Instead, invite him to a cafe, or just take a walk in the park or near the sea. You can even go to a good restaurant for dinner and a heart-to-heart talk. He may not feel the urge to go outside. But walking quietly and calmly like this will make him feel a little better.

5. Overnight at his place and watching films

Taking long walks and talking on the phone is a good way to support your friend after a breakup. But other than that, you can stay at his house, or invite him to your home to create a sense of comfort for him on a much deeper level. You may want to consider in advance what you will watch and how you will spend your time. Traditional break-up advice suggests that you should re-watch your favorite movies. But I do not recommend doing this. Better to pick a new movie that you both haven’t seen yet. Because moving on after separation means bringing something new and exciting into your life.

The overnight stay will allow him to immerse himself in a pleasant atmosphere of friendship, and create a feeling of physical intimacy with the person who really cares about him.

6. Don’t let him feel guilty about the breakup

The next tip for supporting your friend after a breakup is to keep them from feeling guilty. Feelings of guilt over a breakup are a common feeling that most people experience. Some people manage to get rid of this terrible feeling, while other people succumb to it and become weaker. Don’t let your friend feel guilty. Tell him that the outcome of any relationship always depends on two people. So it’s not his fault. And if his girlfriend wanted to end the relationship, then he has no reason to feel guilty.

7. Keep it away from people who are negative

There are many types of people who can have a negative impact on your friend’s life and well-being. Starting from his relatives, who will begin to give him advice, and ending with friends who have various bad habits. Do not let him succumb to manipulative behavior, and listen to the opinion of each advisor. Try to prevent him from communicating with people who may have a bad influence on him.

8. Encourage him to exercise and go to the gym

To support your friend after breaking up, invite him to go to the gym and exercise together. Working out in the gym will help him focus on something else, and make him not think about a bad past. Exercise and exercise are great stress relievers. And every workout in the gym will help him quickly forget his past love.

9. Take a trip together

You don’t have to pack your bags and go on a long journey straight away. But at least start planning it. Even just talking about a fun ride can help shift his focus. Plus, travel has many benefits. One of which is that it can help distract your friend’s attention from the breakup, and show them that there is much more to life than being stuck in grief and worries.

10. Give him examples of successful breakup recovery.

The pain after a breakup can be really intense if the relationship has strong feelings and true love. At such a moment, it is really difficult to somehow help a person. The easiest way to support him is to show real-life examples of how people you know continued to enjoy life even after a tough breakup. Remind him that time heals wounds and he will soon forget everything.

11. Treat him with understanding

It is likely that he will have crazy mood swings after breaking up. So be understanding about this. Empathize with him, and try to put yourself in his place. Especially when you see his unnecessary tantrum or hear stupid speech.

The post-breakup script is not your usual days when you can use familiar or silly jokes. Plus, don’t allow yourself to use seemingly harmless jokes that relate to his past relationship. The slightest feeling that a person is being ridiculed at such a difficult time can deprive him of the last part of his self-esteem and significantly worsen his mood.