How to survive betrayal from a loved one?

Many of us have experienced betrayal in our lives, from family members, friends, or business partners. Nobody is immune from this. And when that happens, we try to figure out how to deal with the betrayal and get rid of resentment and anger. First, you need to understand that you are not alone and there are still people around you who you can trust and who are ready to support you at a difficult moment.

In what ways do people betray us:

  • treason;
  • deception;
  • gossip behind our backs;
  • failure to fulfill promises;
  • humiliation;
  • theft;

What if you have been betrayed?

What hurt me most about this story is that it happened to my brother. The first emotion I experienced was shock and denial of what had happened. It was difficult for me to come to terms with this, but I found the strength in myself. I began to think about how it could be justified. He had a large family and often experienced financial difficulties. I decided that I would not hold anger and resentment against him, since these feelings would only destroy me.

A few tips on how to deal with betrayal

1) Awareness of what happened

In order to understand how to deal with betrayal, you need to realize that it happened. Just remember, betrayal does not reflect your personality, it is the morality and ethics of another person. What happened was out of your control. You don’t have to think about what your fault was. Try to get feedback from this person. You may be able to meet with him and talk about what happened in a calm atmosphere. Try not to get angry or nervous. Look at things soberly and think about how you can find a way out of this situation.

2) take action and make a plan

After the incident, start immediately to act and make decisions. If you had a relationship with a person, and he betrayed you, then decide if you want to stay with him or it is better to separate. If you have been tricked in business, find out what laws can help you. If you are dumped by your loved one, consider how you can stay strong and find loved ones to support you. After such cases, people often become depressed. If this happened to you, then seek help from a specialist.

3) Make an opinion about this person

You need to decide if you can trust this person again in the future. If he admits that he was wrong and sincerely apologizes to you, will you accept it? Think, can you continue to communicate with this person or have common affairs with him? If you have been cheated on, but you have a family and children with this person, then think carefully about how you should act in this situation.

If a person does not recognize cheating, anyway it is your business partner who deceived you and does not admit it, then you should not let such people into your life again. They have already shown what they can be. You shouldn’t give them a chance again. Try to draw conclusions from the situation that happened so that the next time it does not repeat itself.

Find someone you know who is worthy of your trust. Chat with him about what happened and get support from him. Start chatting with positive people and get charged with their mood and emotions.

4) speak the truth

In my case, I was really sad to admit my brother’s betrayal. But I made a decision to act honestly and openly. After what happened, I wrote him a big letter in which I expressed all my feelings. It was a very exciting moment, but when I wrote everything, I felt better.

In some situations, you can also write a letter to the person. Just think carefully about what you want to tell him and try not to be guided by emotions. Tell in the letter how you feel, and offer to meet and talk about everything openly. Explain that it is important for you to resolve this situation transparently and openly.

5) Accept and move on

You need to accept that there have been changes in your life that you cannot influence. In most cases, it is difficult to anticipate betrayal and try to avoid it in advance. The way the person dealt with you is his choice and he had his own reasons for it. You cannot change the past, you need to move on and make new plans. Focus on yourself and stop worrying about what happened. The people who betrayed us don’t care much about it. So there is no need to waste time on this.

Forgiveness is a healing from pain!

You’ve probably heard before that forgiveness brings peace and tranquility? So one of the ways to deal with betrayal is to forgive the person. I learned to forgive even though it wasn’t easy. You need to understand that we are all not perfect, and there are different situations and circumstances in life. Unfortunately, we often have to deal with deception. But we must not judge these people. I wish you that there would be fewer such situations in your life and that you do not feel the pain of betrayal. And so that only honest and kind people surround you.