How to survive the rejection of love and a person?

Knowing how to cope with giving up love can help you reduce pain and return to a more normal emotional state faster.

According to Dr. Philip McGraw, rejection is the number one fear among people. One of the deepest human needs is to be needed. When you are rejected in one way or another. You cannot satisfy this need.

Some other needs and desires such as success and fears such as failure. At first glance, they are not associated with fear of rejection. However, if you take a closer look at them. You will find that success can often be interpreted as a form of recognition and failure can be seen as a form of rejection.

To be rejected in love

One of the hardest areas where we get rejected is romantic love. When we receive refusals of love. They are the most difficult and painful for us. The fact is that many people want to have relationships with those who are not very passionate about them. It seems that fear of rejection makes us even more assertive in relationships. That will lead nowhere.

When you receive a rejection of love for the first time in your life, it can be difficult to speak. And your health will be very bad. You may experience problems such as loss of sleep, performance and concentration may deteriorate. You can be in this state for several weeks. Over time, negative emotions will gradually fade away. But you will still have difficult days because of the worry. Little by little, you will start enjoying life again, and you will realize that not everything is so bad.

Practical advice on how to cope with rejection

Although, as they say, time heals. But there are practical tips on how to cope with rejection, relieve pain and worries.

  • Tell yourself that this will go away and keep reminding yourself that you are temporarily experiencing these feelings. And in the future, you will even be grateful for this experience.
  • Exercise, play tennis, start going to the gym. Physical activity makes us focus on ourselves, and gradually forget the negative moments. This is the reason why we feel so alert when we are active. And that’s the reason exercise can be addictive. Unlike other addictions, this one is generally positive and beneficial to us.
  • Try not to focus on yourself and your feelings. While it may be difficult to do at first, there is no need to blame and criticize yourself. Begin to love and respect yourself more. If you notice that you are starting to remember the past and analyze it. Then try to shift your attention and think about other, more pleasant things.
  • Learn something new. Learning new material can be challenging for you at the moment. This activity will help you cope with rejection. Since you are focusing on a new task and your thoughts are focused only on that. Plus, learning new material can open up new opportunities for you. Or you can meet new people.
  • Start traveling. It’s always fun to visit new places and countries. Plus, just like the method above, new places will divert your attention from negative thoughts and add new emotions to your life.
  • Start talking more and meeting new people. In addition, you will make new acquaintances. These people will tell you interesting stories to help you distract yourself.
  • Consider consulting a psychologist. If you find it difficult to get through this difficult period. Counseling or psychotherapy can help you deal with your emotions. You can also take an online consultation with a psychologist. Which will help you with the question of how to cope with rejection. Or you can have CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy). Which is a focused approach to solving emotional and mental health problems.

Start controlling yourself and your thoughts. Focus more on positive emotions and try not to think about your problem, refusal of love. You can also try self hypnosis. Hypnosis helps us access and shape our minds the way we want them to be. Start reading books about what you like or materials on psychology.

What not to do

While a new relationship will help you to forget the past to some extent, it is not a good way to get over rejection. Not only will this negatively affect you, you will also hurt the other person. Because your feelings won’t be real. And you will use your partner as a tool to solve your problem. You need to give yourself time. Don’t start a new relationship when you still have negative feelings from your past love.