How to treat everything easier?

Sometimes you just need to skip some minor events. To be able not to pay attention, not to take it to heart, do not care. But disregard or indifference is a special art, which you need to learn, the sooner the better.

Handle stress the right way

Yes, it all starts with stress, if you yell and create a dark, non-enhancing life – vanity, the situation will not change. You will only waste your vital energy on unnecessary things that seem commonplace and are constantly encountered.

Master yoga or meditation, and better even combine these things. This will help you focus on yourself and stop worrying. They will teach you how to manage stress and will also bring you closer to healthy indifference.

Think of people as teachers

We are not saying that directly everyone should be teachers. We immediately weed out the school oaks, whose life consists of one word – “kulaks”. So, do you have short-sighted relatives, a boor-boss, an eternally disgruntled colleague? You have to accept them and learn something or leave. In the case of the second option, the main thing is not to worry, not to condemn, not to worry and not to complain.


It’s corny. However, sport helps you improve some of your human qualities. It will also help improve or maintain your fitness. Practice martial arts or swordsmanship.

Work on yourself

Your task is to work on yourself. There is no need to go into the depths of internal problems, grievances and long-standing complexes. Upgrade any skills, even the most ridiculous ones, can increase your self-confidence. The same goes for completely new knowledge.

Stop sitting idly by, let’s run to learn a foreign language, forget about what your colleague told you 3 years ago. Stop holding a grudge against him. People come and go and nobody ever changes. Remember this.

Accept uncertainty

We are all afraid of the unknown. Something indefinite, something where no man’s foot has yet gone. But we are now talking about any planets or pieces of the earth. Everything that you have not tried in your life is unknown. However, without taking a step, you will not taste it. Accept that life is somehow uncertain. This will allow you to see many possibilities and perspectives in it.

Get rid of perfectionism

Perfectionists rarely succeed. This has been said more than once in my articles, by scientists and not only. Therefore, if you want to become a nonsense, you have to get rid of perfectionism.

Perfectionists and niggas are people from different planets. And they would never get along together, although we admit in life there are pairs consisting of these two components.

People who are often deprived of family love in childhood suffer from perfectionism and a passion for excellence. They cannot accept things as they are.

Don’t judge things

There is a concept of good, and there is a bad. And the value of these concepts differed at different times. So, for example, during the Middle Ages, kindness, honesty and responsiveness were considered neutral things, such as today’s love for secular parties.

Don’t take everything to heart

Hammer ahem, well, you understand what it is, in the opinion of others. It is not necessary to constantly take actions or words spoken behind your back to heart. Negative reactions to these things will not help you achieve success much, but will only lead to fuss and stress. Well, the road from stress to depression is short-lived.

Don’t trust emotions

It is impossible to give up emotions completely. But you don’t need to fall into them like from a springboard into the pool. Everything that happens takes away from you two valuable things that a person, alas, is in a limited state: energy and time.

Get distracted by other things

Our life consists of constant tension. Unfortunately, in order to earn a living and an ordinary food, one must work like a real slave. Therefore, we do not have enough time for other things, be it a hobby or an ordinary evening walk.

But all of this is easy to fix. It is only important to simply adjust the work schedule, and begin to be distracted from difficult tasks by other things.

Communicate with good, positive people

Each person has a toxic environment, alas, it is simply impossible to fix such people. You must completely abandon or at least partially reduce your time with such people. Such a society negatively affects the subconsciousness and thinking of a person.

Change thinking

This was mentioned in the previous paragraph. Now, you have to get rid of groupthink. It will not lead you to success, but will only add one more “person” to the gray mass.