How to turn off a guy if you get bored?

Recently, especially relevant for girls is the question of the ability to sew a guy off, and to do it elegantly and beautifully, without stopping to rudeness and obscenity. We are talking about different situations, for example, when a good person imposes his attention, but does not like the young lady as a sexual partner, as well as in cases where the young man causes an acute hostility.

At the same time, the ability to correctly sew off contains not only a simple refusal, since most guys interpret it as coquetry and flirting, as a result of which it provokes even greater activity due to the inaccessibility of the person you like.

How to sew a man competently

Ladies are very pleased with male attention, but only if the attraction is mutual. Stubborn and obsessive gentlemen cause rejection and sometimes even fear. Hearing “no”, the guy begins to act even more persistently, showing pressure with the offer of acquaintance, so that on the first date he will definitely fall in love with the beauty.

Here you can resort to the advice of experts on how to beautifully turn off a guy by correspondence and at the same time not make yourself an enemy:

  • SMS should be as clear as possible;
  • do not use obscene words. If the annoying groom does not perceive the normal language, then you can proceed to cardinal actions;
  • enter the boor in emergency situations;
  • do not stoop to the level of cattle: if you are insulted, ignore;
  • use humor;
  • do not expect the young man to understand everything himself. Continuing the conversation, the young lady gives hope for further communication;
  • be sure to indicate the reason why you refuse;
  • be respectful of his feelings – if the admirer is not a maniac and does not have mental disabilities, but truly fell in love, it is necessary to act tactfully and delicately.

When is it necessary to turn off a guy

It may be necessary to turn off an annoying guy in a variety of cases. For example, a young man may be overly stubborn, or simply does not arouse interest in a girl for a number of reasons. Sometimes ex-gentlemen do not allow to live in peace, who are trying with all their might to restore the old relationship. And also friends who are secretly in love. In all these situations, you need to behave differently in order to get the desired result and to protect yourself from further attention from a certain guy. Moreover, actions should be taken immediately in order to prevent more significant actions on the part of this admirer.

Say no

If a young man simply does not cause attraction (unattractive appearance, different temperaments, habits do not suit), then there is simply no need to focus on his flirting in order to increase his self-esteem. It is optimal to tell him in plain text that at the present time it is not in your plans to have a permanent partner, or you already have a person who has occupied your heart, even if in reality everything is different. At the same time, one cannot even slightly notice his efforts: he will take it as a green light in order to continue courting and count on continuation. Therefore, all inclinations in your direction must be immediately stopped.

Refuse rudely

If a man is too intrusive, sends SMS and pesters with calls several times a day, stubbornly tries to invite him to the cinema or just take a walk – in this case, a firm and intelligible refusal is necessary. It is likely that he will look somewhat rude if the gentleman does not get it the first time. At the same time, you cannot hit the patient so as not to belittle the dignity of the admirer, otherwise he may conceive revenge or dissolve not the most pleasant gossip about you. It is important to tactfully let him know that he is not your type and that you are favoring a less obsessive admirer.

Talk to your ex directly

Another conversation, when a woman is not left alone by an ex-man or even a husband. He wants to return to the old relationship in which he felt comfortable. And at the same time, it does not mean at all that the partner felt the same way, since she did not want to support them further. It is best to talk frankly and delicately about the fact that you can maintain friendship, but this is the maximum. At the same time, you should clearly state why you broke up and for what reasons you do not want to converge with him again, in order to prevent the repetition of past mistakes.

Sewing off politely: developing tactics of behavior

Most girls do not even think that refusal can seriously injure a guy, since they consider this an everyday question. Because that is nature. Winter is followed by spring, and after rain, a rainbow appears. The guy looks after, and the young lady refuses him. Indeed, you can not even rack your brains and act like everyone else. But there is another option – to say “no” delicately.

I am not worthy of you

If a man is not bad, looks after nicely, makes efforts, does household chores. He pays at the restaurant and even does his own socks. But there is a persistent dislike for him. A young man who is good in all respects must be turned off gently, having uttered the right words and so as not to offend his pride. How to get a guy off culturally? It’s corny to say that he is too good for you. Let him know that such an exemplary guy like him deserves a much better game than you. Affirm that only friendship is the best alternative. The guy will probably want to convince you with all dedication. But you remain unshakable, because he is the ideal man who deserves a devoted loving soul mate. And you are not like that at all.

The place in the heart is already taken

Another option to correctly turn off a guy is to say that you already have a man who has won your heart. Say that you are madly in love with another. Well, you are undoubtedly an enviable groom. The man needs to be left enthusiastic and full of self-confidence. However, there is a risk that the suitor will still not give up trying to fight for your heart and will show unthinkable activity.

Methods and possibilities of how to sew a man

If a stubborn guy does not understand that nothing shines for him either from the first or from the twentieth time, but continues his persistent courtship, diplomacy and correctness, it is time to be thrown into the background. Doesn’t it come out to send off the gentleman with cool words? Include a complete ignore. Ignoring will break through even those who cannot be pierced. Live as if it doesn’t exist at all. There are not so many people who are ready to endlessly knock their heads on a concrete wall. Moreover, many are offended that their efforts were not appreciated.

Brawler Girl

Or try the other way around – concentrate all your attention on the annoying boob. Be jealous, demand, roll up scandals. Show off your unbearable character in all its glory. Believe me, there will be no trace of adhesion. And if, even with this behavior, he continues his courtship, then grab him and do not give him to anyone.

Let’s get married!

By the way, about the registry office. Tell your admirer that you are dreaming of a large family. That you want to live in a three-story house with all your relatives, including grandparents. That you really want your future husband to nicely coo with your mother in the kitchen, helping her prepare dinner. Do you think the gentleman will call you tomorrow?

Boy, come on by

How to send a guy who, after watching pickup courses, decided to charm you right on the street, in a shopping center or other place where there is a large crowd of people. The easiest method is to refer to haste and say hurry. If he doesn’t stop chasing, tell him that you already have a man to whom, in fact, you are going. It has been proven that potential gentlemen quickly merge as soon as they sense a rival. As a last resort, you can pretend that you are out of your mind.

Refuse a date

Saying “no” to the offer to take a walk can refer to being busy. Tell them what you need to go to kindergarten after your child, or wash the floors for your second job. Always busy tactics work just as effectively as blackout.

The perfect blend formula

Finally, we come to a formula that will help you quickly and efficiently send a guy off to any girl. This universal method will help to refuse the boyfriend and not offend him. Remember: praise – rejection – praise. “You are very cool and attractive (praise). But, unfortunately, I will not be able to meet with you (refusal). I’m sure any girl will agree to go on a date with you (praise). ” It is necessary to sew off correctly, leaving the suitor inspired. In addition, a witty and beautiful refusal always looks impressive.

One of the most common mistakes women make is not being able to say stop in time. If you said that you do not want to start a relationship, then you do not need to say anything more. Continuing the conversation in which you are trying to gently persuade the young man to give up courtship, you give him hope without knowing it.

When a woman continues the dialogue out of pity or a desire to defend herself from accusations, the stronger sex perceives this as an opportunity to spin a romance. The male brain understands negotiation as a chance to come to a consensus. Therefore, having said no, you just need to shut up. Unwillingness to continue the conversation will make it clear that there will be no continuation.

Another mistake young ladies often make when it is impossible to completely stop any contacts. Out of habit, or out of a desire to make sure the guy continues to be sympathetic, women continue to show non-verbal attentions. This is absolutely impossible to do. It is undesirable to look him in the eye in this situation. And to the best of your ability, do not ask your boyfriend for help. Every action on the part of the girl, involving communication, gives hope for an affair.