How to understand a girl in a relationship?

I think every man would like to know what his woman is thinking. And how to understand a girl in a relationship if she says little about her feelings and desires. In fact, the trick to understanding the female mind is not hidden somewhere deep within psychology books. All men need to understand a girl is to master the basics of romantic and love relationships. You will then be able to better understand the woman, her body language, dreams and desires.

1) hug her often

Understanding the relationship between men and women is about reading the obvious signs of body language that a partner gives. If a girl leans towards you without saying a word, then she wants support. Take and just hug her. Women are weaker than men, and therefore they want to be supported and have someone they can rely on by their side. Hug her and do not let go for at least a minute until you see a smile on her face.

2) Communicate with the girl more

If you don’t know how to understand a girl in a relationship, then start communicating more. Don’t get angry if she calls and says she just wants to chat. This means that the girl is bored and wants to hear the voice of her beloved. Start talking about something and engage the girl in the conversation. Remember or write down when the girl says, “I don’t know what to talk about,” this actually means that she just wants to communicate.

3) Offer her help

In order to understand a girl in a relationship, take the initiative more often. Don’t wait for her to ask for help herself. You should remember that the last thing a girl needs at this moment is unwanted advice and accusations. She needs support and help, not empty talk. Here are some expressions that shouldn’t be said:

  • I told you not to do it;
  • Why did you decide to do everything your own way?
  • I didn’t even think you were so stupid and dependent;
  • If you had listened to me, you would not have gotten into this situation.

4) When a woman cries, be by her side

Men need to understand that crying is an emotional response on a very deep psychological level. If your girlfriend gets too emotional and cries often, then she wants support and you to be there. Comfort her until she calms down. Never leave a girl or walk away at such a vulnerable moment.

5) When a woman calls herself – listen to her

Understanding a girl in a relationship can be really tricky. If she calls and starts telling what she did and how the day went, don’t interrupt her, just listen patiently. Is she talking about her shopping trip or how her friend broke up with her boyfriend. Listen anyway, and don’t get angry. Women really appreciate attentive men. Guys need to understand that when a girl expresses her emotions over the phone, she doesn’t expect you to really be interested in whatever she’s talking about. Girls just want attention and to be heard.

6) If she talks about her past, don’t judge her.

A man should be grateful if a woman is sincere and wants to talk about her past. You must understand that the girl does not want secrets between you. She expects you to listen to her, and even if you did something wrong, you will understand and support. And what’s even better if the man, in turn, also tells about his past.

7) Take her side in disputes

A woman may not say it directly. But she wants you to support her when she gets into an argument with other people. No matter how silly her arguments are, take her side. If you want to tell her that she is wrong, do it in private, when no one is around.

8) If she says she wants to be alone, leave her for a while.

Even when a woman clearly says that she wants to be alone, men often complicate the situation and ask unnecessary questions. You just need to leave her for a while. If you think the girl needs comfort, give her five to ten minutes to be alone before you do it.

9) When a woman is in a bad mood, don’t expect sex

It is important for men to understand that a woman’s approach to sex is the result of many factors that affect her emotional state. If a girl is not feeling well, then she is probably not in the mood for sex.

10) say more often how beautiful she is

Remember an important rule, never tell a woman that someone else looks better than her, regardless of whether it is true or not, always say that she is the most beautiful. Take a one-sided position and let her know that there is no other woman in the world who can look just as good.

11) don’t talk about your past happy relationships

Just because a girl asks about your past doesn’t mean she wants to know how happy you were. In fact, she hopes to hear one of the following answers:

  • Now I can’t even remember a single happy moment with my ex-girlfriend;
  • I just don’t have such happy memories;
  • I have the best relationship with you.

Just reassure her that the only happy memories you have in your life are with her and not with any of your ex.

12) be tolerant when a girl’s mood changes

The next step in understanding a girl in a relationship is to be patient. Every man should understand that a woman expects her partner to be more tolerant when her mood often changes. Whether her changes are hormonal or intermittent, she wants the man to calm her down and not get angry. Be calm and wait patiently until her mood recovers.

13) When a woman doesn’t say anything, she expects you to notice.

If you see that the girl is sitting on the couch and is silent, come and hug her. Ask what happened to her. Don’t expect her to talk about all of her troubles every time. But you need to show concern. So ask one of the following questions:

  • “What’s wrong, honey?”
  • “What worries you, beloved?”
  • “Honey, tell me what happened to you.”

Women want men to be more receptive and notice when they are in a bad mood. All you have to do is get her to talk.

14) have unexpected dates more often.

Girls don’t want to be like whiners, pestering a guy to go for a walk. She may use other subtle hints. Will ask if you are bored, what will you do in the evening, or how you will spend your weekend. So, if you don’t know how to understand a girl in a relationship, you should be more attentive and listen to her more. Observe her behavior and mood. Communicate more with her and try to hear your partner.