How to understand a man’s body language and what his gestures mean?

Did you know that 90% of the communication that happens between people is non-verbal? This means that we understand most of their phrases and expressions using facial expressions, gestures, hand movements and body position. This means that you can understand a lot about what a man thinks. Even if he hasn’t said anything yet. Therefore, it will be useful for you to learn how to understand a guy’s body language in order to maintain a more comfortable conversation and relationship with him in general.

Watch him and his eyes

The eyes are some of the best helpers in any conversation. By them, you can determine a lot, and even what a person has in mind and what he does not want to talk about. So make sure to look your guy in the eye when you ask him important questions. When a man finds a girl attractive, he usually looks at her without taking his eyes off. He can notice her in any company, look, catch your eye, turn away, and then look at you again. These are our human instincts. We keep looking at things that we really like for a long time.

How to use your eyes to determine if a person is telling the truth or lying

When a guy looks up, then to the left, he is honest in his answers. When he looks up and to the right, he wants to deceive and tell a lie. If he looks down and to the right, he is using internal dialogue. This means that he thinks well at first before answering your questions. And when he looks down and to the left, he tries to remember a smell, taste, or certain sensations before answering.

How to understand a guy’s body language using your eyes

When a guy’s eyes look away, but not at you, it means that he is trying to get away from the conversation. He is not interested in what you just said. When he tries to avoid direct eye contact, it means that he is a little nervous or scared of something. This is not always a bad thing. But in this case, you will need to conduct the conversation. You will need to choose a topic so that the guy and you feel comfortable talking about it.

When his eyes move from side to side, a person thinks about what to say next, since he has no topics for conversation. In this case, you will again need to take the lead. When a man’s gaze is directed upward or to the left, it means he is using the left side of the brain. Which helps us remember names, dates, or other significant events. So watch his eyes first. This will make it much easier for you to understand the guy’s body language.

How do you use body language to tell if a guy likes you?

A man’s body language can give you a lot of clues about whether he likes you or not. Here are some of the more popular signs. If his eyes get big when he talks to you, this is a sign of his interest. Our eyes get bigger when we are in the circle of people who we like. When his eyes look directly into yours, it means that he respects you. Because looking into someone’s eyes is a sign of respect and admiration. Many men avoid direct eye contact. Therefore, if you find a guy who is not afraid of this, then you are extremely lucky.

If a man is in love, he tends to reflect your body language. So if you are sitting together at a table and your feet are straight and directed towards it. Then he will have the same position of the legs and body. After all, when we like someone or something, we tend to copy it. Even if we don’t understand that we are doing it with the help of body language. If his body is directed in your direction, this is another sign that he is not indifferent to you.

Watch the man’s arms, legs, and behavior

Let’s talk about how to understand a guy’s body language thanks to his hands. If a man’s arms are crossed, then he is closed for conversation, and does not have much interest in you. The same goes for crossing your legs. This means that a person is closed in himself. He is very shy and has no desire to communicate with you. But when you see that a man’s legs are wide apart, and his arms are down, it means that he feels confident and open to dialogue.

If a man often sits next to you, then he is interested in you. Let’s say you came with a company to a restaurant. And the man has the opportunity to sit anywhere, but he prefers to sit next to you. This is definitely a manifestation of his interest. If a man tilts his head towards you when you talk, that is also a sign that he likes you. If you are standing next to him and talking, take a look at his legs. This may sound strange. But when a man is in love with a woman, his legs will point to her. If not, then his feet will point to the door. This means that he wants to get out of the conversation. We also often touch the things we like and avoid the ones we dislike. If a man constantly finds a reason to touch you. Whether it’s taking you by the hand, or he can remove the hair from your jacket, then he is definitely in love with you.

Observe his behavior

You can understand a guy’s body language by his behavior. When a person sits upright and has an even posture, it means that he is attentive and interested in what you are talking about. And when he leans back or slouches. In this case, he is not fully involved in the conversation, and you are less interesting to him. If a guy nods his head while talking, that’s a good sign. It means that the guy is following the dialogue and listening to you carefully. But if he has an empty look, and he is lost in words and answers. Then he is clearly bored and wants to leave.

Of course, the biggest sign of a man’s interest in you is his behavior. He can calmly come up and say that he likes you, or ask you out on a date. However, not all men are so brave. Therefore, until that time comes, take into account the signs that we talked about above. And you never have to think about how to understand a guy’s body language and whether he really likes you. And also what he is thinking about, deceiving you, or telling the truth and much more.