How to understand that a guy wants to be just a friend without a close relationship?

Some men become picky about relationships over time. They start to dislike a lot. They don’t show enough attention, and instead of breaking up, the guy just wants to be friends. Maybe his feelings have cooled down, or he has met a more suitable partner for a romantic relationship, but is afraid to admit it. There can be many reasons. But how can you tell if he wants to remain friends if he doesn’t say anything himself? We have collected the most obvious signs that can help you.

1. The guy is not interested in your life.

If a person is really in love, then he shows great interest and attention to his partner. And no matter how long you have been in a relationship, he in any case should be interested in your life, your mood, should invite you on dates and arrange romantic evenings. If this is not the case, or it becomes much less than it was before, then there is a high probability that the man just wants friendship. In this case, you should not waste time on it and have high hopes. Instead, find a more suitable partner with whom you can build a long and happy relationship.

2. He does not call you beloved, dear, dear, etc.

First of all, you will start to notice that the guy stops saying nice words and compliments. He will treat you more like a friend or girlfriend. He may call, write less often, and your conversations will not be so long and frank. In fact, by such behavior, he is trying to show that you are becoming just friends. And if he does not have the courage to say it, then you need to do it. Take courage and ask how he sees your future relationship. Listen carefully to his explanations, and make a decision whether you want to stay with him in such a relationship, or whether you better break up altogether and not see each other again.

3. He talks more about other people and acquaintances.

If a man in your presence talks more about other people than about your relationship, then most likely the guy just wants to be friends, and is not in the mood for something serious. He can talk about his meetings with friends and acquaintances. He will constantly talk about how they have fun, and how interesting it is for him to communicate with these people. But, if you are not in his stories, then this is a clear sign that his feelings have cooled down, and he just wants friendship.

4. He does not introduce you to acquaintances as a loved one.

Pay attention to how the guy introduces you to his friends and acquaintances. If he does not say that you are his girlfriend or loved one, then he is not in the mood for a serious relationship, and most likely just wants to be friends. Even if you have known each other for a short time, or the young man is too shy, but if he really loves, then he should show this, and do not hesitate to introduce you to his friends and acquaintances.

5. He doesn’t like it when people say you are a good couple.

Look at the man’s reaction when acquaintances and friends compliment you and say that you are a good couple. If he doesn’t like such words, he reacts negatively, and does not agree with them, then it may well be that he sees your relationship in a completely different way, and wants only friendship from you.

6. He doesn’t like it when you flirt with him.

One of the easiest ways to determine that a guy just wants to be friends is to start flirting and flirting with him. After all, if you like a person and he flirts with you, how will you react? You will probably like it. The fact is that the human brain perceives the slightest and insignificant flirtatious behavior. As a result, the person reacts to it positively or negatively. In the event that a guy is shy, then he may be embarrassed when you flirt. But it also means that he likes you. However, if he does not perceive your flirting in any way and does not react to it, then he just wants friendship.

7. He tries his best to say or show that he is not interested in you.

Determining that a guy just wants to be friends is actually not difficult. You just need to pay more attention to his words and behavior. In most cases, he can speak openly or hint that you are not his type. Or that he does not want to build a romantic relationship with you. And all that can be between you is only friendship.

Is friendship possible between a guy and a girl?

If we talk about real friendship, then between a man and a woman it practically cannot exist. You can’t have the same friendship with your boyfriend as you do with your good friend. Yes, you can go out for coffee with him, or have a heart-to-heart talk. But you won’t have such conversations as with a real friend with a guy. You may have a relationship that is similar to friendship, but that friendship will not be real or sincere.

Of course, there are rare exceptions. But we are now talking about a certain trend, and about most ordinary people. If we talk about exceptions, then friendship between a guy and a girl is possible in cases where a man is a narcissist, and he has no interest in women, but rather in guys. In this case, it is easy for him to build friendships with girls, because they have a lot in common. They have the same interests, they constantly look after themselves, try to please other men, etc. In this case, the girl sees this person as a good friend. Because he does not have any hidden motives for her, any harassment, behaves honestly and sincerely. Therefore, such people may well build friendly relations.

Another option, when there can be friendship between a man and a woman, in cases where this man is an ex-husband. These people know each other well enough. They have a lot in common. They may have children together. They have a lot in common. They are practically related. In this case, friendships can be built, but it will not be easy. And to achieve this, a man and a woman will have to work hard.