How to understand that a husband has a mistress?

One of the main causes of divorce and marital unhappiness is adultery. After all, it is very difficult to realize that your husband has begun to cheat and wants to leave you. This behavior definitely leads to a breakup. However, if you can recognize in advance that your husband is having an affair, you can save the marriage from breaking up. In fact, there can be many reasons why men start cheating. But determining this is not always easy. You can ask him directly, but he certainly won’t tell the truth. And if he is faithful to you, and he has no other woman, then the man may be offended.

Thus, the best way is to look for warning signs, gather all the evidence, and then discuss it with your husband. Better yet, learn how to build relationships correctly, show love and attention to your husband. To keep your marriage healthy and happy.

1. A man does not behave the way he used to

Changing your husband’s behavior should alert you first. If there is a significant change in his behavior towards you, this can be a warning signal that the husband is having an affair. It could be anything. Perhaps the man suddenly began to often give you gifts, although he had not noticed this before. Perhaps he started calling you often, or, on the contrary, receives too many calls from unknown numbers. Or he constantly stays at work, longer than usual. He may start to ignore you a little, or avoid altogether. Feelings of guilt lead people to do things that they are not usually used to doing. Sometimes these behavioral changes can be positive, but usually they are negative.

2. His expenses are increasing

Has your husband started spending too much money? This may indicate that he has another woman and his expenses have increased significantly. Frequent withdrawals from credit cards. Visits to various shops, regular purchases of new clothes. Urgent business trips to other cities or countries. All of these could be signs that the husband is having an affair. It may be such that a man will take money on credit, or borrow money from his friends and relatives. So pay attention to this.

3. Lack of communication

If your husband suddenly starts giving one word answers or avoiding your questions, this may indicate that he is hiding something. He may become less interested in what you did during the day. He no longer speaks sweet words to you, does not kiss or hug you. And if there is a conversation between you, then in a raised voice. A man may say that you look bad, or that you are not good enough in bed, that you do not love or respect him. And when a man loses interest in his wife, it often suggests that he is showing interest in someone else.

4. Problems in intimate life

Lack of intimacy or decreased interest in sex can be a sign that the husband is having an affair and has someone else to fulfill his physical needs. He may start behaving differently while having sex with you. Or take an interest in trying new things that you’ve never said or done before. Yes, after a couple of years of marriage, the relationship will not be as intense as in the first few months. However, we must trust each other and be loyal. This process is known as building physical and emotional intimacy. This is what keeps spouses together and helps them stay faithful. So, if your partner begins to show less interest in your intimate life, then this is evidence that his focus has changed to someone else.

5. He spends too much time at work.

If your partner spends a lot of time away from home making excuses that he needs to work hard, then you should be careful. Also pay attention to colleagues at work with whom he spends too much time. Perhaps he often calls up with someone, or corresponds in messengers. So if a husband who has never worked late, suddenly and without warning starts to stay late at work. And this begins to happen more and more often, then there is a high probability that he has someone.

6. Change in appearance

Has your spouse suddenly become overly concerned about his appearance? Does he buy a lot of new clothes and pay too much attention to his hygiene? The same goes for his haircut. All of these things could be a sign that the husband is having an affair and he is trying to impress another woman. He can start training and go to the gym, although he had not previously shown interest in this. And if your partner does not take care of himself at home, and when he goes somewhere, he tries to look his best, this should also alert you.

7. You are spending less time together.

Does your husband avoid your company even on weekends? What if you tell him to spend some time together, and he has important things to do and he just avoids you? Then this may indicate that he wants to spend time with someone else. And even when you call just to chat or find out how his business is. Then your conversation only lasts a few seconds. And he tries to cut off the connection as soon as possible. All this indicates that you are becoming not interesting to your husband, and he has another woman.

8. Your mutual friends avoid you

If you don’t see your mutual friends as often as you used to. Or they start to behave strangely towards you. This could be a sign that they are hiding something. Friends usually try to distance themselves from this whole situation. And they don’t want to hurt you and tell you everything they know about your husband.

9.Your instinct speaks about it

Listen to your heart. What does your gut instinct say? In fact, the best way to know that your husband is having an affair is to listen to your own instinct and inner voice. You will feel and understand from your husband’s actions that he is deceiving you. Constantly does not finish talking, and spends time with another woman.

So, if your husband’s behavior has changed dramatically, and you find any of the above signs in your relationship, then you should be more attentive to your husband. But don’t jump to conclusions either. It is better to gather more information before you start accusing your husband of cheating.