How to understand that a man does not suit you?

Loneliness is one of the greatest human fears. The fear of being alone and that the person might not have a romantic partner in life forces you to stay in a relationship even when the partner is not right for you. Instinctively and subconsciously, many understand that they must give up this relationship. But the fear of being alone, and perhaps not finding someone else, is what makes us be with an unloved person.

However, there comes a time when you need to reconsider your current situation, remember your pride, and break off the relationship as soon as possible. So if your partner shows many of these signs, you need to think carefully about continuing this relationship.

1. He / she humiliates you

If a person does not appreciate your desires and feelings, constantly criticizes, and does not agree with anything, then you should not be silent. Say that you don’t like this and that you find this behavior unacceptable. If after that there is no change, then you better leave. No one deserves to waste their lives in constant humiliation and insults. Especially if it happens in public, in front of your friends or family. First, you feel uncomfortable in front of your friends and loved ones. Moreover, this behavior shows that your partner does not respect or love you. I find it hard to believe that you can live with a person without respect and love.

2. Likes to use “silent appeal”

Successful relationships cannot be built without good communication. But many people don’t understand this. They use resentment and ignorance as a silent address, and try to manipulate their partner in this way. But anger, anger and resentment have not yet brought a positive result to anyone. So if your partner is constantly using anger and resentment, then you will not be able to be happy with him. Plus, you won’t be able to fix something until that person speaks to you in a positive tone.

3. Has a bad attitude towards the family

It may be okay for you to talk to someone in your family in a raised voice or sort things out. But when someone else interferes in your family affairs, or mistreats your relatives, then you should not close your eyes to this. Especially if it comes from your partner. Because there is a high probability that after a while he can transfer all this negativity to you. And emotional and verbal abuse is just as harmful as physical abuse. And this is another clear sign that your partner is not right for you.

4. Has bad habits

If your partner is abusing, for example, alcohol, or something more serious, then you clearly do not need such a person in your life. Of course, you can have fun with him, but even such entertainment becomes tiresome and does not lead to anything good. People with bad habits can often not control themselves, their words and actions. So do not put yourself in danger, both physical and psychological. You cannot change such a person until he himself wants to. But, unfortunately, many do not want to change. So it’s better to just leave.

5. Has a bad environment

Sometimes you can tell a lot about a person based on the people they spend time with. And if your partner spends a lot of time with people who pull him down, but at the same time he does not change anything, then it is worth thinking about what awaits you in the future? After all, if these people are not pleasant to you, then, accordingly, your loved one will change in your eyes. So if your partner’s environment causes you discomfort and negative feelings, then you should think about whether to continue the relationship with him? After all, there is no point in staying with him if his bad friends are more important than you.

6. Manifestation of infidelity

If a man or woman has once shown unfaithfulness, then there is a high probability that it will happen again. But how can you live with a partner who cheated on you? How can trust and respect be maintained in such a union? Yes, some people have an open relationship and turn a blind eye to the fact that their partner is cheating. But such a relationship is in any case doomed to failure. Therefore, if you do not trust the person, and do not feel sincerity and honesty from him, then it is quite obvious that the partner is not suitable for you.

7. Shows no love or romantic feelings

The manifestation of love, recognition of your beauty, attractive appearance, skills and intelligence – strengthens relationships, and contributes to their successful development. After all, we all like recognition, and we want to feel loved and needed. Therefore, if you do not receive a declaration of love from a person, and do not see the manifestation of feelings, then it will be better to find a more romantic man or woman.

8. Annoying behavior and bad habits

Perhaps during the period of dating and strong love, you will not pay so much attention to annoying habits and behavior of a person. But over time, when you get to know each other better, and your feelings cool down a little, then everything will begin to manifest. These annoying habits will become more conspicuous and alienate you from each other. It will be difficult for you to get along together. And quarrels and conflicts will only grow every day. Therefore, try to study your partner as best as possible and find out all his shortcomings. Don’t rush to build a serious relationship if you don’t like something about a person. Try to determine in advance that your partner is not suitable for you, or, on the contrary, understand that this is your person.

9. Inability to manage finances

People say: “when money becomes scarce, love leaves through the window.” The same applies to people who spend more than they earn or who do not work at all. After all, nothing is more annoying than a lack of money or an unemployed partner. Although at first you think that love will conquer everything. But in the end, the lack of money leads to discouragement. Especially when you see your hard-earned money being wasted on unnecessary things.

In the current economic environment, many people lose their jobs or earn little money. Nevertheless, with a great desire and the correct management of finances, you can not get into debt and feel comfortable. But if you see that a person, in principle, has no desire to earn more, or reduce costs. Then it’s better to say goodbye to him.

10. Bad times in relationships trump good times.

Why stay in a relationship that makes you unhappy? I’ve had a bad relationship for years. And I hoped all the time that this would change. Unfortunately, every year everything only got worse. And no matter what I did, I could no longer return that happy time. And my man didn’t want to do anything at all. As a result, we broke up.