How to understand that a man does not want to marry?

Do you want a more serious relationship, and even get married, but your boyfriend doesn’t want to get married? Perhaps you are even hinting to him to propose, but the guy does not react in any way? Before you get angry and speak badly about him, you must understand that there are many reasons why he is not ready to get married right now.

Perhaps he is afraid of the divorce rate that is now observed in developed countries. Or he does not want to give up freedom and becomes a family man. You don’t have to blame him for this. Growing up doesn’t have to mean that a person has to get married. If he has no desire for this now, there is no need to force him. Nevertheless, it is imperative to talk about this topic and find out how a man in general relates to marriage. And if he doesn’t want to talk, then look for some more signs that the guy really does not want to get married, and make a decision on how to proceed.

Obvious signs that a man doesn’t want to get married

1. He doesn’t want to live together

Usually people in love who have been dating for a long time end up living together. Therefore, if you do not see on his part a desire for cohabitation for a long time, then the guy is not yet ready for marriage. The exception is those moments when a person is extremely religious. And he does not want to “live in sin” before marriage. But still, most guys just love freedom. They love to live alone, have their own room, do not clean things, and do whatever they want. And the idea that the girl will control them is unacceptable to them.

2. A man laughs at his married friends

If your partner reacts negatively to the fact that one of his friends got married, or jokes about him, then this is another sign that the guy is not ready for marriage, and does not want to get married. He may say something like, “Well, we’ve lost another friend.” Thus, manifesting their own desires. Perhaps he just doesn’t like his friend’s spouse. But, if a guy regularly shows aversion to marriage, even when his friends marry good women, then he is clearly not interested in getting married.

3. The guy does not want children

If a man is not interested in having children or building a family, then the chances of marrying him will be very low. Children are the backbone of any successful family. And if he is negative about this, then you should not convince him. Do not hope and dream that a man will change. Perhaps it will happen, but are you willing to wait 5 or 10 years? Believe it or not, there are many people in this world who are really not interested in ever having children. And it is almost impossible to change their minds. In this situation, it is better to find a more conscious and sane partner than to try to change the person.

4. He often talks about free relationships.

If a guy does not want to get married, then he will often talk about freedom in a relationship. And it’s only for the best if you’ve identified this behavior beforehand. But don’t be fooled into thinking that you can change his mind. And, if you love each other now, this does not mean that in the future you will build a life together. Even a person who is madly in love may have completely different thoughts and plans regarding marriage and living together. Of course, not all men are like that, and many will propose to a woman anyway. But there are those who prioritize other aspects of their lives over romantic relationships.

5. He walks away from conversations when you talk about a joint future.

If you repeatedly hint at marriage. Or you often bring up this topic. But he constantly leaves the conversation, and behaves dismissively – which means the guy does not want to get married. Maybe he doesn’t want to ruin your mood by talking about it. But still, try to get a clear answer from him if you don’t want to waste your time. However, if you really want a family life, and he still shies away from the answer. Then think about ending the relationship with him, and find a more suitable person.

6. His past relationship ended quickly

It is possible to determine that a guy does not want to marry by his past relationship. If he is generally careless about girls, and he has not had a long union with a woman, then he is not interested in getting married anytime soon. Maybe he is waiting until he gets a little older, or he cannot decide on a partner for marriage. But in any case, you need to be attentive to such men, and bring them to the “clean water” in advance.

7. He doesn’t introduce you to his family and friends.

If a guy is serious, then he will definitely want to meet your parents, and introduce you to his loved ones. He will also try to make a good impression on your family. The man will congratulate your parents and treat them with respect. But, if he is constantly looking for excuses and avoids joint meetings with relatives, then he is not ready to marry you.

What to do and what to do if a guy doesn’t want to get married?

Try to talk openly with your man about this topic. Because relationships should be built on honesty, communication and openness. If he doesn’t respond well or admits he doesn’t want to get married, then at least you will know. However, I do not recommend being judgmental if it turns out that the man does not want to get married right now. Too many women blame men for not being “real men” until they propose to marry.

This behavior not only insults the man, but also does not motivate him to ask you to marry. Even if he somehow feels that you are right and forces himself to get married, then this situation will surely end in failure. It’s not a big tragedy that the guy doesn’t want to get married right now. As we discussed earlier, there are many reasons for this.

So don’t listen to people who make you judge your partner. If you really love each other dearly, then enjoy this moment and be together. But in the event that you understand that your relationship has lasted too long, and you can no longer wait, then tell me about it. And if a positive answer does not follow from the guy, then you are not on the way. And building a family life with this person will not work.