How to understand that a man is cheating and he has a mistress?

Are you trying to find signs of your husband’s infidelity because you suspect that he has another woman? Unfortunately, cheating has become a common problem lately. And when it comes to this, most people say – they felt that their partner could cheat, but did not want to believe it. And even if they asked a partner about treason, he, of course, denied everything. Ultimately, the deceived person believed that his own paranoia was the problem.

Infidelity means that your partner is doing what you think is unacceptable in the relationship. And, as a rule, infidelity goes hand in hand with lies and deceit. But even if you feel that something is amiss, it can be difficult to tell the truth from deception. Therefore, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with certain signs that may indicate a man’s betrayal.

1. He is with his phone all the time

Changes in phone use are often the first and most obvious sign that a man is cheating. You may notice an increase in the number of phone calls. Especially when the partner leaves the room. He begins to speak in an unusual tone for himself, flirting with someone. And when you ask who he talked to, the husband becomes hot-tempered and shies away from questions.

He is, one might say, guarding his cell phone. Keeps him constantly near him, and takes him even when he goes to the bathroom. It can turn off your phone when you are together. At the same time, he will say that he does not want you both to be bothered. But, if he doesn’t even let you touch his phone, then you really should think about his infidelity.

2. He gives you little time and attention.

Perhaps he began to spend too much time with friends, or he constantly communicates with someone on social networks. You may also feel that he is spending less time with you and pays little attention. He constantly has various reasons why he cannot meet with you. As if he is busy all the time, or he has a lot of work. If you observe one of these signs in your relationship, it does not necessarily mean that your spouse is unfaithful. But when they begin to manifest together, then he may have someone else.

3. Lies and evasion of answers

Start asking him direct questions and look him in the eye. If you are in a relationship with him for a long time, then you should notice in his eyes the difference in when he is lying or telling the truth. In addition, he can lie in completely inappropriate situations and constantly make excuses. You can even instinctively sense his deception. So pay attention to your feelings and instinct. Your intuition is often one of the best metrics. If you suspect your spouse is cheating on you, do a little investigation and then talk to him about what you found. But be careful not to confuse guesses with clear signs of cheating on your husband.

4. Deterioration in intimate life

You may notice significant changes in your sex life. He will be less and less interested in your body. He may abstain from sex with you for a long time. Although it also happens that men avoid sexual intimacy, because their needs are met elsewhere. At the same time, they become more adventurous in bed with their wife, and may desire variety in bed. Trying to hide his infidelity in this way. But in any case, you will notice that he is not as gentle with you as before. Therefore, carefully monitor any changes in your intimate life.

5. Significant changes in his mood

Signs of a husband’s betrayal can be manifested through his mood. A life of deception, including lying and betrayal, can negatively affect a person’s mood and mental health. This can lead to mood swings, irritability, or anger. And the more you are kind and attentive to him, the more hostile he will become. He may feel uncomfortable because your love and attention will be painful to him.

6. Sudden need for privacy

You never know where and with whom he is now. It just drops out of your life. And if things that you previously shared openly suddenly become personal, then pay special attention to that. He can start to password protect his smartphone or computer. His credit card accounts may be hidden. And if you ask him questions on this topic, then he will begin to accuse you of spying or trying to control him. Another big warning sign of a spouse’s infidelity. If he opens new credit cards in his own name. This is a sign that he is starting to spend more money, but not on you or on his personal needs, but on another woman.

7. He wants to be alone at times

The guy may say that he needs to be alone in order to understand his feelings. Men who have someone else really want to be alone or away from family. He may say it’s because of confusion about how he feels about you, or because of stress at work. But in this way he is trying to get more freedom to be with his new woman. In addition, there is less and less open communication between you. You live together, but hardly communicate. He becomes cold and inattentive to your feelings.

8. You hear unpleasant rumors about your relationship.

Rumors are not always worth paying attention to, but there may be some truth in them. So if friends tell you that they have seen or heard your partner spending time with another woman. Then you should pay attention to this. Talk to your husband about this. And don’t ignore all the rumors. Otherwise, it often happens that your friends may have truthful information. You may also notice a change in the behavior of your mutual friends. They can become secretive and speak behind your back. They will be afraid to tell you the truth in order not to become involved in the destruction of your relationship.

9. He pays too much attention to his appearance.

Signs of a husband’s betrayal can often appear in his attitude towards himself. When your husband starts to dress much better than before. He spends too much money on himself. Worries about his imperfect physical shape. He visits the gym almost every day, although he was not an adherent of it before. He can also change his perfume for more expensive ones. All this should alert you.

10. Husband doesn’t like your appearance

If he starts making hurtful comments about your appearance. He doesn’t like how you dress and how you behave. He may constantly be angry with you over trifles, and not explain the reasons for this behavior. And when you approach your husband with the intention of talking, he pounces on you and shows negativity. It could also be a sign of his infidelity. After all, a healthy relationship involves discussing emerging issues and caring for each other’s feelings.

What if my husband shows signs of cheating?

The above signs do not always indicate that your man is cheating. But you should become more attentive and pay close attention to your husband’s behavior. Try to understand the situation that bothers you. Talk to your partner in a non-accusatory way about the things that interest you. If you don’t spend a lot of time together, try to figure out why this is happening. And if you yourself cannot figure out everything, then seek help from a professional specialist.