How to understand that a married man has fallen in love with you?

Love is a spontaneous feeling that can be overtaken when it was not expected. No one knows exactly when the heart will break out of the chest, and contrary to common sense, a person will begin to commit rash acts. A married man is no exception, and is often the first candidate for such love. Indeed, over time, conjugal passion cools down, and male nature is looking for adventure.

If a man is married and in love with another, it is easy to recognize. Each of his actions will be extremely careful. He will never come close to his sweetheart if he knows that his wife or acquaintances are nearby. Stiffness and care are shown in relation to the new object of sympathy. How do you know that a married person has fallen in love and not just sympathized? Take the test and find out what are the chances of getting your husband back

Signs of a secretly in love married man

When a man realizes that he has begun to have feelings for another woman, he will try to carefully hide them. Fearing for his marriage, at first he will not show the appearance that he likes her. And this may be the first sign of a married man in love.

If earlier, being in a common company, he behaved uninhibited, and now prefers to be silent, probably, his feelings do not allow him to behave naturally. Usually men do not notice how communication with representatives of the opposite sex is built, but lovers will try to hide their emotions and this will only harm themselves, because they will cause suspicion.

Observation is the best way to understand that a married man has fallen in love.

How does a man in love who is legally married behave? In fact, even in the presence of his spouse, he can show his feelings. He can call the girl not by her full name, but by diminutive, as if by chance, in a friendly way.

If you go to the kitchen to fetch snacks, he will offer his help to spend a few minutes alone, while trying to start a conversation on an abstract topic. He can even touch, as if by chance, and immediately apologize, but a light will appear in his eyes. You can see love in little things.

To see the sweetness of his heart, he is able to come up with a lot of reasons for meeting. If a man with a family invites you and other friends to the same company, this may be a sign of secret love. He will be able to see you, and friends at this time will distract his wife.

A man in love will not leave his beloved in trouble, especially a married one. His object of sympathy needs help, and he can again feel at his best, because he no longer experiences such emotions with his wife. If a married man shows a genuine interest in your life and offers his help in all matters, he definitely likes you.

How do you know if a married man loves you?

In the company of friends and acquaintances, he tries to contact you to a minimum, so as not to arouse suspicion. He is deliberately detached and coldly talks about you to his wife and tries to distract her by showing attention.

A man with a ring on his ring finger is in no hurry to reveal his feelings even to the one that won his heart. While he does not know what to expect from a new passion, he will study her behavior, convincing himself that she is a reliable person.

If he thought that a beloved worthy pretender to take a place in his heart, he will not hide his marital status. Married people tend to exaggerate, so you can safely divide his stories about problems with his wife in two.

Behavior of a married man in love

Each representative of the stronger sex wants to pamper his beloved. Even if he is not rich, he will try to earn more in order to please his beloved. The desire to win the heart of a loved one strongly motivates a man. Even if he is not a romantic by nature, he will be surprised by beautiful dates and pleasant surprises – just to win the attention of his passion.

A married boss or a sympathetic colleague will invite you to have lunch or coffee together at lunchtime, ask for advice, or offer a ride. In order to be able to firmly assert about falling in love, such actions must be systematic.

He constantly shows signs of attention and behaves like a real gentleman: he holds the door, helps to remove and hang up outerwear, lets the lady go ahead. Trying to arouse positive emotions in the object of sympathy, such as surprise, admiration, joy, interest, he thus hides his shortcomings and tries to show himself as he is not in reality.

View from the side of the wife

No matter how a man tries to hide his love, the spouse acutely feels the chill on the part of her husband and the appearance of a lovemaker. If your husband falls in love with another girl, his behavior may show one or more of the following signs:

  • He begins to carefully monitor his appearance and hygiene: he often takes a shower, picks up a new perfume, buys new clothes. If a husband, who has never had a love for sports before, suddenly signed up for a gym, this could be a wake-up call. Does he monitor his diet and change his wardrobe? Have a trendy haircut? There is clearly something wrong here.
  • He often stays at work overtime, takes on new projects, and goes on business trips. If this sudden hard work does not generate additional income, it means that he is either saving money to make a surprise, or there is a new item of expenses in your family.
  • He forgets significant dates, avoids spending holidays and weekends together, tries to spend as little time as possible and avoids intimate conversations.
  • The husband suddenly became generous and began to give gifts, help with household chores and do things that he usually did not do. Most likely, he is ashamed of his feelings for another woman.
  • The matrimonial bed has become exclusively a place to sleep. He has 1000 and 1 excuse not to have sex.

If you notice one or two of the above points with your spouse, you should be wary, but in no case do not panic, it is possible that the suspicions are unfounded.

How to determine the seriousness of intentions

The situation becomes especially difficult when an unfree man falls in love with a married woman. The sincerity of feelings can be understood by his self-control. He understands how complex this love quadrangle is and is in no hurry to show his intentions, trying to distance himself from his beloved, so as not to destroy two families with his actions. A married man in love will come closer only if he can cope with his feelings.

To understand whether a man really fell in love or just wants to have some fun, observations will help:

  • he does not allow contact by phone and through social networks, because he does not want his wife to suspect something and there are conflicts in the family;
  • he forbids talking about the relationship to his family and girlfriends;
  • the man refuses to introduce him to his friends. The mistress has to celebrate the holidays alone, since the faithful is with his family;
  • a married man shows all his negative qualities;
  • he promises that he will get divorced, but he is not going to do so;
  • he is obliged to have sex, and he believes that any problem can be solved with the help of gifts;
  • you do not make plans and do not talk about a joint future.

If a married lover often talks about how bad his wife is, speaks of her in a dismissive tone, then it should be understood that once in the place of his legal wife, he will treat you in the same way.