How to understand that you are in love with a guy for real?

Girls will agree that the period of falling in love for everyone proceeds in the same way, but with its own zest. At the sight of your beloved, your heart is ready to jump out of your chest, goosebumps run through your body, palms sweat and your entire vocabulary is completely lost. It is enough for girls that the object of love is near, you can look into his bottomless eyes and enjoy this wonderful moment in life. During the period of falling in love, all feelings of girls become aggravated, insomnia appears (which does not affect performance), all the time you want to dance and sing, make surprises for your beloved. The list is endless, but one thing can be noted for sure – a girl in love is the most beautiful on Earth.

The first signs of a man in love

Men are conquerors in life, they carefully hide their feelings for a girl. But still, we managed to identify several signs by which a girl can easily determine whether a guy is in love with her or not.

  • The guy devotes all his free time to the girl, writes SMS during the day, calls.
  • I am always ready to help, support in difficult times, protect in any situation.
  • Gives gifts, flowers, leads to cafes and restaurants, invites to romantic walks. In general, she does everything to make her beloved pleasant and interesting.
  • Respects your opinion and point of view, asks for good advice. Thus, the man makes it clear to the girl that she plays a big role in his life.

The first signs of a guy and a girl falling in love are different, but they say one thing – a reverent attitude towards a person cannot be hidden and played. After all, falling in love is a chemistry of feelings, and in chemistry, particles are attracted, just like people, to each other.

Signs that a girl is in love with you

At the initial stage of a relationship, the issue of signs of falling in love becomes especially relevant. Especially when it comes to girls. After all, it is especially difficult to understand the mood of a still not really familiar person. And the girls are still those coquettes. And to recognize the attitude of each particular of the fair sex, at first glance, not every guy or man succeeds. In this article, we have collected a set of signs on the basis of which we can conclude that a girl is in love with you.

Long look

Anything that arouses interest in a person also attracts his eye. If a girl lays her gaze on you for an unnecessarily long time, then you can definitely talk about her some interest. Although it is too early to talk about falling in love here. In order to be sure of the veracity of this conclusion, just follow yourself. And here you will definitely notice that when the object of adoration comes into your field of vision, your gaze immediately concentrates on this person. So this point is not only true for girls. This hypothesis applies equally to men.


This sign of a girl’s fall in love dates back to ancient times. And it is due to banal instincts. After all, many have watched programs about wildlife. Yes, and without all these programs, it is clear that a girl in love begins to draw the attention of a guy she likes. And how can this be done so that it does not look overly explicit and intrusive? Correction of curls of hair, blouse collar, lip coloring in the presence of a man. Here, even the demonstrative narcissism of the girl in the mirror can speak of falling in love. And it already depends on whether the girl wants others to know about her interest.

Desire for meetings and communication

A girl in love will definitely look for an opportunity to meet and communicate with a guy she likes. And absolutely any reason can be used for this. From a joint holiday with a large company to a chance meeting on the street. And such a meeting may not be accidental at all. It should also be remembered that a girl in love is shy when communicating and is lost in words. If you notice such a reaction from your interlocutor, then it is very likely that she is in love with you.

Men are accustomed to the fact that it is they who have to take care of the girls. Indeed, a man in love tends to take care of his beloved. But this thesis is equally true in the case of girls. A girl in love takes care of her lover. And this concern manifests itself in details that are completely imperceptible at first glance. This trait is due to the maternal instinct, which the girl projects onto her lover. Even at a subconscious level.

Excessive joy

If a girl at the sight of you begins to laugh loudly and shine with happiness, then this is a clear sign of her crush. Let such a manifestation of it occur not so often. But this is a sign of truly sincere sympathy and love. This should also include a violent reaction to a mediocre anecdote.

Personal space admission

Anyone who has even a little interest in psychology has heard of the concept of personal space. This is the distance to which a person does not allow anyone except those close to him. So, if a girl is calm about casual touches, close encounters and other similar things, then you can do about the fact that she also refers you to the category of close people.

Access to personal belongings

Again, this is the line beyond which the girl will not let everyone. The most striking example of this is the mobile phone. If the girl calmly hands it to you, then she completely trusts you. And they trust relatives and loved ones. Well, beyond reality, access to a page on a social network. If a girl has given you such access, then she is not only in love with you, but is also ready to go to Siberia. Joke.

Light flirting

You will not surprise anyone with this, but it is still necessary to remember such a sign as flirting. Flirting can be of completely different quality. From innocent and even arrogant. It all depends on the girl herself. But in the context of this article, we discard the second option. It is worth concentrating on light and innocent flirting, from which a love relationship begins. Here’s another sign that a girl has fallen in love with you.

Increased attention

A girl in love will always show increased attention to you. And this concept is slightly different from the analogous case with men. If a man demonstrates his attention through actions, then the girl pays increased attention to the man’s words. No wonder they say that women love with their ears. That is why the girl hears absolutely all the comments of her beloved man regarding his appearance and behavior. If the girl began to rapidly change for the better for you, then this may not be accidental. Remember if you advised her to let go of her long hair or wear those cute earrings.