How to understand what a man loves?

Unfortunately, not all people are able to sincerely express their feelings and there are often situations when women simply do not know how to define a man’s love. After all, girls want to be sure that the guy is really attracted to them and is ready to build long-term relationships.

What is love?

This is a wonderful feeling that arises from the depths of our subconscious, and absolutely any person dreams of experiencing it. But it takes a lot of effort to achieve true love. I often have to communicate with girls who, after the first date, come running to me and want to understand how to define a man’s love. They talk about how they met, where they were and what they talked about.

Unfortunately, many men and women think that love is an instant emotion that ignites at first sight, as is often shown in movies. But this is just falling in love, and true love takes time to develop. Yes, it is a really deep feeling that is different from passion, sympathy or falling in love. All these sensations can instantly arise between people, but can also quickly disappear. Whereas true love, which both partners are working hard to achieve, can last forever and overcome really tough relationship situations.

How to know if a man loves me

As we have already understood, love is a complex emotion that each person expresses in a different way. However, there are certain criteria in order to understand how to define a man’s love.

1. He puts your needs ahead of his.

This is called altruism, and the only thing that makes a person be altruistic is love. Men are interested in protecting the woman they love. A man in love will do whatever is necessary to meet the needs of his woman and make sure she is protected. In this case, it is important to understand that a man should cover exactly your needs, and not every “want”. Some women get angry when their partner is not ready to meet all of their demands, which may not be so important. This makes the girls think that the man just doesn’t love them.

2. He constantly thinks about you.

Unfortunately, we do not know how to read the thoughts of other people and it is difficult for us to understand what a person is thinking. But the actions of your man and his actions, for sure, can show this. If he is at work, he tries to keep in touch with you, even through text messages. Or he may call you during a break. Plus, if he has a few minutes to relax and unwind, and he uses that precious time to hear your voice, it definitely means something.

3. He shows concern

The next way to define a man’s love is to take care of you. For example, a man warms up his car every morning so that you don’t have to sit in a cold car. Or he puts towels in the dryer to keep them warm when you get out of the shower. It could be anything: flowers, some minor gift, or he went to the market and bought your favorite fruit. Such little things show that he cares about you, and therefore loves. And it doesn’t have to be expensive. Such small but constant surprises will only strengthen your relationship and make it happier. There are many things men do to show their love. But, if you do not pay attention to them, then problems may arise.

4. He takes you for who you are

Each person has their own flaws. If a man is not trying to change you and accepts your imperfection, this is clearly a good sign. Be yourself and don’t hide anything. When a person sees you for real and accepts all the shortcomings, then you are with this person for a long time.

5. He shows respect

At first I did not want to include this item, because it should be clear that if a man loves you, then he must respect, but as I noticed, this is not obvious to everyone. So remember that love and respect go hand in hand. This means that your man:

  • Doesn’t flirt with other women;
  • Doesn’t offend you physically, emotionally, or sexually;
  • Takes your opinion seriously;
  • Treats you as a person.

Is jealousy a sign of love?

Jealousy is a sign of possessiveness. In this case, the partner believes that you can only belong to him. Feeling jealous is not a sign of love, especially if it is too explicit. This is more like wanting to control a person, rather than love.

Actions speak louder than words

Men, as a rule, rarely say these three magic words “I love you.” They are trying to show it. I have a friend who often tells his wife that he loves her, and at night gets drunk with friends and goes together to seek intimate entertainment. And when he comes home, he again swears that he loves only her. So the words don’t mean anything yet. Men show their love by acting. Just don’t get me wrong, it’s great to be told “I love you”, but most men are embarrassed to express their feelings in words.

Love should bring joy and happiness, and if you constantly think if my man loves me, then there are problems in your relationship. Perhaps you do not notice his actions, or he does not show due attention. So, before taking a relationship on a more serious level, you need to really know how to define a man’s love and make sure that his feelings are sincere and real.