How to understand when it is time to get divorced?

Family life quickly turns into a boring routine. And, if the husband and wife are not working on the relationship, then they are faced with similar questions: “Does he / she really love me?” “Does this relationship make sense?” “How do you decide when to get divorced?” and many others. At this moment, the spouses already cease to see a joint future and begin to think about divorce. Perhaps you are now feeling the same way, and you are faced with similar questions. Therefore, we decided to compile 8 signs for you that it is time for you to get a divorce.

1. Treason, or infidelity of one of the spouses

Perhaps the most obvious sign that it’s time to end the relationship is infidelity and betrayal. Infidelity is breaking promises to remain faithful to your partner. Regardless of whether this promise was made in the framework of marriage ceremonies, or private agreements between partners. Infidelity often begins with seemingly innocent friendships. It all starts as an emotional romance, which later develops into intimacy.

Unfortunately, in our time, infidelity is far from uncommon. According to statistics, men are more prone to cheating than women. And oddly enough, for some spouses, infidelity can be quite interesting and seductive. Evoking feelings of rejuvenation and joy. And although infidelity is a betrayal, but it does not always mean the end of love, sometimes everything can be fixed. If you start working on a relationship, you close all your needs and a partner, then you have a chance to improve the relationship.

2. Loss of sex drive

For most people, regular sex is very important in family life. And if they get it, then they don’t even think about having sex with someone other than their partner. Other people get tired of intimate life with their spouse. And monotonous sex becomes boring for them. If you have such a problem, then try to talk about it with your partner, or contact a sexologist. Without physical intimacy, the relationship cannot be perceived as successful, but rather as friendship. And if in your family life it becomes less and less, then this can become a reason for divorce. This does not mean that you have to have incredible sex every day. But making small changes to your intimate life can save your marriage.

3. Loss of a sense of friendship

There is such a thing as romantic friendship, when partners understand each other perfectly. Such a relationship has been created between them that they can talk about anything and do not hide anything. They are able to forgive each other when something goes wrong. If there is no such thing in your relationship, you hold resentment and anger at your partner, then there are certain problems between you, and you are not that close. This is why you start thinking about when to get divorced.

4. Inequality in marriage

Inequality causes problems in any relationship, and your marriage is no exception. When a spouse feels like they are taking on more responsibility in a marriage, it can change their outlook on family life, lead to resentment and thoughts about when it is time to get divorced. Therefore, you need to find a balance, and be ready to help your spouse at any time. After all, if you connected your life with this person, then you should feel like a part of the family, and support your partner in difficult times if you want to build a long-term relationship with him. You should also plan your future together together. If this is not in your relationship, then start changing something. Or everything can lead to disastrous results.

5. Unreasonable expectations

When people get married, few people think about what difficulties they may face, and how quickly their feelings can cool down. We often have too high expectations from a marriage, and from a partner in particular. And if the spouse does not justify them, then we experience disappointment and despondency. It seems to us that this relationship can no longer be changed, and we resort to parting. Instead of putting in the effort and working with your partner on a relationship.

In addition, many couples are simply not ready for family life, or have negative experiences in relationships. According to statistics, the highest divorce rate is among couples aged 20-30. Most divorces occur in the first ten years of marriage. Especially between 4th and 8th anniversary. Therefore, it is important not to rush to get married. But if you realize this too late, do not be discouraged, all is not lost yet. Try to communicate with your partner as much as possible, and work together to solve the problems that have arisen.

6. Excessive communication

When is it time to get divorced? If there is no understanding and normal communication between you. We all know that communication is key in any relationship, and failure to do it effectively can quickly lead to resentment and frustration for both people. Therefore, it is helpful to practice mindful communication. After all, we live in the modern era of many distractions. Our phones, computers, social networks take up a lot of our time and attention, which we should pay to a partner. So deliberately reduce the amount of time you spend with gadgets and make your spouse your top priority.

We all crave attention, affection, and appreciation. We want to be treated with love and respect, especially in romantic relationships. So effective communication not only makes the other person feel valuable, but also means that we are more aware of our partner’s needs and wants. And we can use that as a cornerstone for building happy relationships.

7. Regular conflicts

The next sign when it’s time to get divorced is with regular conflicts. Quarrels and conflicts kill many relationships. As a rule, everything starts with insignificant little things, and develops into serious conflicts. After all, each person has his own opinion and arguments for different situations. But if we do not listen to the opinion of our partner, but show selfishness and pride, then it will be difficult for us to create a long and happy marriage. This problem brings us back to the issue of communication. Because many couples who engage in arguments often do so out of the feeling that they are not being heard or appreciated.

8. Control in relationships

If you want to create a successful marriage, then you must give your partner freedom in the relationship. In no case try to gain control over him and follow his every step. You don’t have to keep track of where he spends his money, with whom he communicates, and with whom he works. Let him spend enough time with his friends, devote time to his hobbies and hobbies. A controlled relationship is an unhappy relationship. And if you really care about the future of your partner and your relationship, then remember to take a break from each other at times.