How to use your intuition for a better life?

You’ve probably heard the expression “listen to your heart”, but what does it really mean? Each of us experiences certain sensations in certain life situations. As a result, we make decisions based on these feelings. This is called intuition. I think each of us has heard about it, but few people know how to use intuition for a better life. The point is, we already have all the answers we need. We only need some time to stop and listen to ourselves before making decisions.

Start listening to yourself

Most of the time, people are very busy, they are constantly fussing, in a hurry somewhere and forget to just listen to themselves. But once you start doing this and make decisions using your intuition, you will notice significant changes in your life. Some call it gut instinct or instinct, but few people know how it works. It’s like meeting a new person. Although many people say not to judge people by their first impressions, it is our first feelings about a person that are the most correct.

We usually make an impression within the first ten seconds. It may be hard to believe that we have the ability to “read a person” so quickly, but it really is true. When we use this ability, we can draw certain conclusions about this person. Some people are very good at this, using body language to immediately assess a person’s characteristics. Others are not so fortunate and may find it harder to determine their true intentions.

Make informed decisions

At an early age, I made a lot of wrong decisions about the people I let into my life. Not that I was stupid or naive, I just didn’t know how to use my intuition. I remember the first time I met my ex-boyfriend. At that moment, I somehow sensed negative energy on his part, but decided to ignore my instincts and enter into a relationship with him that ultimately ended in failure.

Now I am making much deliberate decisions. It may not take long for me to feel good or bad energy vibrations from someone. In addition, I can well determine the characteristics of a person from his photograph. After all, as they say: “the eyes are the windows of the soul.” Basically, everything you need to know about a person can be read by looking at their eyes. This may be enough to understand what kind of person you are dealing with, because the eyes don’t lie. They can tell you whether a person is kind or not, confident or low in self-esteem, and many other qualities that we have.

Using intuition on a subconscious level

We often use intuition when we meet someone, we just don’t realize it. It even happens that you meet a person and you get the feeling that you can spend the rest of your life with him. This means that you have strong intuition and feel good about people. In addition, it can happen very quickly and we immediately know if someone is right for us or not. Although this may be fate at all. And, if you like a person, then you will be together regardless of the obstacles that you may encounter on your way. If you have serious doubts about someone and you are really not sure about him, then you better break up. As the Buddhists said:

When you meet your soul mate, you feel calm and fulfilled. And if you meet a person and your heart is pounding, your hands are trembling, and your knees are weak, then you are not on the way.

When I meet a person that suits me, I have a feeling that I will be fine with this person. Maybe this is not my “soul mate” or destiny. But I can still be happy with him, unlike other people, when I just don’t feel anything and see emptiness.

Intuition when making important decisions

Intuition is our best friend when we have to make important life decisions. Let’s say you have an interesting job offer in your home country and abroad, which one would you choose? Obviously, you will make a decision based on salary and working conditions. Most likely, somewhere in Europe, you will earn more and the conditions there will be better. But your intuition says it’s best to stay at home and go to work here. You did so, and when you came to work, you met a person there with whom you created a happy family life in the future. Most of the time, intuition works to help us make the best decisions. You just need to give her a chance and hear yourself.

Some people find it more convenient to look for external signs in order to understand whether they are making the right decisions. Perhaps they don’t know how to use their intuition, or they just need more confidence that they are on the right track. Life gives us many signs if we only pay attention to them.

Perhaps you want to find out if your person is nearby. Let’s say he proposed to you to get married and you said yes, but you have doubts, because in your life there were already relationships that ended in divorce. You want to understand how to use intuition in this case, or see signs that suggest the right decision. Suddenly you start seeing your fiance’s name all over the place. You choose a book to read, and the name of the main character is the same as that of your partner. You are watching the series, and his name is also found there. This may seem strange and unusual to you, but you will take it as a sign that you must marry this person, and as a result, you will make the right choice.

There are signs throughout our lives that can help us make the right decision. You just need to pay more attention to them and understand how they fit into our life.

Using intuition when buying a home

In other cases, intuition can come in handy when you are buying a house or looking for an apartment. You have already reviewed many options, but when you enter the house in which you should live, you just feel that this is exactly what you need. It doesn’t have to be the most beautiful or the most beautiful. It’s just that it is meant for you and this is a place where you feel good and comfortable. You can already imagine yourself living in it, experiencing happiness and satisfaction.

You don’t have to be psychic to feel these moments. You just need to listen to yourself and perceive the energy vibrations that you receive. Everything in the physical world is made of energy, including humans. And when you “read someone,” you get information about that particular person or place. Although people may lie to you, the energy they emit never lies.


So let’s summarize how you can use your intuition for a better life. First, don’t make any hasty decisions, stop and listen to yourself. Of course, in some cases, you can immediately get an answer and you will not have any questions about this. But in other situations, it may not be so simple. Just know that your first impressions and instincts about a person, place or thing are the most correct. After all, these impressions were without any bias. You just used your intuition and did not try to impose anything on you.

Remember, if you are forcing yourself into something or trying to find the good side, then you need to stop and realize that you already have all the answers and you can draw conclusions. When you start making decisions by listening to your intuition, your life will begin to change and you will not experience anxiety or suffering.