How to wean your husband from playing games?

Today we will talk about how to wean your husband from playing games. Because this bad habit not only negatively affects your relationship, but it prevents the person from developing fully. Therefore, you need to correct the man’s playing habits as soon as possible in order to make your family life happier and more prosperous.

1. Switch his attention to more interesting activities.

If you just keep grumbling at the man to stop playing, then you will not achieve anything. Try to distract his attention from the computer by suggesting to do what he likes to do. Whether it is a trip by car or by bus to another city. Watching a football match, hiking in the mountains, in the forest, at sea and much more. Your boyfriend or husband may happily agree to leave the house for activities that he really enjoys. Try this method to get it off the couch. And if it is effective, then use it every time you realize that your boyfriend is sitting at the computer again.

2. Arrange unusual dates

To get your husband to stop playing video games, start dating unusual. Use your creativity and imagination to make your dates more interesting, fun and varied. Make the guy want to willingly sacrifice his playing time for dates with you.

3. Have a little tantrum when he sits down to play

Feel free to throw a little tantrum the very moment your husband sits down at a computer or game console. Don’t let him play his favorite game even for 5 minutes. Because these 5 minutes will turn into 15-20-30 or more. And then it will be even more difficult for you to tear the guy away from your favorite game. He will find hundreds of excuses and ask for a little more time to complete the next level. Therefore, as soon as you notice that your husband intends to sit down to play, immediately show your displeasure.

4. Keep a journal and record how many hours he wastes

In order for your husband to stop playing games, you must make him realize how much time he is wasting. Perhaps he simply does not notice how many hours he sits at the games. Therefore, secretly keep a journal in which you start recording how much time your boyfriend spends playing games every day. Then, after a few weeks have passed, show him this magazine and explain that he could use this time more wisely than just sitting at the computer.

5. Agree with him about a time limit for games

If you can’t get your husband to play games, then agree with him about a certain time that he will spend on games. Try to strike a balance between his games and your relationship. Try to explain to your husband how his gaming habits are harming your family life, and ask him to limit the amount of time he spends at the game console. When you set this time, be it 30 minutes or an hour, then make sure he adheres to this limit.

6. Cook your favorite food more often

Try to distract your husband from the computer by seducing him with his favorite treat. Start cooking for him more often what he likes to eat. But remember, it is important that he is physically away from games. Therefore, you can cook his favorite food and get out into nature with him. But in no case do not give in to his requests to bring food into the room where he sits and plays. Otherwise, he will just chew while continuing to play games on his computer.

7. Make an offer with him that is advantageous for you.

The next way to wean your husband from playing games is to try to negotiate with him. Agree with your husband that he will only play after completing certain responsibilities. You need to distract him from the computer in all possible ways. Therefore, remind your husband that he has many responsibilities to fulfill. And only after he has done everything, let him sit down to play a certain amount of time. For example, tell your husband that he can only play after helping you clean the apartment, cook dinner, or after walking the dog. Find as many tasks as possible for him.

8. Remind your husband of his failures due to his playing habits

If your boyfriend or husband has been addicted to games for a long time, then there is a high probability that this activity has already negatively affected his studies, work, career or personal life. If so, then take every opportunity to remind him of this incident. Remind him of his poor grades in school, talk about missed job opportunities and career advancement. Subtly hint to him that his friends have achieved much more in life. The point is to awaken in him the understanding that he can make his life much better if he stops sitting for so much time playing games.

9. Show the man that the real world is much more interesting

This is probably the most effective method to wean your husband from playing games. After all, the problem is that all games are made in such a way as to involve a person in them as much as possible, and replace the real world with a virtual one. In this case, you need to show the man that he will be much more interesting with you. Therefore, find some new joint hobbies that your man will like more than a computer. Start going to cinemas, sign up for a gym together, start traveling. Invite your friends for walks and relax with them. You need to change his way of life. Show that there are so many interesting things around him. And he wastes his precious time sitting at the computer.

10. Talk to him frankly.

It will be very difficult for you to disaccustom your husband to play games if he does not understand how bad it is. Try to explain to the man that this activity is not doing him any good. Start having sincere conversations with him more often. Explain how negatively this situation affects your relationship. Tell us how you miss his attention and love. And explain to what all this can lead. Try to calmly express your thoughts and convey the most important points to him.