How to win your wife’s love and respect?

I think many men will find it useful to learn how to win the love of their wife. After all, we all remember those wonderful moments of the first romantic dates. The time when your love for your partner was incredibly strong. And it seemed to us that these feelings would last forever. But after a while, when family vanity and life problems begin to prevail more and more in the marriage. Feelings gradually cool down, and love fades into the background.

This is a difficult time, because you see that your partner is losing interest in you, and the relationship becomes completely different. In this situation, women and men who value and respect their partner are trying to find a way out of the situation. Men want to understand how to win the love of their wife and return their old feelings again. And women, in turn, want to improve relationships. So that everything was as before, at the time when you were just starting to build a life together. In fact, the answers to these questions are at the heart of your marriage. Therefore, I believe that every man has the power to re-win the love of his woman, regain respect, and become the loving husband that you have always wanted to be.

1) Never raise your hand against a woman

You will lose respect and love for you. Being aggressive in marriage is not the best option for any man. No matter how angry or frustrated you are with your wife, stay calm and sane. Marital violence will shake the very foundations of your marital relationship. The wife will no longer feel safe with you, let alone love and respect you. Understand that a woman knows that you are physically stronger than her. And she will appreciate the fact that you never use physical force to show her who is stronger in a relationship. Promise yourself that you will never raise your hand against your wife, no matter what happens between you.

2) Don’t demand physical intimacy from her

Demanding sex and physical intimacy from your wife will be the exact opposite of earning her love and respect. Instead of being rude, think better about what needs to be done to keep your woman in a good mood. By pampering with gifts and satisfying her desires, you will quickly achieve what you want. Relationships in this case will improve, and it will be much easier for you to win the love of your wife, in contrast to the use of rudeness and violence.

3) Don’t ask your wife to respect you

Sincere respect should be natural and should never be required. If your wife respects you, it will show in her behavior and attitude. You have no right to ask your wife to respect you, it should be earned. Being a good husband, and showing her care and attention, you will quickly earn her love.

4) keep the promises you make

The next way to win a woman’s love is to keep your word. Bitterness in marriage often occurs when partners do not keep their promises. You can make your wife love you again by keeping your promises and convincing her that you are a reliable and trustworthy husband. When you start to keep your word, it will mean that you are able to remain true to yourself, and are willing to go to any lengths to fulfill your promises. This will indirectly show the woman that she made the right choice in life by finding a loving companion. Keeping promises for your wife can involve something as small as a trip to her favorite restaurant, or something more serious, like a trip to another city or country.

5) support your wife’s career ambitions

A woman can work hard and is capable of making good money. But she doesn’t always get support from her husband to move up the career ladder. If your woman wants to become a professional in her field, provide her with all the resources and support she needs. After that, it will be much easier for you to win her love. She will respect you as a husband and as a man who wants his woman to make all her dreams come true.

6) protect your woman

Supporting each other and being helpful in difficult times is one of the most fundamental aspects of marriage. Your woman’s support and protection will strengthen the bond between you as husband and wife, and you will earn her tremendous respect. Don’t wait for situations to come to her defense. Look for everyday moments, such as chatting with family, friends, or coworkers, where you can side with your woman. This kind of support will help you win your wife’s love, and will definitely be a reason for respect.

7) Remember to praise the woman

Your wife will feel important every time you compliment her. Whether it’s cooking delicious food, her new clothes, or getting good results at work. A compliment in marriage maintains the spark that is so necessary in family life. She will gain extra confidence in herself and will know that her husband really thinks she is an amazing woman.

8) provide for your family

It will be natural for a wife to love you more and more as you care for your family and their well-being. You should consider yourself the main breadwinner in the family, even if your wife is working and earning. This does not mean that a man should be the only one who will bear the burden of earning money for the whole family. However, the traditional image of a man in marriage is associated with the fact that he is a breadwinner. So by sticking to this image, you will immediately receive her love, admiration and respect.

9) Do not swear or use curses while talking to her

Quarrels and misunderstandings happen in all marriages, but don’t cross that line. And do not start swearing at your wife calling her offensive words. Yes, any marriage would be incomplete without a fair share of controversy and quarrels. But in this case, partners should know the limits of what is permitted, and not go over the line of disrespect. You should watch your words when talking with your wife. Any insults in her direction will make her lose respect for you. Always remember that you cannot get the words back. If you want to understand how to win the love of your wife, then communicate more with her, and carefully choose your words.

10) Separate parenting responsibilities

Don’t feel like you’re fulfilling your responsibility to be a father just by spending some time with your kids in the evening or on weekends. Play an equal role in raising your child. Engage in the development of his moral values, take part in courting him. Don’t be afraid to help your wife change your baby’s diapers, take them to the doctor, or clean up your baby’s room. This will give your woman some time to enjoy motherhood and become a happy mom. She will love you for your parenting, and you will immediately earn her respect.

11) help your wife around the house

Give your woman a helping hand around the house. Show that you care about her and don’t want her to exhaust herself. Do this regardless of whether she is at home or going to work. It will be easier for you to win your wife’s love when she sees you offer help with household chores and errands. It doesn’t really matter what exactly you do around the house. More importantly, you are simply offering help. She will love and respect you for turning a blind eye to your male ego and sacrificing your time for her.

12) manage money wisely

Don’t make rash financial decisions. Your wife will appreciate and love you if you can show her that you are good at managing your money. And you are also thinking how you can further increase your income in order to better provide for your family. Your ability to properly manage finances will instantly earn your wife’s respect. It doesn’t matter how much money you are making now. The fact that you approach this question wisely will give your woman a sense of security.