Increased irritability in women: causes, symptoms, solutions

Women have a rather delicate nervous system. Often times, ladies can be frustrated over any trifle. This behavior is especially unsafe when there are children in the family. After all, children have a fragile psyche, it is just beginning to develop. Mom should be self-possessed, calm, so as not to injure the children. Women break down to their second halves, sometimes this is the reason that the husband “walks to the left”. In this case, he is looking for a quiet, calm atmosphere, a good mood, which his mistresses give him. A woman is the keeper of the hearth, it should be comfortable and cozy with her. In this article, we will consider the issue of irritability in women, as well as ways to deal with this ailment.

Testosterone is a key hormone found in both sexes. A healthy man has high scores, while women have low scores. This ensures the good nature, tenderness, softness of the female. After all, it is known that testosterone is responsible for aggression. It so happened that men are more aggressive. In ancient times, they needed it for hunting, protecting their family, tribe from ill-wishers. Modern life dictates its own terms. A heavy burden of responsibility falls on the fair sex. Sometimes the nature of the organism fails. The reasons for increased irritability can be different: pathological, physiological, psychological.


The causes of a pathological nature include various mental disorders, neuroses. A modern woman should be successful everywhere: at work, in the family. The rapid pace of life, increased social responsibility leave their mark on the life and health of women. Mental illness can be either congenital or acquired. Stress is a key factor in their occurrence. Sometimes medical help is indispensable; a woman can be dangerous both for herself and for others. Unreasonable nervousness, tearfulness is a clear reflection of a poor mental state.

What if your loved one is crazy? There is no need to wait for the situation to resolve by itself. A woman must certainly visit a doctor, competent drug treatment will be selected. Life will get better over time. You can apply either to a free neuropsychiatric dispensary or to a private clinic. There is already a question of finance. If the disease is stopped in time, the disease will stop progressing, it will be possible to avoid a lot of disastrous consequences.

Stress at work

Do not be afraid to visit a doctor. Some women close in themselves, do not tell their loved ones about their problems, do not want to be treated. The doctor will help you cope with a difficult condition, will do everything to make you comfortable again. A woman will again be able to find harmony with the world around her, will be charged with self-confidence, life will flow in a new way.

Irritability in women is not always pathological. There may be other reasons for this condition.


Women have unstable hormonal levels throughout their lives. Because of this, various kinds of breakdowns, tearfulness, anxiety, mood changes are possible. There are several factors that affect hormonal levels:
* pregnancy;
* postpartum period;
* PMS;
* menopause.
Pregnancy, gestation, childbirth is a serious physiological process. It requires a lot of costs from the body, hormonal changes take place. Irritability often occurs during the first trimester of pregnancy. The body is undergoing rapid changes. Help from loved ones is very relevant here. The woman literally cannot control herself. It is important to remember that she is not to blame for anything. This is nature. After giving birth, a woman may have a depressed state, depression. There can be a difficult period when it will be difficult for a woman to cope with the piled-up problems alone. The support of loved ones is also very important.

Stress due to pregnancy

The postpartum period is a difficult time when the baby is still very fragile and defenseless. A woman spends all her time with a child, sleepless nights come, stress builds up, increased susceptibility and irritability appear. A girl can take everything to heart, she can be very vulnerable.

With PMS, the hormonal background of a woman changes, the amount of estrogen produced decreases, which inhibits testosterone. The period is characterized by mood swings, increased tearfulness, increased susceptibility to external stimuli. This is a difficult period that you just need to go through.

Menopause is a special period in a woman’s life, it is associated with great discomfort, characterized by mood swings, hormonal fluctuations, and hot flashes. The physiological state of a woman is reflected in her mental state. It is impossible to cope with this period on your own, specialized drugs are prescribed so that menopause and premenopausal period pass as comfortably as possible.

How to solve the problem yourself

A period of bad mood occurs in every woman’s life. You can solve the problem of irritability yourself. This will require certain funds, efforts on your part.

Healthy lifestyle
You can significantly improve your condition if you just start eating right, following a drinking regimen, and playing sports. Excellent condition of the nervous system is a sign of health. Therefore, you need to follow the lifestyle in general. Sports will not only help you get hold of a gorgeous figure, it will help relieve stress and relax.

Busy lifestyle
It is important that life be filled with vivid impressions and bring pleasure. If you work in an unloved job, live with an unloved husband, the nervous system will be loosened. Internal balance, harmony is needed. You don’t have to change your whole life right away. You can do this gradually, step by step towards your goal, improve individual categories. Try to see your close friends more often, do everything that somehow cheers you up. Don’t be overwhelmed by a load of problems.

Anxiety medications
There are some over-the-counter anti-anxiety medications available in the pharmacy that improve the functioning of the nervous system. In times of severe stress, you can use this help for the body.

It is important to eliminate bad habits. Alcohol and tobacco smoking shatter the nervous system. Negative symptoms appear. To avoid health problems, it is better to get rid of bad habits and lead a healthy lifestyle.


There can be several reasons for irritability in women. These can be both physiological and psychological reasons. The hormonal background of a woman throughout her life is extremely unstable, its fluctuations cause various psychoemotional disruptions. Poor emotional state can be caused by illness. In this case, you need to contact a specialist who will select the correct medication. You can fight irritability, tearfulness, aggression, nervousness on your own.

Gradually, step by step, you can improve your life, eliminate the source of stress, self-doubt, the cause of a bad mood. A healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition, sports will help improve the condition of the body as a whole, including the nervous system. It is important to believe in yourself, in your own strengths, have the right psychological attitude, and improve your life. In this case, it will be possible to avoid unnecessary stress, which often negatively affects the functioning of the nervous system. It is important to get rid of bad habits, which also undermine health, undermine the psycho-emotional state.