Influence of parents on children and their upbringing

I wonder if you have any parental influence on your children? Perhaps you often have days when children do not listen to you at all and everything you say to them flies past their ears? Every parent has these days, and they can really upset you. But after reading our article on the influence of parents on children, you will become more experienced in this matter.

Believe it or not, you can have a lot more impact on your children than you think. First of all, let’s admit that there are often quarrels between parents and children that do not bring a positive result. Instead of taking a step forward and figuring out what the problem really is, parents let their emotions take over. Sometimes, the influence of parents on the upbringing of children can be really difficult, but it is important to approach this issue correctly.

Combating alcohol and smoking

Many adolescents begin to drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes at an early age. This is a reality these days and has a very negative impact on the upbringing of children. The influence of parents on children in this situation should be immediate. According to psychologists, adolescents react more to the words of their parents than to the words of their peers or school teachers.

So what can we do in this case? Parents’ influence on children always starts with a personal example, so start setting an example for your children. If you yourself drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes, then your children will follow your example. Start by first minimizing these bad habits, and eventually get rid of them altogether. In this way, you show your children how they need to relate to it, and besides, your family relationships and your communication will become much better.

Monitor your children’s nutrition

Proper nutrition and the use of quality foods is an important component in the development of your children. With improper nutrition, children are more likely to get sick and they have more and more health problems. Fortunately, this is easier for parents to influence than in the case of alcohol and cigarettes. As a parent, it is your responsibility to monitor your child’s nutritional status so that he or she eats as many quality and healthy foods as possible.

Do you want your kids to be closer to you? Ask them to help you prepare food, tell about the foods they prepare and what health benefits they have. Of course, some childhood illnesses are not only related to poor nutrition, but you need to develop healthy eating habits in your children.

Work on self-esteem

The influence of parents on children and their self-esteem is really important. Positive self-esteem can help your child cope with problems and frustrations, whether in school or in life. Plus, your child will also pay attention to you and your self-esteem. If you are not confident and you have low self-esteem, it will negatively affect your child.

Start working more on yourself and on your confidence. Deal with your problems and difficulties with your head held high. You don’t need to criticize yourself or blame yourself for anything. You will notice that as soon as you start to show more confidence, it will immediately affect your child.

If you suddenly find that you have a depression or anxiety that you cannot cope with on your own, then it is better to see a doctor. You may be dealing with something more serious than ordinary insecurities. Plus, quickly addressing your mental health problem will also have a positive impact on your child’s health.

The teacher cannot influence the child

You will be pleased to know that neither the teacher nor the school curriculum affect the child as much as his parents. Yes, to some extent peers and friends can exert influence, but still, the last word and the biggest influence is with the parents.

Physical activity

Keeping your children physically active is an important factor in a child’s health. If you start developing a sports habit in your children from early childhood, they are more likely to continue to support it. Plus, be sure to set a good example yourself by going to the gym regularly or playing sports with your child. And try to minimize the time your child spends playing computer games.

Sexual behavior

Sex is a topic that often makes parents anxious and curiosity in children at an early age. Sometimes, children themselves turn to their parents with this question, but you yourself must be the initiator of these conversations. In our age of technology, teenagers can find information faster than we start a conversation with them, but still, it will not be superfluous to talk with them about this topic.

Also in this matter, the closeness of the parents themselves is important, the children will see your relationship and your love. In addition, it will not give them a reason to think about a large number of sexual partners.

What do you need to remember?

You need to constantly feel more confident in your ability to make a positive impact on your child. Even if he doesn’t seem to take your advice into account, you still matter to him.

There are several mistakes you need to be aware of that can cause you to lose influence on your child. Screaming may sound like a good way to you at first, but the emotions it evokes in your child will over time turn him against you. It may also seem like a good idea to be a “good friend” to your child, but in the future, he will not take your advice seriously and listen to you.

If you are looking to strengthen your current relationship or repair a difficult one, you can start applying our tips today. Find words to express your thoughts and feelings clearly without raising your voice.

When your child sees you as a strong and loving parent to rely on, he will be ready for your influence.