Is a kiss cheating or not?

The attitude towards kissing has changed significantly when compared with the customs that reigned one or two centuries ago. Previously, for the very thought of kissing his chosen one with someone else, the gentleman could challenge him to a duel and challenge his feelings with a weapon in his hands. Today, the very concept of fidelity can already be interpreted in different ways, based on cultural traditions, upbringing, the level of social and moral perception. For some, a kiss can cause disagreement in a couple, and someone believes that sex on the side can be the norm of an open relationship. So what is considered cheating, and how should you feel about your partner’s kissing?

In order not to be convicted of treason or not to violate loyalty to your partner yourself, it is worth dealing with the types of kisses.

Types of kisses

  • Business. According to etiquette, the best greeting between business partners is a handshake. At the same time, we all remember Brezhnev’s kisses and today we observe such formalities at meetings of representatives of the highest echelons of power. Therefore, it is not surprising that in business, warmer options for starting negotiations in the form of a formal kiss began to be welcomed. At the same time, his peculiarity in the absence of contact with his lips to the opponent’s cheek is enough to bring his face closer and depict the characteristic movement of the lips.
  • Friendly. Among young people, in teams or between close friends, you can often see a greeting with a kiss on the cheek. Also, a friendly kiss can be noted when congratulating on the occasion of some occasion, when meeting after parting or during goodbye. At the same time, the very lightness of the touch and the absence of sensual subtext should serve as evidence of the purity of the act and certainly do not deserve scenes of jealousy or reproaches for infidelity.
  • Parent and sibling. These kisses are culturally shaped. It is customary for us to kiss relatives when they meet. In this case, you can touch your lips with both the cheeks and the lips. Kissing a mother or father is a separate conversation and certainly not from this topic about jealousy and betrayal.
  • Intimate. But this kiss is not limited to a specific place of contact. The lips can touch the lips, cheeks, temples, or neck. The main thing is that sensuality and strong attraction are immediately felt in him. Many close their eyes during such kisses, and their hands tend to hug their partner tighter, hugging him and touching their bodies as much as possible.

Indicating the sensuality of a kiss

It is clear that treason can only be suspected in the case of an intimate kiss. Although many girls are looking for an excuse to find fault with the guy’s feelings, suspecting malicious intent in both friendly greetings and congratulatory touches of the hero of the occasion with their lips. Such control and mistrust can play a bad joke, making your partner doubt the correctness of their choice and the ability to connect their life with you. After all, no one wants to be under a total cap of vigilance and constant suspicion and claims.
The sensuality and intimacy of a kiss can be seen in the following ways:

  • duration;
  • closing eyes while kissing;
  • touching hands and hugs;
  • getting obvious pleasure from this process.

If you witnessed just such a kiss of your half, and they try to assure you that it was a friendly greeting or gratitude for something, it is better to immediately take off your rose-colored glasses and take a real look at your relationship. You are deceived even in the fact that they deny a clear interest and attraction to another person. And if you are counting on the role of the only chosen one, then this is not the case and it is better to immediately put an end to the relationship, giving freedom to the partner and getting a chance for true love herself.

When can a kiss be forgiven

Life, as everyone knows, is a difficult thing. And even intimate kisses sometimes deserve forgiveness.
First, if it happened under an impressive dose of alcohol. However, in this case, there can be two options. Without controlling himself, the partner can make his subconscious dreams come true. Also, a drunk kiss can be an act of retaliation or a response to some resentment and disagreement in a relationship. But if your partner honestly confessed his wrongdoing the next day, repented and promised that this would not happen again, it is better to discuss the situation and let her go. Explain to your loved one once again that this can hurt you, and try to continue to be in companies together, protecting him from excess booze and seductive beauties.
Second, you can understand and forgive an accidental kiss caused by a spontaneous surge of emotion. For example, while watching a match, your partner, delighted with the long-awaited goal, in a fit of joy kissed the girl sitting next to him. Here you can not suspect malicious intent and attempts to betray. True, only if you were not on the other hand from him. This situation will already make you wonder why the guy did not choose you to share his emotions.
Third, the lack of initiative on the part of your partner can also be considered a mitigating circumstance. In this case, there will be more questions for the girl who provoked the kiss, knowing about your relationship.
Fourthly, it is also worth starting to find out how the guy himself relates to kisses, whether he considers them a betrayal and a manifestation of betrayal in relation to a loved one. Maybe such a manifestation of emotions is the norm for him and does not speak at all about his sexual interest. In this case, you need to talk in advance with the chosen one of the boundaries of what is permissible in your couple.
That being said, be sure to ask his opinion not only about your attitude to his kisses with other girls, but also about his reaction to your welcome kisses with male friends. Discussion of all problematic issues always helps partners to understand each other better, build the correct model of relationship, where both will be comfortable, without resentment, pain and suspicion of infidelity.