Is it possible to live in a relationship without love?

What do you think, is it possible to live without love, and what does this feeling mean to you? I think many of us have changed our understanding of this word over the course of our lives. Remember your school years, what feelings did you experience? And now that you have become adults? The fact is that we become conscious people and understand that love is not just an emotion, but hard work, and constant work to preserve and improve our relationship.

Can love bring happiness?

In fact, when people ask me if it is possible to live without love, I am a little surprised. After all, she fills our life with wonderful sensations and bright moments. I’m sure you know about this, but you don’t believe in true love. How long could you keep this feeling in the relationship? The fact is that most people do not take it seriously and perceive love as entertainment.

But I know there are those who want to experience all the delights of love or are already experiencing, but are afraid to show them. We can hide our feelings for a person for many reasons, one of the main ones is the fear of rejection and rejection. We often try to suppress these wonderful feelings, since we do not see reciprocity from a partner. Fears block our pursuit of a happy life, which depends a lot on love and healthy relationships.

I recently noticed that many people try to convince themselves that love does not matter in life. We devote a lot of time to our careers, money, power, or temporary pleasures. However, our inner need for love has not disappeared. We also want to feel the warm embrace of another person, to feel needed and desired.

Trust in our life

If a person does not know whether it is possible to live without love, and he does not show trust in others, then this is a big problem. In the modern world, this topic is one of the most difficult, and at the same time emphasizes its importance. Without trust, we simply cannot build a normal relationship. Now I’m not only talking about feelings between a man and a woman, I also mean the attitude of people in the world of business and advertising, towards politics and officials. In many areas, we do not trust each other, and if we start listing them, it may turn out that we do not trust many at all. Unfortunately, this is our big problem.

Without mutual trust, it is impossible to build a partnership, friendship, or something serious. Without this, any relationship will be empty and end at the first problem. So you shouldn’t start making any serious plans with a person without trust.

Love has no one meaning

There are many meanings to this feeling. They are based on the fact that you must first learn to love yourself. You can think of this as the key to how to create a truly happy relationship. Love begins with you, and you must first develop it in yourself. That’s the whole secret. In addition, both partners should foster this feeling. There should be no cheating or manipulation between you. Such love is disinterested and will not bring positive results. Real relationships should be sincere and mutual, and each person should have feelings of respect for their partner.

Also, do not forget about the feelings that we have for our friends, family and friends. Parental love for their children can be one of the strongest. This is why we need to think about it in a broader context and not be afraid to show love to other people. Perhaps you will find it where you could not even think. From my own experience, I know how we relate to relationships depends on our upbringing. It is much easier for a person to understand whether it is possible to live without love if there were sincere feelings between his parents. They must teach us how to treat people so that we can apply this in adulthood.

And if you have experienced an excess of these sensations, then you will begin your adult life with a large deficit. You will be hungry for love and you will start making many mistakes. This is why women and men become entangled in relationships and often part ways. They simply did not feel this before and do not understand that they need to constantly work on them and develop them correctly. If love and mutual respect have always been present in your home, then you should be more savvy about healthy relationships. And I know people who are very serious about this issue and discuss all the details with their partner before starting a life together.

Love can change

The fact is that feelings are constantly changing and developing, we must realize this. I think many of you have changed your perception of love in recent years. But if your relationship is based on mutual respect, then you shouldn’t worry, it will create comfort and a close bond between you.

So think again, is it possible to live without love? After all, we were created for this, and each person deserves these feelings. Life without passion and attraction has no meaning, it seems empty, filled with loneliness and will not bring happiness. Yes, you probably already experienced disappointment in love, and lost all hope, but this is another topic, how to find the perfect relationship.