Is it worth living together before marriage?

Cohabitation before marriage or cohabitation is an agreement between two people who simply live together, like married ones, but without various marital ceremonies. In other words, this is an unregistered relationship.

We are now talking about people who want to live before marriage, so that, as they say, it is better to take a closer look at each other. Both cohabitation and marriage have their pros and cons. Moreover, in the modern world, a lot of couples use cohabitation before marriage in order to understand whether they can live together or not. And there are those who consider cohabitation unacceptable. So let’s take a look at the pros and cons of living together.

Pros of cohabitation

1. Partners get to know each other better

Many couples use cohabitation as an alternative to marriage. While religious people consider this a sinful act that can provoke the wrath of God. But still, nowadays most people in Western countries prefer cohabitation before marriage. Partners strongly believe that living together before marriage gives them the opportunity to know if they are sexually, emotionally, and economically suited to each other. Likewise, they believe that living together is an easy way to enjoy life with your partner without any marriage agreements or ceremonies. For some people, getting married and getting married costs a lot, and not everyone can afford it, unlike cohabitation.

So a big plus is that during cohabitation, you can form your opinion about the nature of the partner and his behavior. Cohabitation is a kind of test before marriage. Statistics show that the divorce rate is rising dramatically, which is why cohabitation has become so popular. According to a recent survey, roughly 60% of adults agreed that living together before marriage is the best way to understand each other.

2. Financial benefits

When a boy and a girl live apart, they pay more bills, pay their rent, and spend more money on food. Living with a partner with whom you are developing a relationship can be an attractive prospect, as your monthly expenses will be significantly reduced. Usually one partner moves into the house of the other. Hence, this can only mean one rent. And if both partners own their own property, you can rent out the other apartment. Thus, forming an additional source of income. In addition, they save money that they previously spent on dates and on trips to each other.

A guy and a girl share their obligations equally and enjoy life the way they want. In contrast to marriage and family life, there are many marital obligations, which usually involve high expenses and take a long time. Cohabitation is the best alternative to marriage for people who cannot afford the cost of a wedding. They can enjoy life together like a normal couple.

3. Cohabitation provides convenience

Many couples start life together before marriage, because they just want to be with their loved one, spend time with him and enjoy communication. Perhaps the guy and the girl study together, or work in the same company. They are united by common goals and plans. Living together gives them the opportunity to satisfy their intimate needs, to have fun and comfortable evenings. That is, fully enjoy life with your loved one.

4. Development of responsibility

Along with general living habits, living together can help you develop a sense of responsibility towards your partner. After all, if two people have completely different views and attitudes towards the level of responsibility that should be maintained in everyday life, this can significantly affect their future relationships and life in general. For example, one partner who pays bills on time and does everything very well may have trouble understanding or accepting the casual attitude of the other toward the same thing. Living together can give you the opportunity to recognize problems and start working on them.

5. Ability to easily leave

Once you start living with a person, you begin to understand whether this relationship is long-term or not. There are no strict rules in cohabitation. People can easily break their obligations at any time. After all, they are not legally obliged to live together. They can disperse at any time without visiting courts and other organizations.

Cons of cohabitation

1. They are not long-term

Despite the fact that living together before marriage has many advantages. In fact, it is not as reliable and stable as marriage. There are various disadvantages in cohabitation that can have serious consequences for both partners. Those who believe that they live together in order to better understand each other are a little mistaken. It has been proven that most couples who just live together never get married, their relationship leads to a breakup. Because they have no legal or religious obligations. Many people oppose cohabitation, and say that such a relationship is deadlocked due to the lack of legal obligations. They say that marriage is a long and lasting relationship because of the strong commitment of couples, and the roommates are not attached to each other. They get tired of the relationship over time and just drift apart.

2. Uncertainty of partners

This is another disadvantage of living together before marriage. Couples living together without marriage obligations cannot fully enjoy life. Because they are not sure about their future together. They do not know for sure whether they will continue to live together or not.

3. There is no full-fledged pleasure from intimate life

Research shows that married people have better sex than roommates. The reason is that a person who is just living with their partner can also just have sex with someone else, with serious consequences. Such couples can have various diseases. Married people are attached to each other and know the sacredness and value of marriage. For this reason, they are less likely to think about engaging in sexual relations outside of marriage. Married people are more devoted to each other than roommates.

4. Expectation of marriage

Living together before marriage for many people means getting closer to family life. This often leads to disappointment when the marriage proposal never comes up. Men can be satisfied with cohabitation, because they feel and understand that such a relationship suits them, and it is much more convenient for them. And many people still respect the sanctity of marriage and value marital relationships.

5. Partners are not fully disclosed

Although cohabitation before marriage does show the common habits of partners and their nature. But on the other hand, this cannot give a complete picture of a person. After all, the partner may not want to fully disclose himself. Some couples may take many years to understand each other. Just like marriages can break down after many decades. Therefore, it can be assumed that cohabitation before marriage is meaningless.