Is there a friendship between ex-boyfriend and girlfriend?

Friendship between ex-boyfriend and girlfriend is really a hot topic that worries so many. It’s actually a good idea to stay friends after breaking up. But emotions, memories of the past, physical attraction, and many other factors interfere with the development of such friendships. So think carefully before developing a relationship like this. And be sure of your intentions. Because it won’t be easy at all.

Statistically, few couples remain friends after breaking up. This kind of friendship requires a certain amount of control over your emotions. You must be one hundred percent sure that you want to start this difficult friendship. Think about the advantages and disadvantages of such a relationship. Weigh the pros and cons, and think about the possible consequences. If you don’t see the obvious benefits, you shouldn’t do it.

Don’t try to befriend your ex right after breaking up.

As we already understood, friendship between an ex-boyfriend and a girlfriend is possible in some cases, only you should not do it right after the breakup. Don’t assume that you can befriend your ex so easily right after breaking up. Your partner may still resent you for breaking up. As a rule, the first month after the breakup is the most difficult. Then you will gradually begin to recover, and by the third, fourth month you will already return to your previous way of life. But I want to note that this only happens in those cases when you broke up by mutual agreement. It can be much worse if you split up with your ex because he or she was cheating.

Either way, you need to wait a while before resuming communication. Then, make sure you completely step out of your previous relationship. If you still feel that feelings remain between you, you should not start a friendship. In any case, you will be jealous and worried when your ex finds a new partner. Sit in your room and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Would you say yes if your ex asked you out?
  • Still worrying about a breakup?
  • Would you like to spend the night with your ex?

If you cannot categorically answer “no” to these questions, and the bitterness from parting has not yet passed, then this will be a wake-up call for you.

Before meeting, please contact on social media first.

Either way, you will feel uncomfortable the first time you meet your ex after breaking up. You can reduce this awkwardness by contacting him on a social network or sending a text message in a messenger. It will be easier for you to overcome the awkwardness of communication if there is a ground for further conversation. Once you’ve resumed communication, it’s time for a meeting. Choose a neutral location. It is advisable that you have not met there before. Never make an appointment at your apartment or at your ex-partner’s house. Being in a new place will ensure that you don’t have the baggage of romantic memories associated with the place.

Make a joint meeting with your mutual friends

Ask your boyfriend or girlfriend if friendship is possible between an ex-boyfriend and girlfriend? Say you want to start that kind of relationship with your ex and ask them to join you. Go to a concert, football match, or just take a walk around the city. The presence of friends will reduce the awkwardness between you and give the meeting an informal atmosphere. In the event that you are alone with your ex, you should avoid flirting at any level. Flirting will ruin all chances of friendship. It can be very dangerous. Because it will give false hope for reconciliation and renew unnecessary attraction. The friendship between ex-boyfriend and girlfriend shouldn’t have any hints of a more serious relationship. Otherwise, you risk resuming the old days, which did not lead to anything good. This situation will simply ruin any chance of friendship.

Do not think back to the times when you were good together.

Talking about romantic evenings and having fun will create unnecessary emotions and make you too vulnerable. You will begin to blame yourself and regret the breakup. Avoid dating conversations, memories of any trips you have taken together, intimate moments, and other situations in which you felt good together. Friendships between an ex-boyfriend and girlfriend will not develop if either of you continues to remember happy times before.

Ideally, if you also don’t share your secrets with your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend. By sharing secrets, you move to a level you don’t need. This can lead to many undesirable situations. For example, when you’re sad or in a bad mood, you’ll want to go to your ex and share your feelings. Avoid the slightest hint or desire for physical attraction. And immediately end the friendship if you again have a desire for intimate relationships. If you had sex with your ex when you were dating, even the slightest form of attraction can lead to hugs and kisses that will lead you straight to the bedroom. You will find nothing but regrets if you follow this road. The best way to deal with this situation is to give up your friendship with your ex.

Don’t expect too much from a relationship like this.

Don’t think that the friendship between your ex-boyfriend and girlfriend is something new and incredibly beautiful. Accept that a lot has changed since your breakup, and the relationship will never be the same again. You shouldn’t expect the person to treat you the way they used to. You don’t need to call him every day in the evenings, talk about your feelings and share secrets. As we said earlier, most ex-couples will never be friends. And in most cases, it is better to end such relationships altogether if you see that they do not lead to anything good.