Long distance relationship problems and how to strengthen them?

Many people wonder if long-distance relationships can be successful. In fact, there is no single answer here. Because there is nothing right or wrong in such a relationship. For some people, they can be absolutely comfortable, everything can suit them, while for others they can be just uncomfortable and unacceptable. But I hope that some of these tips will still help you figure out if love at a distance is a good idea or not.

You can find a “soul mate”

One of the main arguments in favor of long-distance relationships is that many people believe that in this way they can find their “soul mate” or soul mate, and for them it does not matter where this person lives. To a certain extent, I can agree with this. Because not every day you find a person with whom you are comfortable communicating, who shares the same values ​​as you, who wants the same things in life. And most importantly, you can find someone to support you in whatever you do.

I met my husband via the Internet, and he was then living in the Czech Republic. After several months of communication, I realized that this is my person. I did not perceive him then as a “kindred spirit”, but I understood that this is the person with whom I can be happy, and we can build a long-term relationship with him, and be together until old age. I knew it was a relationship a step above normal, and he felt the same way.

So, my opinion is that long-distance relationships can really develop successfully, but only if you have a clear understanding of how you will do it. No matter how ideal you are for each other, sooner or later you will have relationship problems. And only understanding how you will solve these problems can make your relationship successful.

If you feel that this man or woman is truly your “soul mate” or the person with whom you see yourself in the long term, then building a long-distance relationship may be a good idea. But you must make a definite plan for how you will develop and maintain them.

Frequent problems building love at a distance

  • Lack of regular intimacy.
  • Such relationships can interfere with your social life and make you less socially active.
  • The time difference can be draining and will affect your daily work and life.
  • Every penny you earn will go towards buying a plane or train ticket to see your loved one or loved one.
  • Such relationships have a high degree of uncertainty.
  • Differences in mentality are possible.
  • Large financial costs are possible.

You don’t need to be rich to have a successful long-distance relationship. But it’s much more difficult than a regular relationship, especially when you don’t have a well-paying job. Paying for plane tickets, constantly taking off from work to visit your beloved partner, and to meet. And even quitting work to live together – all this can seem quite difficult and tedious. So think and ask yourself, is it worth it?

Maintaining love over a distance can be really tiring, both mentally and physically. After all, you see this person very little time, you lack physical intimacy, you need to spend a lot of time online in order to constantly keep in touch and communicate.

In addition, any relationship requires loyalty and dedication. And it is quite difficult to determine the honesty and loyalty of a partner in a long-distance relationship. Because you cannot be convinced that your partner is not cheating on you and only loves you. In the end, do you think your long-distance relationship is perfect enough to withstand such tests? If you can confidently answer yes, then everything is in your hands.

Tips for Strengthening Long-Distance Love

1. Communicate more and more often

Find a convenient and comfortable time for both of you to keep in touch and communicate more. You can watch the same movies or TV shows, and then discuss them. Send each other voice messages and remind of yourself more often. When communicating, use video communication to see each other more often.

2. Honesty and openness

There should be no secrets between you. Be honest and sincere with each other. Don’t be afraid to quarrel, and don’t avoid arguments with your partner. After all, as they say – the truth is born in a dispute. But at the same time, try to listen to each other and come to a common compromise.

3. Plan for the way forward

Have an understanding and vision for the future development of the relationship. Think about when you can be together permanently? What do you need for this? Where will you live? What are your views on starting a family, and how do you both see it? Schedule your appointments in advance. Save money so you can meet more often and don’t be afraid to discuss financial matters.

4. Create memorabilia

Send gifts to each other and make surprises. Send love letters and confess your love more often. Find all possible ways to maintain love and passion in your union until the time when you are not constantly together. Talk about your feelings for each other more often. Send cute love cards. It is very romantic and creates memories of your love.

5. Don’t listen to other people

And most importantly, don’t listen to other people. Do what your soul and heart tells you to do. This is your life, and you have the right to choose how and with whom to build it. You can listen to the opinions of people who have already gone through this, but always make your own decisions based on your own desires.