Mistakes on the first date with your loved one and how not to make them?

Let’s be honest, the first meetings with a new person for us are rather nervous. We quite often get lost, blush, and don’t know what to talk about. Any of us can make mistakes on the first date. It’s quite normal. But is it possible to somehow prevent them in advance and prepare for a date? To make a good impression on a person. We will talk about this in our today’s article.

1. Conversations about a former partner

No one wants to remember their past failed relationships and talk about their ex. Talking about a relationship that a person has negative feelings for is a surefire way to ruin a date. If you are really curious about his / her past, be patient and wait for a few dates. So that you can get to know each other better, and a trusting relationship is formed between you. It is possible that a guy or a girl will start a conversation on this topic herself. This way you can find out everything.

2. Premature use of cute words

Lovely words and nicknames should not be used on the first date. Yes, they help develop intimacy and express love for your partner, but they should be used when you are dating a person for a long time. After all, many people may not like flattering words from an unfamiliar person. So don’t use them too early.

3. Using your phone on a date

Mistakes on the first date can happen completely unconsciously. This includes the use of a smartphone. Although smartphones and other gadgets undoubtedly make our life easier. But using gadgets too often during a date is a problem. Thus, you show disrespect to the person, and “tell” him that he is of little interest to you. Therefore, keep your phone in your pocket, or in your purse, and take it out on extremely rare occasions. Better enjoy meeting a new person, and try to get to know him as best you can.

4. Inappropriate and rude jokes

I know that many people say that a sense of humor makes a person more attractive, and such people are considered intellectually developed. But the first date is necessary in order to feel the feelings of the other person. To find out what he likes and what he doesn’t like. Find out what you have in common, or how you differ from each other. That is, you must make your meeting as productive as possible. In order not to waste your precious time in the future on relationships that do not work out.

Of course, if you feel that your date is getting too serious and the atmosphere is boring, then you can dilute it with a couple of funny stories to understand your partner’s sense of humor and his / her character. But using rude and inappropriate jokes is highly discouraged.

5. Bad demeanor

The next common mistakes on a first date are about bad manners. When young people forget about how to behave in the institution. How to communicate with the person with whom you came on a date, or with the staff who serves them. Compliance with the rules of ethics is a mandatory element of any meeting, especially the first date. Therefore, behave with dignity and do not interrupt your partner. Don’t speak too loudly and practice good demeanor.

6. Talk about money

This is another common dating mistake when people start talking about their financial accomplishments or failures. Do not do this. After all, if you are a rich person and brag about it, then in the eyes of your potential partner you will look arrogant. Or, if you start to be interested in his / her income, then the person may think that you are looking for only benefit in him. Therefore, whatever your financial situation, you shouldn’t share it on the first date.

7. Selfishness and arrogance

Self-confidence is a good quality. But in this case, the main thing is not to overdo it, so that confidence does not grow into selfishness and arrogance. After all, no one wants to build a relationship with a narcissistic person and an egoist. Therefore, on a date, don’t talk only about yourself. Be more interested in your potential partner.

On a date, you should talk about 30% about yourself, and the remaining 70% should be given to your interlocutor. After all, if you talk only about yourself, then you will be perceived as an egoist, and it is unlikely that they will want to continue the relationship with you. You also don’t need to be too provocative. Remember that humility adorns a person. But don’t confuse modesty with shyness, and don’t withdraw into yourself.

8. Appearance

This tip applies more to guys. But girls also quite often dress not in the best way, or look too provocative. But the first impression about a person is formed within the first few seconds. And, as a rule, many people evaluate a person’s appearance first. As a result, they form an initial opinion about us. Therefore, dress appropriately for the place where you will be meeting. Don’t forget that you should smell good. And your appearance should make a good first impression.

9. Bad mood and negativity

Other common mistakes on a first date are negativity and bad mood. After all, there is nothing worse than a partner who at a meeting sits with a sad face, angry, or constantly complains about life. If you have a bad emotional state, then it is better to postpone the date to another day. Because your bad mood will only ruin everything, and you will not be able to show your positive qualities, and please a guy or a girl.

10. No need to arrange “interrogation”

Naturally, on the first date, you want to learn as much as possible about the person. But it is by no means necessary to arrange for him to be interrogated. There is no need to overstep a person’s personal boundaries and ask inappropriate questions. It will be much better if you create such an atmosphere with your behavior and mood that the partner will open up and want to tell as much about himself as possible.

At the same time, on the first date, you should not be too frank and tell the person all the details of your life. Prepare in advance for your conversation, and think about topics that you will be comfortable talking about. And remember the important rule, you need to talk about yourself in such a way as to receive information in exchange.

11. Avoiding gaze

You don’t need to hide your eyes or look around when you are chatting with a girl or boyfriend on a date. After all, eyes can tell a lot about a person, and show your openness. As a result, you will be able to understand and feel each other much better on an emotional level if you look into each other’s eyes. Plus, it’s just a bad habit to avoid looking and look the other way when someone is talking to you.

12. Be late for a date

I know a lot of girls do this, but a lot of men don’t really like to wait. After all, in this way, firstly, you create a bad impression of yourself. And in general, it is simply not beautiful, and shows no respect for a person. And there is a high probability that with this step you will ruin your entire future date.