Power struggle in relationships and how to avoid It?

What does power struggle in relationships mean? This is when a man or woman tries to dominate their partner. Either control it in one way or another. This is not to say that such rivalry is a normal part of human relations. But, as a rule, it arises due to personal habits, due to parenting, career growth, problems in intimate life, or due to the lack of effective communication.

In this case, one or both partners want everything to be the way they want it. And it is almost impossible to reach any compromise in this case. But what’s worse is when such conflicts cause physical or emotional harm to people. If such conflicts between couples are not resolved in time, it can lead to serious problems in the relationship. Therefore, it is very important to recognize the symptoms of power struggles at an early stage and find ways to address them.

How can rivalry hurt a relationship?

Most love relationships begin with the romantic phase. It can last from several weeks to two or more years. At this stage, most couples show respect and responsiveness to each other. They enjoy their time together, give gifts, show love and care. At this stage, everything is going well for them. But, as soon as this phase disappears, and the feelings cool down, then people begin to see only the negative traits of a person. They begin to realize that their partner is not perfect in everything, and there are many differences between them. As a result, they want to change it somehow, and begin to dominate and control the person. Which leads to disagreements and conflicts in the relationship.

Sometimes power struggles in relationships can be the result of past experiences. Many people expect their new partners to make up for what they could not achieve in their previous love. As a result, they try to rule again. But, such behavior makes a person overly selfish. In any case, it will negatively affect all aspects of his future life. Because instead of the encouragement that a partner deserves, the person who tries to dominate him negatively affects his psychological and emotional state. In general, this kind of confrontation between couples can make them indifferent, judgmental and selfish. Because when two people do not listen to each other, but only try to impose their views, while using manipulation, this will definitely destroy their relationship.

How to deal with power in a relationship?

Learn to satisfy wants and needs

In this case, it is important for a man and a woman to have realistic expectations of each other. You also need to be flexible about your partner’s needs. To make the relationship happy and harmonious. And even minor changes made by partners with mutual consent can bring harmony to a relationship. To avoid power struggles in relationships, couples must learn to notice, understand, and meet each other’s needs. This will contribute to the emergence of respect and trust between them.

Show respect and understanding

Couples involved in a rivalry should understand that ignoring feelings and desires will harm their relationship in any case. In addition, it is important for them not to be strict in their views. People must learn to appreciate each other’s differences. Also remember that there are many different ways of perceiving the same situation. Therefore, it is important to see things from the point of view of your loved one and not go into control mode. Respect, appreciation and compassion for your spouse will definitely help in building healthy and harmonious relationships. And instead of analyzing and criticizing a loved one. We must learn to find our own shortcomings and work on them.

Effective communication

Communication and listening is the key to a healthy relationship. You will not be able to avoid problems without communication and without trying to identify the causes of their occurrence. Effective communication between a man and a woman helps to clear up many misunderstandings. You need to understand that peace and harmony in a love relationship is more valuable than any victory gained through an argument or manipulation.

Appreciate yourself as a person

Another effective way to fight for power in a relationship is to become less dependent on the other person. You must have your own opinion. Therefore, value yourself and respect yourself as a person. You need to have your own views on this or that situation. But also do not forget to show attention to your partner. You shouldn’t strive to be better than him or her. You need to create an atmosphere in the relationship where each of you will feel your importance. Where a person will see that he is appreciated, listened to and understood.

Remember your wants and needs

Ultimately, it all comes down to learning to notice, understand and meet each other’s needs. Which will undoubtedly have a positive effect on your relationship. Determine what exactly you can do for your partner. In addition, do not forget to inform about your wishes and preferences. Which must also be satisfied.

As a result, we understand. Which is one of the most effective ways to resolve any conflicts that may arise as a result of rivalry. This is to help your loved one get what he really wants. This will show your attention, love and commitment. You need to remember that you yourself are allowing people to control or oppose you. Reacting to different things in a certain way. Also keep in mind that hate, which can be a side effect of power struggles in a relationship, will generate even more negativity. And it will significantly complicate the situation. Therefore, learn to control yourself and your negative thoughts in the first place.

Ask for help

Yes, conflicts and disagreements are possible between partners. This can happen even in the most successful relationships. But what matters is how we treat them, and what methods we adopt to solve them. If the power struggle in the relationship continues for a long period of time. Then counseling on the relationship with a specialized specialist can help you. With proper counseling, people can solve problems before they negatively affect their life together. Only in this case it is not worth delaying. Because ignoring this situation can quickly turn into serious problems. Which are very harmful to even the strongest relationships.