Psychological infertility: its causes and how to get rid of

Psychogenic infertility is rare and, in fact, is a diagnosis of exclusion. It is displayed if the couple is completely healthy physically, but pregnancy still does not occur.

The reasons

There are many theories about the causes of psychological infertility. Psychological factors affecting the body have not yet been sufficiently studied. There is even a separate science of psychosomatics, which studies the influence of the subconscious on individual organs and systems. Psychological problems, most often arising in childhood, cause the development of a pathological focus, impulses from which prevent the onset of pregnancy and can even cause the development of some organic lesions. A person may not even remember this, everything happens on a subconscious level. And it is very difficult to find out the true reason, it requires serious work with a psychologist.

For example, psychological infertility in women can arise from fear for their lives, health, family problems and much more. A woman is subconsciously afraid of childbirth, because once in childhood she heard about the death of a woman in labor. Interestingly, there is a risk of problems during pregnancy, and women planning to have children are usually well aware of it, but childhood experiences are fundamentally different from adults. They are not supported by reasonable arguments.

Girls who survived this stress, not fully understanding the essence, drive the thought of danger deep into the subconscious. They grow up, sincerely want to get pregnant, they are even ready to carry out complex examinations to find out the causes of infertility. But the process in the subconscious is not eliminated, and the body perceives pregnancy as a threat.

Also, the following fears can become the reason for the ban on pregnancy:

  • Become bad parents.
  • For example, if there is experience of how badly adults treat children, even if it did not concern themselves.
    Find yourself in a different social setting.
  • After all, pregnancy and the child will require special attention, you may have to give up your career, your favorite work, even for a while, give up noisy fun parties. In addition, women sometimes believe that pregnancy will irreversibly change their appearance, and subconsciously delay this moment. When it is no longer possible to wait, it is no longer possible to conceive a child. Fear was fixed on a subconscious level and infertility became psychological.
  • Do not cope with material costs.
  • There is not only a desire to provide children with everything they need, to give them a good education, but also the fear that this will require giving up their material well-being.
  • Unfavorable family history, stories of unsuccessful pregnancies, birth curses. Women tend to “wind up” themselves, look for confirmation of their conjectures, even in random events.

Psychological infertility treatment

Psychological infertility is difficult to treat. It is not enough to find the reason, you need to remove the block to ban pregnancy or help to get around it. Sometimes the situation will resolve itself. For example, some cases of miraculous healing due to taking a placebo, the actions of pseudo psychics. Women turn to various magicians, grandmothers for help, make vows to visit holy places and become pregnant. But if we consider such cases in more detail, then each of them contains the true reason for lifting the ban.

So if a woman has a prohibition associated with the fear of death during childbirth, at the same time she loves her husband very much and cannot imagine her life without him, then a change in the psychological situation in the family may become a reason to lift the prohibition. Realizing that it is impossible to keep a family without a child and loneliness awaits her ahead, fear of him allows you to bypass the ban.

In the same way, cardinal changes in life act, for example, the adoption of a child from an orphanage. Desperate, people go for adoption, and after a while pregnancy occurs. How does psychology explain this? The fact is that the woman discarded the very idea of ​​conceiving and giving birth, ceased to be nervous, to count the days until ovulation. And if the fear of getting pregnant was associated that she could not cope or change her lifestyle, the child would interfere with her career and the like, they disappear. The experience of communicating with the baby, the joy received at the same time, cancel the ban.

Therefore, in case of psychological infertility, it is recommended to change life so much that for some time you forget about the need to plan for conception. This will certainly not clear the block, but it does help bypass it. For example, new interesting projects in business, or a long trip, vacation change the rhythm of life, relieve stress.