Reasons for the severance of relations between men and women?

There are various reasons for breaking up a relationship. This can be a loss of trust in a partner, betrayal, financial problems, ignorance of how to properly develop relationships and work on them, lack of communication. If people in love cannot see each other regularly, this can also lead to separation. But I would like to highlight some of the main reasons and consider them in more detail.

Lack of relationship building skills

People think that the relationship will develop on its own, but it doesn’t. In addition, if a person lacks social skills, then it will be even more difficult for him to build a family life with someone. Over time, he will become not interesting to his partner, which will lead to quarrels and parting. If you cannot support your loved one when he is in a bad mood or is under stress, then his feelings for you will cool down. Love passes quickly. If you don’t work on a relationship and don’t accept your partner for who they are, then your paths will diverge. Our life often has hard days and hard times. Therefore, such reasons for the breakdown of relations as the lack of communication skills and building family life are among the first.

Different expectations

Over time, the expectations of the results from the relationship between partners begin to differ, and their life values ​​become different. The elements that attract people in the beginning, such as physical attraction, common interests, outlook on life and personal connections, become less important when the reality of everyday life takes over. For some people, the most important factor in a happy relationship is family. And nothing else comes close in importance. For others, it can be loyalty and respect. There are many more aspects that have a higher priority. And each person will have his own, as well as the reasons for breaking off relations with a partner.

Cheating and treason

You cannot create long and happy relationships without trust. Unfortunately, I often see sexual infidelity, unreasonable cruelty and lack of support between people. After all, if a person cheats, then he breaks the heart of his soul mate. Such a relationship is almost impossible to restore. Try to avoid this trap in any way you can. Avoid even thoughts of cheating. Your partner will feel this and their trust in you will be unshakable.

Financial difficulties

Unfortunately, love fades into the background when financial problems arise in our lives. According to research, income disparities are one of the main causes of relationship breakups. And problems with money and disputes on this topic arise in almost every pair. These can be unbalanced spending where one partner spends more than the other. Inability to pay bills or rent. If a person loves to go shopping and have fun, then the lack of money and his resentment will be directed at the partner. What will cause negative reactions and problems in the future.

Ethical issues and gender differences

The area of ​​breakdown is particularly sensitive. Therefore, achieving meaningful results in it can be quite a difficult task. And ethical problems that arise between couples are another reason why men and women diverge. In addition, there are significant gender differences that not everyone takes into account. It has been found that women are more likely to emphasize unhappiness and infidelity. While men tend to emphasize sexual dissatisfaction.


Psychologists have determined that such a person is experiencing a mental disorder. At the same time, a person shows an inflated sense of self-worth and a deep need for admiration. Narcissism is often characterized by a lack of true closeness to other people. And this is another reason for the breakdown of relations. Signs of narcissism can include: high self-esteem, vanity, manipulation, irresponsibility, selfishness, and contempt for other people. It is important to note that this behavior creates a predisposition to cheat.

How does parting happen

So, we have the main reasons for the breakup, now we can determine how the breakup itself occurs. As a rule, one of the partners has a dissatisfaction with the relationship. He begins to focus on the person’s flaws. At the same time, he does not say anything to the partner and does not try to change the situation in any way. He is already looking for alternatives and ways to break off the relationship. If at this stage no one is making an attempt to restore feelings, then people become distant from each other. They understand that their relationship may end. Further, it happens that one of the partners tries to find support among friends and family. But the third party, as a rule, only contributes to the end of the relationship.

After that, the couples break up. People are trying to somehow justify their actions. Each of the partners is looking for the reason in his partner, but not in himself. And he convinces himself that he is trustworthy so that in the future his relationship will be more successful. He tries to recreate a sense of his worth and tries to prepare himself for future relationships. At this stage, it is important that the person realizes his mistakes and does not make them again in the future.

I have to communicate quite a lot with men and women who have broken off their relationship. Most of them state that after breaking up, they had a clearer idea of ​​what they want from a future partner. So we can conclude that there are positive aspects in the breakup. If people were married, then divorce is much more difficult for them than an ordinary separation. In such situations, the spouses make more efforts to maintain the relationship, moreover, if they have children together. In any case, although the reasons for breaking up a relationship may be different, you always have a chance to find ways to get your partner back and start building a completely different life.