Should you date a divorced man?

Women know well how difficult it is to find the perfect partner. But there are times when we meet a person, and it seems to us that this is the same ideal man. The guy fits all our requirements and criteria, but it is alarming that he is divorced. At this point, the question arises, is it worth dating a divorced man, and what could be the consequences?

Most women who date divorced men do not pay attention to this. They think that if they love a person, then everything will be fine. But numerous studies by relationship experts have confirmed the fact that if you date a divorced man, you only have a 1% chance of maintaining a long-term relationship. This means that 99% of couples will also break up if there is a divorced partner among them. Below are the main reasons why this happens.

Children are a barrier

For most men, their children will definitely become the main ones in life. Especially if they are under 18 years old. It doesn’t matter how beautiful you are, or how much you love each other. You will have to constantly fight for his attention. When you are in the early stages of a relationship, it may not seem that important. But gradually the children will begin to take more and more of your partner’s time, and everything will change. A man will begin to devote a lot of time to talking with children on the phone, going shopping with them, or taking them to school. And when the children get sick, it may disappear altogether for several days.

In the event that you fail to find a common language with the children, you will feel unloved and start resenting him for always putting children first. Such a “romantic trip” will get you nowhere. After all, even when the children are not around, the man will start doing other things, and there simply will be no time for you.

Ex-wife is another obstacle

This is another reason why you should think hard about whether to date a divorced man. Most of these men will still have feelings for their ex-wives. After all, they spent many wonderful days together. And most likely, they have some kind of joint assets, and even after a divorce, they may be related in some area. They share custody of the children and will therefore continue to communicate. No matter how they parted.

This may seem normal at first, but gradually you will become frustrated with their interactions. Even if they only discuss children. You will become paranoid. And every time he sends her text messages or calls her on the phone, you will be nervous and worried. After all, such cases will definitely occur when they see each other. Maybe at school, at a birthday party or at other events. And although they won’t sleep together again, their meeting will definitely not bring you pleasure.

His friends may not accept you

Obviously, a divorced man and his ex-wife will have mutual friends. And after the divorce, they will still keep in touch. Celebrate the holidays together, and just meet for a fun pastime. And most likely, when a man introduces you to them, they will not welcome you in their circle. Most likely they will not want to be friends with you. And they won’t communicate properly. It may be such that every time your man wants to organize a general meeting, his friends will find various excuses not to come. And their relationship will start to deteriorate. They just won’t take you seriously, and they won’t want to be together.

You cannot become the main one for him

When you start dating a divorced man, you will feel uncomfortable. Even if they met him after the divorce. His children will begin to accuse you that their parents will never be able to make up. And his friends, as we said earlier, simply do not want to meet with you. You will constantly have to prove your worth. And all your friends will say that such a relationship will not last long. And unfortunately they will be right.

A divorced man may not want to marry a second time. After all, he already had a bitter experience of parting, and he knows where everything can lead. These guys don’t take marriage seriously. And girls have to wait long enough for an offer to get married. You can be just a friend for him, another partner for a relationship. Or a man may even use you to quickly forget his wife.

Problems with parents

If a man offers to get to know his family, then there is hope for a more serious relationship. But research has shown that only a small proportion of women in such situations meet with a man’s family. And I don’t think your parents will like the fact that their potential son-in-law already has children and has been divorced. Most parents want their children to be happy and have no problems in family life. And there is a high probability that your families will rarely meet together, because they have already learned the previous bitter experience.

Divorced men can have a complex personality

When you ask yourself if it’s worth dating a divorced man, think about why he didn’t have a previous relationship. He may be excessively selfish, or he may not take into account the woman’s interests and preferences. Perhaps he has some kind of mental disorders after a difficult breakup, and is trying to hide them. But in the future, all this will clearly manifest itself.

So when girls ask me if it’s worth dating a divorced man, I always answer: “Think carefully before you go for it.” Especially if the man has not been divorced for the first time. It is better to save yourself from mental pain and suffering in advance. Find a normal partner and live happily ever after with him.