Should you settle for an open relationship?

Times are changing and already any relationship in a couple, except for traditional ones, has ceased to cause violent censure and bewilderment among the public. Modern families often deviate from the classical model, and stick to a more convenient option for them. And although many people continue to condemn free relationships, today this format is very popular.

Many people tend to think that an open relationship is synonymous with sex without commitment, however, this is just a socially imposed stereotype. The couple decides for themselves what this format means for them, they independently determine the boundaries and rules. In each case, the obligations and rights that the partners follow are individually established. They may differ from generally accepted moral and ethical norms, but they are in every pair.

What is the meaning of a free relationship

Free relationships are a model of behavior between a woman and a man, in which partners realize that they are satisfied with being together, but for certain reasons they do not want to burden themselves with serious responsibility.

People in such relationships do not make claims, demands, and are not jealous. Spouses have the right to do what they want. Even communicate with members of the opposite sex, start a sexual relationship on the side, if this does not exceed the boundaries of the agreement.

Giving preference to such a model of behavior, it is necessary to establish certain conditions on which the relationship will be based. Thanks to this, you can avoid misunderstandings and quarrels, and also make life together easier. Psychologists recommend discussing the following aspects with the chosen one:

  • This question is the most important. It is necessary to understand that if people are in an open relationship, this does not mean at all that they can betray each other. If sexual intercourse on the side is allowed, then the partners do not consider it a betrayal. For many people, spiritual closeness is much more important than physiology.
  • If one of the spouses regularly meets for sex on the side with one person, this casts doubt on his faithfulness on a spiritual level.
  • If a couple plans to live together or maintains a common budget, it is better to pre-prioritize, establish the financial contribution of each, determine household responsibilities in order to understand whether such a relationship model can have any impact on the usual life of the married couple.

Having established specific rules, a guy and a girl will be able to roughly imagine what their union will look like. Awareness of the issue will make it possible to see the merits and demerits before starting an affair with the person you like without serious obligations, which, as a rule, are marriage, fidelity, the birth of heirs and care in any life situations.

Pros and cons of free union

Only a brave daredevil can dare to agree to a novel without obligations, since in addition to advantages, there are also significant disadvantages in the form of relative freedom. If the essence of such a relationship is contrary to the beliefs of one of the partners, then this can become a significant obstacle on the path of a married couple. It often happens that women and men disagree at the stage of setting boundaries.

The negative aspects of such a relationship, which have no prospects, may appear much later. Often, after long-term communication, one of the members of the union realizes that he needs stability. In this case, there are two options for the development of events: disperse or change the rules.


The virtues of a union without burdensome obligations convince both sexes to seriously consider rethinking love relationships. Main pluses:

  • Many people prefer an open relationship, as they have already felt the unpleasant impact of jealousy and restrictions on the part of the chosen one. A man, being in a couple, can calmly communicate and meet with other young ladies, while his companion is not satisfied with the debriefing. There are no quarrels without jealousy.
  • Participants in traditional relationships often think only of the other half. The circle of people who gave preference to free love is not limited to the chosen one. Such people do what they love, get to know each other, get new emotions.
  • Breakups among couples who are not burdened with responsibilities are quite rare. Their relationship is based not on feelings, but on friendship and spiritual closeness.

Many people mistakenly believe that only representatives of the stronger sex see advantages in an open relationship with a partner, and for passions they are unattractive. However, self-sufficient and self-confident girls often become the initiators of such an alliance themselves, believing that only deep and conscious feelings can become a reason to stop at one guy.


The public in most cases continues to condemn the supporters of free relations, believing that such unions are immoral and go against the norms of ethics and morality. Opponents of such an alliance give their arguments:

  • Such love is unnatural, wild and short-lived.
  • The members of the union are moving away. Being independent, the need for the second half decreases every day.
  • Jealousy is one hundred percent manifested. If one of the spouses does not want to enter into such a relationship and hides his needs for the sake of his beloved, then the couple will not be happy. Jealous, a person begins to withdraw into himself or throw out negative emotions on a companion. Both scenarios will lead to separation.
  • There is a possibility of contracting infections, transmitted by the way, as well as unwanted pregnancy.

It is necessary to realize that any disadvantages and advantages of free love are subjective. The success of a marriage depends on the characteristics of temperament, worldview, worldview, principles.

Male point of view

Men are naturally polygamous, so the format of such a family is very attractive for them. What does the sw format mean for the stronger sex?

First of all, this is the ability to cheat on a companion with impunity. But there is a catch here: the young lady also has the right to treason within the framework of this model of marriage. And here, in the head of the family, another natural feature manifests itself – individual peasantry. The feeling of jealousy takes its toll, although in fact there is no obligation to each other.

These male characteristics are often forgotten when choosing this format of relationships. There are many pitfalls here, including jealousy, a sense of the presence of an opponent, and time constraints. In fact, it would be a mistake to think that a guy is able to withstand this kind of love for a long time. He will still go to a new passion, more conservative in views.

Female point of view

Women are more monogamous than the stronger sex. Of course, recently the feminist movement has been gaining popularity, however, it could not moderate the girls’ desire to get married. What does this term mean for beautiful young ladies? Why do they agree to this? Psychology identifies several main reasons:

  • The man cheated. One day a girl meets a handsome prince, falls in love with him, and takes all his words for truth. Here the cunning man begins to start talking about the delights of an open relationship, giving a bunch of arguments in their favor. Trusting him, she herself does not notice how she gets into their networks.
  • The woman is cheating. This is the opposite of the first case. The lady herself gives freedom, without making claims. But a wise woman will only first give imaginary freedom, and then she will envelop him in treachery and drag him to the registry office.
  • Deceived in expectations. This also happens. The wife herself thinks about a serious relationship and decided to conduct an experiment – suddenly she will like this format more than the traditional one. And usually such ladies were disappointed more than once. In reality, such freedom becomes a cage for a representative of the beautiful half of humanity, who dreams of mutual love.