Signs of cowardly and useless guys

Men are more expected to be brave, to defend their countries, homes and families. And those who don’t are considered cowards. In men, cowardice has been traced since time immemorial. And identifying the signs of a cowardly guy isn’t that hard. However, cowardice cannot be classified by the same concept. Because men are now rarely required to fight in order to prove courage and courage. But this does not mean that there are no cowards among them. Perhaps you have a relationship with such a person, and are not completely sure who he really is. Therefore, there are certain signs of a cowardly guy that are not difficult to identify.

1. A man is almost always dishonest.

This is the first sign that you are dealing with a coward. Such a person will never be honest with anyone, especially when it comes to his mistakes. His too inflated ego does not allow him to tell the truth. He tends to shy away from the truth and beat around the bush, just not to show dishonesty. He will always try to change the topic of conversation when you bring up issues that cause him inconvenience. And such a person will never go to an open and sincere conversation because of certain fears.

2. The guy never shows his true “I”

This is one of those signs of a cowardly guy that can be difficult to identify in the beginning, but over time, it becomes clear. A coward always pretends to be what he is not. He often likes to brag about his imaginary achievements, how strong and courageous he is. But in most cases, such a guy will not be able to show masculinity. And he will think about how to get away from danger, just not to protect himself and the people around him. He’d better stay on the sidelines and just be an observer.

3. He constantly apologizes.

Sometimes a coward takes a completely opposite approach to false courage. Such a guy constantly and consistently apologizes, even for the smallest mistake. Apologizing is a sign of humility, but it’s not always a good thing. For example, he may even apologize in cases where someone accidentally steps on his foot, and not vice versa. But there are situations when a man doesn’t have to apologize in order not to look like a loser. In addition, it is obvious that not every woman wants to have a relationship with a guy who does not have the courage and courage. Who wants to build a life with a person who cannot stand up for themselves, let alone stand up for others.

4. Can often speak complete nonsense

Looking for signs of cowardly guys? Then take note of this point. The coward lives in his own world, where reality is just a fleeting phenomenon. He rationalizes the mistakes of other people in relation to him, and never comes into contact with reality. He perceives information and processes it in such a way that it does not make any sense. Especially in relation to him. And when he talks about something, his expressions sound like complete nonsense.

5. He calculates his every step

A cowardly person is always shy in all his actions. He has low self-esteem and is often insecure. In addition, his every move is calculated, and he constantly worries that someone might be watching him, and what other people might think about his actions. For example, he will always dress in a way that makes him feel accepted. And he will do everything in accordance with the standards, just not to stand out. Such a person will never express his own opinion, because of the feeling of fear that he might be condemned. He is afraid to take risks in life and just “goes with the flow.”

6. Constantly moves away from conflicts and confrontations

The signs of cowardly guys can be well spotted in conflict situations. They will never confront other people, even if the truth is on their side. Instead, such a person will do everything possible to get away from the conflict, even if he is badly offended. Confronting someone who has wronged you can be really difficult. But if you try to protect yourself in any way, it will relieve you of emotional stress. After all, if a person keeps emotions in himself, then this negatively affects his mental health. Well, if a person is offended, but he does not react to it in any way, then he definitely shows cowardice.

7. He cannot resist his fears and phobias

All people experience different fears in their lives in different ways and deal with them in different ways. And while for some people it will be easier to face their fear, get over it and move on. For others, the thought of what scares them puts them into a stupor. Such people are afraid to overcome themselves and achieve something meaningful in life. They do not develop, and do not want to overcome life difficulties because of their own fears. Unfortunately, such people also belong to the category of cowardly. And although the word “coward”, many people will not like it in this situation. But this is the current reality.

8. These people always play by the rules.

Playing by the rules is another common sign of a cowardly guy. After all, we all know that the greatest achievements in the world have been achieved through risk and self-confidence. A coward is a person who chooses to play safely in any situation. He will never have the courage to radically change something in his life and take any risk. Such a person always prefers to be in the comfort and safety zone. He has no goals and he just lives for today.